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Found 22 results

  1. Shadow Work Partner Hey everyone, I recently watched a workshop where Teal and (Gracia, I think her name is!) where channeling the shadow aspects of the collective to do with the lottery, and either in this workshop or another one, Teal mentioned you can do this with a friend to discover parts of yourself that need healing So, I am wondering if anyone is interested in forming a chat group or pairing up in order to do some shadow/fragmentation work together
  2. Anyone in South London want to help me with my parts work?? Hi there, message me if you would like to have some help with your parts work. I'm kind of struggling doing it on my own I get distracted easily and lose focus, I feel it would be a lot better doing it with someone who's familiar with this work! I would of course help you with yours and it would be good to get to know people who are in the spiritual field and who are practising this stuff actually. I would love to get in touch, I live in South London UK let me know if you want to meet
  3. Constantly Changing Friends I have noticed that I seem to almost have a rotation of friends every few years or so. I understand that this is due to changing environments and evolving as a person, but I don’t have many people in my life that have been a very close friend for a very long time, I don’t know if this is because I am evolving and those people are a vibrational match to me at the time that I meet them and when I start to feel a slight polarisation I recognise that I’m not a vibrational match to them anymore, or if it’s something wrong that I’m doing. I don’t really have any conflict with these close friends or arguments, it’s almost like a seasonal change where I feel the friendship has shifted, or my perception of them has shifted, and I still love and value them but feel the need to meet new people. I hope this makes sense, can anyone else explain or experience similar things?
  4. So, I'm trying to reach out for people to talk to. I used to see myself in others. But I feel like I'm at other people's mercy. From this perspective, I lose touch from my alignment. I guess I'm looking for people to talk to that I can remember my alignment with. So it's hard to talk about and not be co creating it at the same time, it is why I think therapists and self help professionals don't do much for me. If anyone is interested in being friends maybe we can exchange numbers. If you think you understand where I'm coming from. I'm in Southern California. Thanks.
  5. Traveling Companion HI My Name is Jose and I'm looking for someone to go traveling with me. I'm interested in creating a whole new life and brand new reality for myself. I would like someone who has read and understands the completion process to go with me. I have no destination in mind only a journey.
  6. Alenn


    Sweden Hello I live in uppsala, Sweden and it would be really cool if I could connect with some of you who might be around
  7. Can you still be friends with someone you envy? Hi guys, I have a close dear friend that for 7 years that i've known i've been envying her for her energy, experience, detachment and lucidity. I've been intimidated by her and i know that envy and dear friend do not go well together but im only admitting this now. I've always blamed myself for it and pushed it under the covers because i always felt that i have a lot to learn from this person and do care deeply for her for the way she helped me along the way. I felt bad about feeling it and i ended up hiding stuff from her because i feared judgement. She accused me of inauthenticity. My question is: Can you still be friends/close (emotionally) with someone that you have these feelings towards? I know its me, my lack of self esteem, the fact that i consider her better, my own issues. But i've always felt like every man, once they knew her, would forget about me. Do you tell someone these feelings? And being on the receiving end, wouldnt it be unconfortable that your way of being intimidates your friend? Thank youu
  8. Greetings! So what crystals do you have under your pillow or next to your bed? I sleep with a 10lb selenite within10 ft of my bed. It's helped open my crown chakra up.. Too much. Lol.. During the winter it was crazy overactive. Now, because of walking barefoot everywhere, I feel more grounded and balanced. I also sleep with a large rose quartz heart. She's helped me discover self love! And she's been my companion through some rough times! I can't sleep without her! So what crystals are next to you?
  9. Looking for People to Connect with If you are a Tealer and an avid Osho reader, if you love color as much as the absent of it. If you want to chat daily, whether is ranting or sharing a piece of music or a beautiful image you saw on pinterest. If you don't care about distance but if given the opportunity you'd like a meeting to take place. If you wish to talk about your interests or miseries. If you're a Lostie and have trouble finding another Lostie. If by any chance you're into choirs and are able to appreciate the beauty of religion and it's gifts to the world in the arts. If despite all people do and are capable of doing you can see beyond that darkness and don't condemn such darkness. If you know the world is fucked up and at the same time a breathing paradise. If you wish to live the mystery of life and share with fellow humans your realizations, glimpses and thoughts. If you resonate with this post, please don't give it another thought and message me, i'll be around and respond to you. Thank you for reading Edit: Do message me through gmail,
  10. HATE alcohol Hi everyone, I hate alcohol - both the taste of it and the feeling after it. Yet, it seems to be the only way people are able to have fun together and open up to each other. Any social life revolves around drinking and it makes it hard for me to meet with others. I've always felt out of place at parties, or among friends in general because of it and was forced to fit in. Is there anybody who feels the same way?? I think there are more such people, but they rarely admit to their preference and hide. So please, come out of the closet.
  11. Connection Hello Everyone! I've created this account a while ago but I've just newly realized how starved I was for connection. I have a lot of people in my life that I love very much. But none of them are aware and can create a connection with me that I can feel. A connection with someone who is aware where I can feel their pain and they can feel mine. I have to warn you though, I use to be very scared of connection and of love. Now, I have integrated most of that but there is still residue. I'm willing to go all in. Comment here or message me if you want a real connection, someone to listen to your struggles, be with your pain and not try to fix you. Because you are incredible just the way you are. Xxx
  12. Twin Cities Tribe Meet-Up Hello everyone! I am looking to gather tribe members in the Twin Cities area! If you are a tribe member in the Twin Cities area please message me or reply to this thread! I want to bring us all together for a meet-up to get to know each other better! <3 -Chelsea Lynn
  13. Moemoe

    Hi my name is:

    Hi my name is Moses and I like to create. What do I create? Just about anything! Life is art so the experience is totally rad! Nice to meet all of you.
  14. Minnesota Tribe! Hello everyone! I am looking to find some other tribe peeps in Minnesota! I'm in the Twin Cities area. Message me or reply to this if you are in Minnesnowta !! <3 -Chelsea Lynn 0
  15. the HUT is back in the village I am very happy to announce the re-opening of THE HUT in the new world. Just like in the old tribe, if you follow the fireflies path through the forest, you find the wooden bridge that takes you to it. and just as some of you might remember, the hut is like the tardis: bigger on the inside. and is magic, responding to your wishes. the interior mimics the mood of the guests. it's magic works like this: while you go through the entry's harmonizing space , what you envision you'll find past that door, that's what you'll get. THE HUT is a place of gathering, chilling, sharing, opening, whatever you want it to be. The HUT is meant to bring the glue back into the tribe. To bring the disconnected bits into one place. So...when the village seems slow, when nobody is talking and everyone is waiting for something to move...if the topics' life span is short and they soon fall in the pit of the forgotten topics....if one has nothing to ask and nothing to answer, but they'd like to can always come to the hut and find a good vibe and friends. As long as we'll all keep THE HUT active and on the front page, we'll all have a place to gather, anytime. It's up to us. If you can think up games that can be played in the hut, bring them on. tarot readers, story tellers, music players, oracles, hugers, listeners, lend your talents to the hut. we are awesome. let's focus on us. hugs
  16. Oregon Friends I will be traveling to Oregon for the first time to visit my brother who has been sick for several months, while I am there I would love to meet some new friends and hang out! My brother has a meditation group on facebook but they meet weekly at his place in Eugene for qigong and other mindfulness practices. I will be visiting in January , hit me up if you want to join the meditation, go on a hike, paint or just plain hang out Warmest vibes, ~Katie Lee
  17. Nameste! this topic is for friends and connections around the world If you wanna make more friends, state who you are & let's connect
  18. Is there anyone that lives in Florida and is actively looking for new friends to share a deep connection with? You must be within the age group of 18-25. If your interested, please inbox me. (If you live near or in Lakeland, FL then that would be even better.) I'm a 20 yr-old woman, I've been following Teal's work for about a year.
  19. SO Grey Swan finds herself a Teal Swan, eh? One has to find that amusing. I love that she has such a strong passion to heal, that she made a community for it! Can you imagine? There is no more reason to go through trauma and despair alone, no need to reach the point of desperation. I love the internet, wouldn't have been possible otherwise. I was guided here, during a quantum healing hypnosis therapy session. She said, there is a very public figure whos story resonates with your own. There are so many who, like myself, have recovered a future when there was none. We have all faced despair, and chose to endure. Or we were helped to endure, if we chose despair. I have been unable to successfully commit suicide, though it has now been over 8 years since I felt that horrible. I have a life now, that I built out of nothing. Like everyone here. I guess I dont know where I am going with this, that its cool to not just feel surrounded by people still wallowing ignorantly through the cycle of their own mistakes. But I am learning to be compassionate towards them, perhaps I was lucky that my life was indeed traumatic enough to shake me out of complacency.
  20. Have you ever felt that you have noone to talk to when you need t odiscuss and work on spiritual stuff? It happens to me all the tie and it's sad. Sometimes I want to talk about shoes and cakes, sometimes I don't! What do you think? Maybe we can form a group chat in skype or in hangouts to connect when we feel like it? we can practicce channeling, Tarot reading, aura reading and all that ) I can try and read your health and emotions, and also show you my favorite tool "metaphor cards" which are very fun tool of inner work... Maybe you can try and read my aura or we can do shadow work together.
  21. Heyoo, I'm about an hour away from Toronto and would love to get to know some people in my area. Anyone else in that general vicinity?
  22. Hello everybody, I would like to ask your opinion on a subject to get different perspectives on this personal matter...I feel a bit vulnerable sharing this so I'll try my best In my closest circle of friends I have five people whom I've known since high school, and now I'm 24. When I'm around them the general feeling I get is one of heaviness, like I can't be myself fully. We only talk about work or general stuff, we don't really share personal problems or issues. One could say, so why don't you find new friends? Probably it's because I'm afraid that if I'll lose them I'll be alone. This is a belief my mother passed down on me, that I have to cling on people no matter what or else I'll find myself isolated. But I feel stuck and held back in this situation. Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation? Any advice? Thank you in advance x