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Found 4 results

  1. Kate Sugak

    Fungal skin issues Hello guys! Is there someone who managed to get rid from Tinea versicolor, or maybe other fungal skin infection permanently? I suffer with it already for 6+ years. During this years every several months i start seeing a lot of white spots on my body, i treat it and they disappear for next several months, and then everything starts again. It is never ending cycle. Before i treated it with shampoo that contained ketoconazole but i don't want to use any chemicals on my body, now i switched to tea tree oil that helps to make them disappear even better. Now i am trying to treat it with combination of green tea and tea tree oil, because i heard that green tea actually is one of the best cures for fungal infections. My diet is vegan and is super clean, since eating this way i feel much better but it didn't help to cure this skin issue. My problem is that even though when i treat tinea versicolor it always dissapears, after several months it always comes back. I hate this. I am so tired of fighting it. When it comes back it is all over my face, chest and back.I literally go to sleep without any white spot and the next day i wake up and see lots of them and it gets worse and worse if i don't treat them. It scares me when i look at myself in the mirror and of course it makes me feel a lot of shame. I think that this fungus is always coming back because it wants to remind me of this aspect of myself that feels ashamed and unwanted and is full of insecurities. I tend to run away from it and want to do everything that prevent's me of feeling that way. I think i should do a completion process to meet the unmet needs of this aspect of me instead of just running away from it as i always do. When i was kid i was always made feel that something is super wrong with me. I felt abandoned by my parents because i am not good enough to deserve being with them, i was bullied at school by my classmates and always disapproved by teachers. I was always told that i am ugly and stupid. I grew up in a person that suffers from perfectionism and lives only for people's approval, desperately trying to prevent myself from experiencing those feelings of my childhood. I am obsessed with controlling everything, and this fungal infection is out of my control and this is freaking me out, i feel like i can not do anything about it and i am left here alone in shame. I feel like so much internal work has to be done here. If you have or had similar issues feel free to share how you feel and your story.
  2. Feeling Inferior to Porn with Partners with Porn Addictions Hello, I have a past where the first relationship I ever had and lost my virginity to, became a cheating relationship and on top of that, it was a relationship where he would compare me to porn stars or to porn or to other beautiful girls in general. After that relationship, I realized I would be triggered with anxiety/negativity/insecurities whenever I would see beautiful women in public, in movies, or when I would catch partners liking porn or saving porn on their computers. That resistance only brought about more relationships with guys who had porn addictions and would make me feel crazy for always feeling so shitty whenever I would see porn or movies with sex scenes or even when we would go to some party or public event and there would be beautiful sexy women walking around. No matter how much I portrayed that I didn't like or approve of them checking these women out (especially following them on social media) or saving pornographic photos and videos on their phones and computers and such, they would consistently do it anyway behind my back and it would cause a bunch of conflict in the relationship. Lately, I have been trying to learn how to not be triggered by porn. I have a partner with a porn addiction who used to follow and comment on porn star's social media, who saves photos of them onto their phone, who would go to the bathroom to jack off to porn before coming to the room to have sex with me, or who would attempt to watch porn while having sex with me and try to make it so I don't see the screen (literally doing it behind my back). When I would try to look, he would just pretend to shove my head into the pillow. This all has made me have trust issues and just made me wonder what other things he hid behind my back and I am always feeling like I am not good enough compared to the girls in porn. I understand resisting this problem keeps bringing it up, so how would one go about not getting triggered by porn anymore? Especially if you want the relationship to work?
  3. Why do I fear my boyfriend will find someone else only because I am guilty I've been with my boyfriend for almost a year now. He is 31 and I am 20. I have been with multiple partners in the past but never one I truly knew loved me unconditionally as he does. Maybe it's age that he knows what he wants. I have absolutely no reason not to trust him because we spend every day basically together, I know his phone code, me simply because he doesn't care about any other woman or has the intentions to besides me. But recently we got into a fight due to his stress in work and life making him sort of neglecting my emotions and needs. So me being impulse and angry when we fought and he started ignoring my calls and feelings, I went and had a one night stand with a mutual friend. I know what I did was wrong. I don't feel like I love him less though. It's been almost a month and I've been able to push it aside. I learned to not feel so guilty because it was a one time thing and I know why I did it due to him neglecting my emotions. But we worked things out and he's better at it now. So why do I fear him finding someone new? Obviously because of what I did. My real question is how do I stop overthinking and fearing it obsessively? Will I ever accept the fact that he would never cheat?
  4. Problem with love/relationships Hi! Im new here. I started watching teals videos a couple of years ago and my life have changed drastically. I have cleared so many blocks. But my problem is that my whole life I have been unable to speak or connect with males. And when I have been attracted to a guy I have felt shame. But this summer I meet one guy that showed interest in me, and after that I have meet several guys on tinder. The first one was interested a while and than disappeared a week later. The other ones too. I have felt like it's me who is the problem. And that I have something that chases them away. (And also the guys I don't like always shows interest in me.) I month ago I meet a guy that really showed that he liked me. I really thought this would work out. He showed every sign that he liked me. But now he doesn't message me anymore and say that he don't have time seeing me. He also said that he don't know how he feels about me and that he wants a serious relationship and I'm to young. I feel awful now. When I finally thought this would work out it didn't. I don't know if I was in love or not but I'm really sad. Also sad because I thought I hade cleared or healed that aspect of myself. I have to questions now. First one is how do I heal/fix this problem. And the second one is how do I go through a heartbreak/loss?