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Found 32 results

  1. What to do with unwanted images in a head? What do you do when that happens? Do you sit with it and play the scenario or do you try to get rid of it? Switching focus helps but why do they come back? Any images can be a part of foreseeing the future that means that they can manifest just like anything else.
  2. karinar

    Some time ago, when I began with meditation and with Akashic records, several people told me: "do that is dangerous, you should protect yourself or something bad could happen to you" on several occasions. Since then I began to feel afraid, very afraid, to the point of not being able to meditate anymore. I want to transmute this with Completion Process, of course that when one begins to meditate, the box of worms opens and can not be closed again (I mean the unconscious and the repressions). And since I am always in contact with my unconscious, my fears are presented to me in mental images during my daily life, without my wanting it. This particular fear comes to me with symbols of a dark meaning, many times in my body. That scare and paralyzes me when I want to meditate or open my akashic records. Here's my question: how can I do my shadow work in this case? I would have to feel the fear and start seeing the images I always see without resistance? I let them hurt me? and then? Thank you. Sorry for my basic English, I hope I was clear despite that, haha.
  3. Fear of responsibility This is a huge issue for me and gives me severe anxiety. Also... my development in business suffers because of that. Anyone has that problem?
  4. Josy Astronaut

    Fear of throwing up/emetophobia Does anyone else suffer from this debilitating fear? Any spiritual thoughts on this topic?
  5. Do we have to share our shadows with others to heal? Hello all. Really want all the perspectives I can get on this. I’ve been doing healing work for years now and I had been in a great place of light for some time, until some things resurfaced that I couldn’t fully accept about myself. So. I think I’ve gotten to the root of my shadow. The darkest shadow(s) I carry. And I believe it’s the root to my shame, fear, and insecurities. I feel it would set me free to embrace it but it is so bad. I have accepted my actions/thoughts pertaining to this shadow all on my own. And felt incredible and realized this just aids my purpose in healing others. (Which is what I wish to do) although sometimes I fall back and feel awful. I feel this push in myself to get honest and just tell someone. To feel accepted by them. But I don’t feel ready to admit this shadow(s) to people yet. Because I know many people in the world would hate me or be very afraid of me, I’d one of the biggest outcasts according to society. Although when I was on San Pedro with my current partner (who loves and accepts me completely) I told him the brut of my shadows I’ve never told anybody. But I still don’t feel relief. How do we deal with these dark dark shadows? Do we have to share them or can we heal and integrate just by loving them all on our own? Like I said I did share pretty much all of it with him, he’s intuitive so we spoke on an energetic level and he was able to feel what I meant without me having to verbally say exactly what it was. I still did say it though, through energy. But no relief now! Is it just that I need to find that love and acceptance inside? Because when I think of telling someone I turn white. I feel my life is over. Perspectives on this predicament? Hope I conveyed it good enough.
  6. Understanding School Shooters and how to prevent school shootings begins with understanding the school shooter’s emotional dynamics and emotional upbringing and surprisingly has nothing to do with guns or anti-gun sentiment. School Shooters are often isolated in a world unto themselves even when surrounded by other people. They feel misunderstood and like no one can feel their pain. Teal Swan discusses the emotional dynamics that create and sustain school shooters. Teal Swan is an International Spiritual Leader. She offers perspective on a wide range of topics including relationships, anxiety, meditation, shadow work, authenticity, the law of attraction, The Completion Process, healing, PTSD, emotions and spirituality Website: For daily updates, monthly online Synchronization Workshops join Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: TEALCATALYST Newsletter: Completion Process Book: Teal's Meditations: Teal's e-shop: Beginning Song: Kuan Yin's Mantra (c) 2002 Lisa Thiel Help us caption & translate this video!
  7. Teal speaks about Christ Consciousness, difference between fear and love and the role of choice in Christ Consciousness. Another major factor in this difference is the context of culture and time period in which the bible was written. How much culture was woven into Christ's teachings in order to have them be widely accepted amongst the people of that time period. Help us caption & translate this video!
  8. Kate Sugak

    Fungal skin issues Hello guys! Is there someone who managed to get rid from Tinea versicolor, or maybe other fungal skin infection permanently? I suffer with it already for 6+ years. During this years every several months i start seeing a lot of white spots on my body, i treat it and they disappear for next several months, and then everything starts again. It is never ending cycle. Before i treated it with shampoo that contained ketoconazole but i don't want to use any chemicals on my body, now i switched to tea tree oil that helps to make them disappear even better. Now i am trying to treat it with combination of green tea and tea tree oil, because i heard that green tea actually is one of the best cures for fungal infections. My diet is vegan and is super clean, since eating this way i feel much better but it didn't help to cure this skin issue. My problem is that even though when i treat tinea versicolor it always dissapears, after several months it always comes back. I hate this. I am so tired of fighting it. When it comes back it is all over my face, chest and back.I literally go to sleep without any white spot and the next day i wake up and see lots of them and it gets worse and worse if i don't treat them. It scares me when i look at myself in the mirror and of course it makes me feel a lot of shame. I think that this fungus is always coming back because it wants to remind me of this aspect of myself that feels ashamed and unwanted and is full of insecurities. I tend to run away from it and want to do everything that prevent's me of feeling that way. I think i should do a completion process to meet the unmet needs of this aspect of me instead of just running away from it as i always do. When i was kid i was always made feel that something is super wrong with me. I felt abandoned by my parents because i am not good enough to deserve being with them, i was bullied at school by my classmates and always disapproved by teachers. I was always told that i am ugly and stupid. I grew up in a person that suffers from perfectionism and lives only for people's approval, desperately trying to prevent myself from experiencing those feelings of my childhood. I am obsessed with controlling everything, and this fungal infection is out of my control and this is freaking me out, i feel like i can not do anything about it and i am left here alone in shame. I feel like so much internal work has to be done here. If you have or had similar issues feel free to share how you feel and your story.
  9. Talking on Love and Fear, and Isolation. If you have had trauma, abuse, ritual abuse, the most important thinking is to treat yourself with gentleness. Eventually, self love is possible. There is hope to overcome what has happened. There is always a way! More information how to heal:
  10. This is a serious question))))) Most people I know look for it. I don't. I am living it most of the time. I would love to hear your thoughts on this!
  11. Patrick Willi

    Soccer penalty kick Image I'm standing in front of the goal, about to shoot a penalty kick. 1000s of thoughts coming up, fear of failing is coming up. I know when i can keep my focus positive and calm i will make the goal. So now in the spiritual community it's all about tuning into the fear, do not suppress negative thought etc.... In the scenario with the goal above, tuning into my fear, in that situation would cause a sure failure. But ''suppressing'' the negativity would help me to make it. I feel like doing constant shadow work is draining my energy and leave me unable to function in life. I want to focus positive. I feel like if i don't focus positive i will never improve my life. But in a way I'm afraid of focusing positive, because i could suppress something. It is a very practical questions and I give another example: I set my alarm clock at 4:30 to watch the sunrise. The moment i wake up, i don't feel like waking up, but if I push the negative thoughts away, I will be able to wake up. Sitting at 5 am at the beach gives me a feeling of happiness and no regrets not listening to my negative thoughts. But have I suppressed something? I'm really struggling with that right now... How do I know that I am not suppressing anything or leave anything behind that might block me later? I m almost afraid of focussing positive. Is it not sometimes better to just overwrite an belief, without dwelling into it? When to focus positive and when to ignore negativity? How should shadow work be done, so that it is not effecting the daily life and happiness of someone? How to do shadow work without messing up your life? When it's enough? When can we start focussing positive again. I am sick of dwelling and intentifying negative beliefs. I really want to figure this out in order to live my life according to it.
  12. elza

    Quitting a new job Hello, I have just a year ago finished school and then went backpacking around the world for five months. During that time I made the decision where I wanted to apply for jobs back home before I plan on going to university this winter. I got a job at the café I wanted to work at before I even came back home via email. Now I have been working there for three weeks and I absolutely cannot stand the job. It’s very stressful and exhausts me physically and mentally everyday for 40 hours a week. I want to quit and find a new job, but that is quite difficult to do in this small town right now, but that’s not the problem. I’m sure I could find something. But I feel weird and like I would let the people at my current job down, if I would quit after just three weeks when I said I could work there for mutliple months. I know that the right thing probably would be to do what feels right, which is to leave, but I can’t quite bring myself to do it yet, I still think that I need to stay there at least two months before I’m “allowed” to quit without it seeming like a failure to me and my coworkers, who warned me that it would be a hard job and constantly make remarks about how many people already left because of that. I also really need the money of a job, because of my amazing travels. Do you have any advice as to how to get over that fear of quitting my job and what everyone will be thinking, what I will be thinking; and the fear of not finding a new job quickly enough, so I can work enough before I go to university. Thank You all! Greetings from Germany, Elza
  13. Garnet

    I don't know where even to begin with this. I do like and appreciate all the colors but when it comes to my personal choices... no. I only feel comfortable with certain dark shades. That's it. I love flowers. Maybe somehow i compensate color this way. But if you dress me into a peachy dress, I'll be standing like a mannequin. My body literally stops moving. Very bright colors make me shake. Please share your opinion and experiences with color or any insights ❤
  14. This is my first time to visit this website and I wanted to start with a question. I believe this would be the right place to ask. Would the unconscious mind be powerful enough to force us to do something we don't want? For instance, if we are stressed with work, school, trying to build a company, lack of sleep, would we want to end our life? The person I'm in a relationship with for seven years is confused with this because when he's by himself, he goes off the road somewhere by himself and when he snaps out of it, he doesn't recognize how he got there or know the area. He feels like he wanted to end his life when he was not himself. But his conscious/normal self knows he wants to live and have no desire to die. This is just recent. I think this is happening due to childhood trauma or the amount of stress in his life. I'm seeking help from anyone who knows about the unconscious mind and how powerful it is. Has this ever happened to anyone or anyone you know? Could the unconscious self be so tired and force him to stop everything?
  15. Greg21

    Fear of Intimacy This thread I am starting is in regards to Teals new video fear of intimacy. I want to compile everyone who specifically suffers from this into its own little community. Hopefully we can work through the steps on the list and maybe even meet each others needs. This is a great opportunity to make new friends and grow self awareness.
  16. Fear of Intamacy? I push away guys who like me When I was in high school I had started to get friendly with a boy in my band during football away games and such. Then I started to get the impression that he liked me and he started to ask me to dances. I am shy and don't have many close friends, so I had only 1 guy friend before this. It made me uncomfortable since I couldn't return his feelings and he finally confessed via text message after we graduated. Now in college, I became friends with another boy, who I felt close too and comfortable with. But then he confesses a semester later and I also can't return his feelings. It seems that when I'm confessed to, or get the impression they like me, it makes me uncomfortable and want to push them away. The last guy confessed in person and I said we could still be friends, but he is still getting too close for comfort. He messages me everyday with things like good night and how are you. To me that seems kinda like something a couple would do and I don't like that because we are not a couple. This one is kind of spiritual and we would talk about things. I noticed he is puts himself down a lot, so I introduced him to self love techniques and Teal and Alan Watts. He watched the video: how to connect with someone, and wanted to do that with me but I said no. That is scary to me with someone who I can't return feelings toward because he still likes me and I think even more now. I like to think that if it was a girl or someone who I know didn't have a crush on me, I could do it. Like with my best friend or mentor art teacher. I CRAVE intimacy, and my number 1 desire is finding my twin flame. However, I have this fear of intimacy, but don't know how to deal with it and why I respond to people who like me this way. I watched Teal's fear of intimacy video but I want it but I JUST DON'T KNOW WHY THE HELL I CAN'T DEAL WITH CRUSHES! Like how does that even relate cause I fell like I could get intimate and connect with someone if they weren't in love with me where I can't return their feelings...
  17. Greg21

    Fear of Intimacy This thread I am starting is in regards to Teals new video fear of intimacy. I want to compile everyone who specifically suffers from this into its own little community. Hopefully we can work through the steps on the list and maybe even meet each others needs. This is a great opportunity to make new friends and grow self awareness.
  18. Are you having issues with intimacy in your marriage, relationship, social environment or life in general? If you want to overcome, heal, repair and deal with your fear of intimacy, social anxiety or social phobia it boils down to your relationship with your parents and patterns it set up within you as child. Teal Swan explores these patterns and how to recognize and shift your fear of intimacy within your life. Teal Swan is an International Spiritual Leader. She offers perspective on a wide range of topics including relationships, anxiety, meditation, shadow work, the law of attraction, The Completion Process, healing, PTSD, emotions and spirituality Register for Premium Content Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: TEALCATALYST Newsletter: Completion Process Book: Teal's Meditations: Teal's e-shop: Endsong Kuan Yin's Mantra (c) 2002 Lisa Thiel Help us caption & translate this video!
  19. Hechi

    Fear of independance I think I have this, and also a great need for that, because it leaded to many troubles in my life. The part of it was my social anxiety. I bought an aprtment not to live life in a free one and decided to go my own path indtead of working in my own firm with my dad. I know what have caused it, now I'm just looking for solutions and second opinion. Tnx
  20. Mèo Aki

    How to Overcome Extreme Fear? The question should be simple: How to overcome EXTREME FEAR, or at least be present with it? Fear is one thing all of us should encounter and make peace with in our journey, and so is me. Let me describe my experience: For example: Me trying to meditate in a dimly lit room. When I close my eye and try to go inside, all that's left is darkness and my ego. It would not take too long until all the darkness suddenly turn malevolent. I would then find myself consumed by a overwhelming fear that takes over my body. My mind started to generate all kind of images of dangerous dark energy that's alive and is trying to invade my being. My ego would feel like losing control and losing itself to this darkness, and can not accept being consumed by it, like actually becoming the things that you fear most in life. Like dying. Or turning into a mindless monster. Then I would soon give in to an strong urge to run away, to turn on the light, to again return to the safe reality I'm accustomed with. OR ELSE I would finally lose touch of my body and get lost in a void of terrifying darkness and can never return :"< There are times I tried to embrace all of it (the feeling and those creepy darkness(es)) into my heart and let it freely merge with my being. And the fear actually lessen (a bit). But I wasn't brave enough to go till the end. Writing these is fun, lol. But the question is serious. I pretty much understood what are the fear. But overcoming them is not that easy. Any suggestion is appreciated, guys. This image alone is enough to trigger me lol. So I tried to keep it small.
  21. Why do I fear my boyfriend will find someone else only because I am guilty I've been with my boyfriend for almost a year now. He is 31 and I am 20. I have been with multiple partners in the past but never one I truly knew loved me unconditionally as he does. Maybe it's age that he knows what he wants. I have absolutely no reason not to trust him because we spend every day basically together, I know his phone code, me simply because he doesn't care about any other woman or has the intentions to besides me. But recently we got into a fight due to his stress in work and life making him sort of neglecting my emotions and needs. So me being impulse and angry when we fought and he started ignoring my calls and feelings, I went and had a one night stand with a mutual friend. I know what I did was wrong. I don't feel like I love him less though. It's been almost a month and I've been able to push it aside. I learned to not feel so guilty because it was a one time thing and I know why I did it due to him neglecting my emotions. But we worked things out and he's better at it now. So why do I fear him finding someone new? Obviously because of what I did. My real question is how do I stop overthinking and fearing it obsessively? Will I ever accept the fact that he would never cheat?
  22. Timon

    Looking for Advice on OCD Hi Everyone, recently I have been contemplating my obsessive compulsive behaviours and how to approach them. To ask my question I need to provide some background of my life so this might get a bit long. I was probably around 7-8 years old when my OCD started. At the time I was becoming very aware of the dangers of life and had developed pretty strong fears, mostly related to my family breaking apart and my own health. I had this idea (I don't know how I came up with it) that there was some sort of higher power that was watching me and deciding whether it was satisfied with what I did or not. If it was satisfied, my life would continue to go well, but if it was not satisfied, my worst fears would come true. The things that I had to do to satisfy this "higher power" were things that were incredibly annoying and/or embarrassing. For example: touching certain objects, spinning myself in the "correct" direction, holding my breath for as long as I had to, counting things, saying things in my head or out loud etc. Whenever I was feeling particularly anxious I would do these behaviours extremely often. During most of my childhood and youth my entire life was dominated by this OCD. Sometimes it would take me half an hour to go to bed because I had to do the right things in exactly the right order so that I could sleep without too much fear. And if I messed them up I had to start it all over from the beginning. So this was all extremely exhausting and also embarassing (for example when I had a soccer match and everyone could see if I was spinning in a circle) but I never talked to anyone about it because I didn't think that anyone would be able to understand what I was experiencing. My mother much later told me that whenever she saw me do something like that she just assumed that I was just doing some sort of child's play and that I was enjoying it. When I was 16 I was starting to feel more confident and safe and my life was going really well. At one weekend that I was spending with friends I decided for myself that I wouldn't do these compulsive behaviours anymore. And I was feeling so safe and confident at the time that I actually managed to not do them for the entire weekend. It was much easier than I had expected and I felt more free than I had felt in a very long time. But two days later, out of the blue (at least for me) my father killed himself. He was the most important person in my life. So my worst fear had come true and it was exactly at the time where I did not obey this "higher power" anymore. So I assumed that I had messed up and this was my punishment and I went back to being scared and doing all these things that I hated to do because otherwise I feared that my world will fall apart again. Over the past 8 years I have gotten into spirituality and also shadow work and my fears have become less strong and my OCD more manageable, but it is still there. I am 32 years old now (pretty strange that I am exactly twice as old as I was when I stopped my compulsive behaviour for the first time).and recently it's like the Universe is trying to make me face my OCD more and showing me how much it hinders my ability to follow my intuition and taking inspired action. There are lots of situations where I feel like I want to do something that would feel good to me (even little things) but my OCD is telling me "no that would be wrong, you don't want to do that". I have been working a lot with my inner child, the one who is afraid, who fears punishment from the Universe and thinks that you have to do things "right" in order to be "good". And I feel like this is helping a bit already and over time I can probably make some real progress. But my question is: When I am in a situation where I sense that my intuition is telling me "do this" and my OCD/scared inner child is telling me "no don't do this, or else..." (or the other way round), what do I do? Is my belief of punishment still so strong that bad things would happen if I ignored my OCD, like they did when I was 16? Or should I follow my intuition no matter what?
  23. anaa

    anxiety Hi, so I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and when I try to use an OCD anxiety spike (an obsessive thought and then the urge to perform a compulsion) for the 2nd step of the process, going into the feeling, I feel like I get stuck. I feel like maybe there's something else underneath the anxiety, but sometimes the emotion will dissolve when I try to feel it, but I know it will come back and hasn't really gone. Anxiety/OCD is like my constant companion; having something inside my head every single day telling me that I'm bad, to feel guilty, to do things over and over and over again and not feeling like I can trust my own memory or thoughts, makes me feel like I don't know what's real. Does anyone else suffer from OCD, or does anyone else get stuck on a particular emotion, and if so what do you do?
  24. Hello everyone. New here. Apologize if this is in the "wrong" section, not formatted right, etc. but I'm seeking advice for myself, as well as for anybody going through a similar issue. I feel called to voice this because I realize this isn't an issue that just I am going through, my guides have told me this concept has been at the forefront of my awareness and the strong desire to be fulfilled because this is a collective issue now, many are tuning into their abilities at a quickening rate; we have come to a state of limbo where we know our gifts but can't fully utilize them due set-backs/fragmented parts of self/lack of trust and other traumas. My question is, for those who have begun or already have mastered their abilities, as Intuitives, Clairvoyants/Clairaudients/Clairsentients/Empaths, how can we learn to trust the messages we are receiving from our internal guidance system/guides/higher self/empathic abilities? I've come across in many occasions due to complete lack of self trust from emotional trauma that I can't seem to discern between what is a true intuition about another or whether it's not to be trusted at all. I have a fear of being told that my intuitions were completely wrong and being made to feel like I can't trust myself even further. How can we learn to clear out the confusion and know completely that we can trust the intuitions we have instead of feeling like we're just going to be told they are incorrect if we voice them? Any thoughts would be appreciated. I think this can be a great fun fueled debate between all extrasensory beings of what has worked for each other, what hasn't, and our journey as becoming more integrated extrasensory beings. Much love lex
  25. Recovering from extreme porn addiction - Do I get a second chance? Hello everyone, I'm very new here, and relatively new to Teal's articles and videos. You could also say I'm fairly new to learning about spirituality, outside of a damaging Christian upbringing. I've been struggling with self forgiveness, depression, and POCD (pedophile OCD) since I quit pornography use about a month ago. I've put a lot of mental work into feeling better but every time I start to enjoy something my mind tells me I'm a sicko because of the porn I've seen, and that I don't deserve to enjoy anything. I've been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and GAD, along with OCD intrusive thoughts, so it can be extremely difficult to wrangle my brain back into control. I have an extreme fear of being 'cut off' from spirituality. A truly crippling scrupulousness. I fear that the porn I viewed was so disgusting and awful that I am now condemned and beyond reconciliation. I personally believe that everyone deserves forgiveness, no matter what as long as they're genuinely remorseful and take action to change themselves, which I am and have. I have changed a lot and I want to keep learning and growing, but I feel I can't when my brain is telling me that I'm a horrible person, beyond forgiveness and that the damage has been done. I'm also suffering a bit of POCD, though I do not experience attraction to children. I'm 20 and I do have fantasies of myself as underage (15) when I have sex with my boyfriend, and I sometimes think about childhood sexual experiences (w/ other children) and it sometimes arouses me. Is that sick? The porn I viewed often reflected these feelings. The taboo of being underage, attraction to older men, etc. I never viewed actual child porn, but I was attracted to the youngest looking models. I believe that masturbating from a very young age, early access to porn, and a natural sexual interest are what led to the addiction and escalation, because there's nothing sexy to me about hardcore, disgusting porn. I think about what I viewed now and I recoil at the thought. I had a difficult childhood, being raised by my single grandmother in poverty, not really knowing my parents. I believe I took to porn and masturbation as an escape. I'm not excusing anything, but I know that porn use escalates and when you start as a young child it's even more detrimental. I'm a very anxious, sensitive person and scrupulousity was instilled in me from an early age. I never want to hurt anyone and I try to treat others as I'd want to be treated. But the extent of my porn use has been a dirty secret of mine for so long and it feels like it alone outweighs the good. I just want to know that I'm not being somehow shunned by the universe or something. I want to know if I really can have a second chance at living a meanungful, helpful life and I want to gain spiritual awareness and conciousness. Can I do that when I've behaved so sexually deviously? Can I make up for my horrible mistake by changing and never again giving in to the unrelenting grip of porn? I'm embarrassed even posting this because I know how neurotic this all sounds. TL;DR: Can people who have done awful things be forgiven, make changes, and live a spiritually meaningful life? Can one big mistake ruin your soul?