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Found 18 results

  1. Pour Out Your Authentic Truth of the Moment Challenge I want love and intimacy I want to attract this while being completely authentic and being held accountable for it I want someone to want to understand me the way I want to understand them I don’t want to work at my Engineering job any more because it isn’t bringing me this connection I want to travel just so I can get away from all of these things I no longer want. There’s not really any other reason. I want to meet more people like me I want to dive deep and help others by expressing my authentic truths I want to create income out of my own passions of diving deep with an intimate group of friends I want touch and I want to touch (the infinite ocean of love/oneness spilling out of my finger tips) I am lost because I don’t have this now and I feel like when I find those close friends I want to express this shadow without losing them. I don’t want any them to disapprove because they don’t like the resistance that it causes within them. I know what I want but I’m afraid of losing the security of where I am now. Especially in terms of money. If I chose to leave I wouldn’t know where to go. I wouldn’t know how to continue to eat super healthy on a budget. I need a place to be able to store and cook my food. I need a place to sleep comfortably with enough room for someone else🥰 I don’t want to make my self stuck with someone who’s incompatible. I want help but I don’t want to use people. People use and have used me. Do I do it to them? Am I just not in a place where I am a vibrational match with others? Where is that place where I am? Will letting all of this stuff go including the idea of getting a conversion van help me find what I am looking for? How do i meet these needs now? I am proud to be an engineer and to be designing industrial air conditioners but I don’t want others to think I am being conceded (also it is no longer in alignment with me) At one point my survival depended on being conceded because i had a damaged self esteem which was a product of my childhood which was passed down from the “abusers” in my childhood. I know a lot about my self and others but having this knowledge makes me feel alone becuase my voice is unheard. I am not expressing it because those around me are not. I want to go to a place where this is what it’s all about. Sharing and shining authentic light. Where do i go? #hereisme #authenticity #desires #notesession #shifttime #nofilter #rant who’s next lol?
  2. Why am I so mean? You know usually it’s easy for me to figure my emotional stuff out but lately it’s not that way. I was so happy and ever since I got into this relationship it’s like so complicated. It’s not necessarily that it’s a bad relationship for me. I think it’s just shadows and stuff popping up for me that he reflects. Anyways question. Why am I always so mean? I hate that I’m mean. I don’t understand why I am mean to my partner or to anyone really. Every time he walks into the room when he gets home from work I’m immediately filled with defense and like I’m ready to yell. I feel like this every time he gets home. When he tries to show me love or compliments me I get angry and sometimes feel rage bubbling up inside me. When he wants to talk I get angry. Sometimes everything he does or says gets me in defense and yelling mode. It got to the point that I didn’t want to be touched and would feel rage from being touched. That has gotten somewhat better though. But sometimes I feel I can’t trust the person touching me and I’m scared of being taken advantage of sexually. Sometimes when he touches me in certain places I feel like my skin is burning and I have these visuals of hitting him. I try to hide it from him because I want this to go away and it doesn’t. I just want to put him down for everything he does that’s remotely positive. And I hate this yet can’t stop! I used to LOVE being shown love. Now it seems it makes me uncomfortable. This kind of seems like it happens in every relationship of mine. I don’t like hugs at all and I judge everyone constantly. It’s just so strange because I used to be like the total opposite of all of this and now it’s like everything I am is the exact opposite of what I want in my life. I feel so stiff, angry, judgemental, and distant from everyone. I wish I could go back to how things were. Why can’t I seem to make that happen? Why am I stuck in this nightmare? I miss how I used to feel about myself(self love) and about him. And others.
  3. Ego Warrior


    Teal is in training mode. See what exactly she is teaching people.
  4. Energetic Contraceptive Hello! So in the devine feminine video I believe.. Teal mentions how a woman can energetically be her own contraceptive. I am wondering how this is done. I assume it is basically just a mentality of "none shall pass" I always had that attitude before my current boyfriend but then we played around with the idea of a baby and were not careful. Young Oberon is now crawling around everywhere. I am good on making more humans for now.
  5. Crying Blockage Over the past year or so I've become increasingly better at letting myself cry. In the beginning I felt shame for even crying by myself, but once I started to overcome that I seemed to manifest more and more situations where others would witness the release. I became better and better at that as well, mostly because all my attention was still focused on myself and teaching myself to unconditionally experience that. But now I'm becoming very conscious of the way it impacts the people who witness it, how it looks from their perspective, and I find myself unable to access the healing space of surrender, even when alone (Though I do prefer to have someone be there). Has some of you experienced a similar progression? Any suggestions on how to resolve this? Any and all comments are welcome :-)
  6. Kim


    ASMR At this point, I'm sure we've all heard about ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) but for those unfamiliar with it wikipedia describes it as "a tingly experience characterized by a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine, precipitating relaxation." Anyway. I've been into asmr videos since 2012/2013. Randomly happened upon it & found it quite interesting. I've realised I like them, somewhat because of the tingles, mostly because of the sense of intimacy & connection I get from it. Might sound sad but there it is. I don't really have much intimacy/connecting in my life at the moment (I haven't been allowing it)... so I guess I get my fix from these videos. Do any of you enjoy asmr videos? If so, which of the youtube content creators are your favs? What are your triggers & reasons for watching? Just curious.
  7. Fear of Intamacy? I push away guys who like me When I was in high school I had started to get friendly with a boy in my band during football away games and such. Then I started to get the impression that he liked me and he started to ask me to dances. I am shy and don't have many close friends, so I had only 1 guy friend before this. It made me uncomfortable since I couldn't return his feelings and he finally confessed via text message after we graduated. Now in college, I became friends with another boy, who I felt close too and comfortable with. But then he confesses a semester later and I also can't return his feelings. It seems that when I'm confessed to, or get the impression they like me, it makes me uncomfortable and want to push them away. The last guy confessed in person and I said we could still be friends, but he is still getting too close for comfort. He messages me everyday with things like good night and how are you. To me that seems kinda like something a couple would do and I don't like that because we are not a couple. This one is kind of spiritual and we would talk about things. I noticed he is puts himself down a lot, so I introduced him to self love techniques and Teal and Alan Watts. He watched the video: how to connect with someone, and wanted to do that with me but I said no. That is scary to me with someone who I can't return feelings toward because he still likes me and I think even more now. I like to think that if it was a girl or someone who I know didn't have a crush on me, I could do it. Like with my best friend or mentor art teacher. I CRAVE intimacy, and my number 1 desire is finding my twin flame. However, I have this fear of intimacy, but don't know how to deal with it and why I respond to people who like me this way. I watched Teal's fear of intimacy video but I want it but I JUST DON'T KNOW WHY THE HELL I CAN'T DEAL WITH CRUSHES! Like how does that even relate cause I fell like I could get intimate and connect with someone if they weren't in love with me where I can't return their feelings...
  8. Finding a Coach/Therapist/Healer Hi guys, I'm assuming Teal no longer does one on one private sessions, so what would the next best thing be, for someone who wants some one on one help with things like social anxiety, building intimate relationships, etc? Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
  9. Are you having issues with intimacy in your marriage, relationship, social environment or life in general? If you want to overcome, heal, repair and deal with your fear of intimacy, social anxiety or social phobia it boils down to your relationship with your parents and patterns it set up within you as child. Teal Swan explores these patterns and how to recognize and shift your fear of intimacy within your life. Teal Swan is an International Spiritual Leader. She offers perspective on a wide range of topics including relationships, anxiety, meditation, shadow work, the law of attraction, The Completion Process, healing, PTSD, emotions and spirituality Register for Premium Content Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: TEALCATALYST Newsletter: Completion Process Book: Teal's Meditations: Teal's e-shop: Endsong Kuan Yin's Mantra (c) 2002 Lisa Thiel Help us caption & translate this video!
  10. The Most dangerous Parallel Reality exists here on earth. It is something that many people suffer from every day. Teal Swan teaches that the way out of them, is intimacy. Teal Swan is an International Spiritual Leader. She offers perspective on a wide range of topics including relationships, anxiety, meditation, shadow work, the law of attraction, The Completion Process, healing, PTSD, emotions and spirituality Register for Premium Content Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: TEALCATALYST Newsletter: Completion Process Book: Teal's Meditations: Teal's e-shop: Endsong: Kuan Yin's Mantra (c) 2002 Lisa Thiel Help us caption & translate this video!
  11. Feeling Inferior to Porn with Partners with Porn Addictions Hello, I have a past where the first relationship I ever had and lost my virginity to, became a cheating relationship and on top of that, it was a relationship where he would compare me to porn stars or to porn or to other beautiful girls in general. After that relationship, I realized I would be triggered with anxiety/negativity/insecurities whenever I would see beautiful women in public, in movies, or when I would catch partners liking porn or saving porn on their computers. That resistance only brought about more relationships with guys who had porn addictions and would make me feel crazy for always feeling so shitty whenever I would see porn or movies with sex scenes or even when we would go to some party or public event and there would be beautiful sexy women walking around. No matter how much I portrayed that I didn't like or approve of them checking these women out (especially following them on social media) or saving pornographic photos and videos on their phones and computers and such, they would consistently do it anyway behind my back and it would cause a bunch of conflict in the relationship. Lately, I have been trying to learn how to not be triggered by porn. I have a partner with a porn addiction who used to follow and comment on porn star's social media, who saves photos of them onto their phone, who would go to the bathroom to jack off to porn before coming to the room to have sex with me, or who would attempt to watch porn while having sex with me and try to make it so I don't see the screen (literally doing it behind my back). When I would try to look, he would just pretend to shove my head into the pillow. This all has made me have trust issues and just made me wonder what other things he hid behind my back and I am always feeling like I am not good enough compared to the girls in porn. I understand resisting this problem keeps bringing it up, so how would one go about not getting triggered by porn anymore? Especially if you want the relationship to work?
  12. "MBTI - N vs. S" or just "intimacy need" I have always found the Myers-Briggs N vs. S scale to be confusing. So here is my understanding (Or perhaps my mid-understanding). For "N", Jung used the word "iNtuition" but it is really about what is going on inside your head. Therefore, "introspection" is a better word (used by Keirsay who followed after Myers-Briggs) "N" type people want to discuss the inner world of thoughts, feelings and ideas. I For "S", Jung used the word "Sensing" and it is about participating in the immediate world around you. I want to use the word "extrospective" but that is my own word. "S" type people would want to discuss what is going on in the world, but not necessarily their feelings or things internal. But doesn't "intimacy need" basically cover the same ground? Some people have more intimacy needs than others. But do we really need the Myers-Briggs? is the N vs S scale really just a function of intimacy need?
  13. Looking to improve my relationship. Do you feel its possible to use law of attraction to shift everything without your partner's participation in love and romance.
  14. Isolation trauma and how to connect with others again? I know this is a pretty common trauma, and Teal has done quite a few videos about connecting with others... but do you guys think that having a more in depth video about isolation specifically (be that withdrawal as a coping mechanism, or the idea of childhood abandonment in general) would be helpful? Isolation is something I've also been struggling with. I'm not at all against visualizations or using tools to feel open or trusting with others again which I've seen mentioned in her teachings, but for those of you who also struggle with this know that we can get into a place where we are almost like a high security prison on lockdown. Visualizations can feel surface and pretentious to the mind who has lived this way so long. I've also noticed that a common message is getting down the root of why we don't fully trust others, and using the completion process. Of course this is absolutely important, but the ironic thing is that the completion process is something self-focused (focused on integrating trauma), when the cure for isolation is true intimacy and connection. Also, once we know that root, does anyone else find that it's difficult to find ways to meet that need for connection in your day to day life? After all, if you're seeking to develop better connection with others, it involves other people, their time and schedules. In a way, you're also kind of asking for their energy and giving them energy too, since you want them to connect with you, and you want to connect with them. I've asked myself "What would a person who loved themselves do?" and often draw a complete blank because (again, it's too ironic) it's not what my mind wants anymore. It doesn't want to do stuff alone, but hasn't really experienced a ton of deep connection. This aspect of me wants someone to love me... and help them not feel alone, but I have no idea how to go about helping that. Sometimes I receive answers to that question, and I take a certain course of action that is meant to help with intimacy and connection, but despite that, I often feel like an island of my own even within the presence of people I love and care about. Anyway... this isn't just about me hahaha... I'm wondering if you guys have experienced something similar, and if this topic of discussion would be helpful? I don't know... the way I'm wording this, it sounds like all the questions that have been answered before. But it's something else... that sort of isolation. It's really hard to explain. It's beyond loneliness. This probably sounds really confusing haha... sorry. (One of the effects of isolation is misunderstanding because your mental and emotional reality feels so far from other's. Thus, you end up wording things or talking in ways that cause further confusion and separation.) I'm trying to explain this feeling of horrific isolation in words, and basically just wondering how we can help ourselves and others through it. I like to write articles and blog posts too, and I'm posting one soon on hyper-responsibility and it's relationship with isolation. But... when I thought about how to help that relationship dynamic, I could only find a few things to write for solutions. It's like I understand what's happening, but my ideas for solutions are limited. Thoughts?
  15. My partner loves me but cannot find it in her to be intimate with me? My marriage partner and I are both on a spiritual path however when it comes to making love she doesn't have those feelings for me? We have 2 wonderful children and have a very happy home. We are a great couple to the point where intimacy come in. She has now said she cant try anymore and is asking for a divorce?
  16. Boundary Violation during Sex Hi, all! This is a question related to boundary and intimacy during sex. Blowjobs felt empowering and enjoyable to me until I first experienced what we call "head push". I clearly remember the surprise and a sense of violation when it happened. It has been about 5 years and a couple of things still confuse me regarding this issue. First, are guys aware of/compassionate about the pain girls endure when giving "deep throat" blowjobs? If not, that should be a consequence of our inadequate sex education and education in general, right? Second, given that our sex education is a failure, how can we communicate to/educate our (male) partners about this without distancing ourselves and building walls in the relationship? Note: Looking back, I think my fear of being degraded during sex used to be generalized to fear of romantic relationships. As a teenager, I felt that once a woman gave in to men by being sexually involved with them, she would lose her power & dignity. All these associated memories make me feel that this problem of "head push" connects to a bigger topic about boundaries, power and intimacy in romantic relationships, and even all types of relationships. Thank you, Quinn
  17. That thing called love I was neglected as a child, so the only love I know is conditional love. How can I ask the universe for unconditional and healthy love from an other person? Would I recognise it if it was staring me in the face? I have been working on loving myself like that, but only recently started trying to invision being loved like that by someone else. It was harder than I expected.
  18. It basically is what it sounds like in the title. Some part of me gets turned on while imagining a woman saying that they don't want to. If I let go and allowed me to act on that feeling it is plain abuse and disrespect. This actually works the same if I masturbated to that thought of refusal....which my body gets turned on by...*sigh -.-' Its kinda understandable. These kinds of things where barely spoken of on any deeper level when I grew up. As far as I know of my mom wasn't really interested in sex, but my father was. He had very basic beliefs about it though, mostly that sex was meant for reproduction and less so for pleasure. I feel unsure actually how their dynamic in bed was, the topic is something that felt bad talking about with them. Shame if I got the feel right. They said we could talk about everything but the emotions where way too shameful to genuinely do that. Add to this that my mom showered me until I was 15. I mean as a boy growing into his teen years, mom definitely felt weird and it showed when she showered my sensitive areas. It was only a quick hover with the shower head over there and nothing more. It felt as if it was to be avoided. More shame on her part I guess that I got influenced by. At times I didn't even want to let her shower me but since it was the only way of life I knew I had no idea of the damage that was done at the time. I even flat out said that I did not want to at times but she kept pushing until I gave in. Maybe she did not want to shower me in the first place...she did scrub my body in general though but it still felt unwanted at times. She did this to present herself as a "good mom" to the rest of the world with clean children. Now this treatment once a week, with times I really wanted it but other times I did not. It was the closest I have ever gotten a womans touch at the time. Which could explain why this sort of abuse feels "on turning" for me. It feels familiar and to be fair I have only recently had 1 chance of re-experience physical touch that where a little bit healthier. Since I barely have to no other intimately close physical experience with women, this is something that I believe are one of the only ways to be healed though physical interaction, to learn of healthy boundaries and emotional spaces that does feel more positive. Thanks for reading. I just felt in a sharing mood with what is going on in my thought processes sorting through what is happening.