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Found 5 results

  1. 3am Psychic Dream I woke up just a few minutes after 2:45am. I had a dream that my friend wanted a psychic reading, and several psychics responded. The symbology includes- numerology: 3,11, 13; tarot xi.; Dragon, fertility. I just want to sleep, but I can't. I welcome insight. Thanks and much love!
  2. Endometriosis and how to increase fertility? Is anyone else interested in endometriosis or other disease that can cause infertility and what to do about it? Who can better shed a light on this common and painful subject? Especially that Teal has been dealing with this disease, had a very challenging pregnancy and many pains and frustration. Please Teal help us many women out there leaving in pain and fear.
  3. GabijaCij

    The Magic Of Yoni Blood

    Teal on Yoni paintings and embracing Yoni blood.
  4. 0:00 Infertility and miscarriage 22:00 Physicality VS Spirituality: Shame and resistance about getting money and sex
  5. I have being trying for children for 4.5years, 1.5years of that time has been clomid and IVF & ICSI. I have had 2 miscarriages at approx. 7 weeks. Is it me stopping the pregnancy or the soul coming to me? It is a very confusing time because I want children but, know I don't want the same family situation I was raised in (I have very different behaviors to my parents and know I will be different). Does anyone have an opinion on miscarriage? and/or an opinion on the scientific assistance to have a baby (IVF etc)?