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Found 14 results

  1. 00:00 CP AND DREAMS. After doing lots of CP and partswork, I notice that my dreamworld changes dramatically. Is it because my internal parts unite and therefore different perspectives blend together? 00:34 ANXIETY. I am struggling with intense anxiety, panic and obsessive thoughts. However, I cannot bring myself to do CP or shadow work relative to this anxiety, because I am so afraid of completely losing control if I attempt surrender. 01:38 MONEY. What is money a mirror of? There's a lack of money in my life right now and I'd like to understand why. 05:15 COOSING A MEDICAL SOLUTION. My doctor suggests I look into testosterone replacement therapy. I really struggle with insomnia, which depletes testosterone. I struggle to do all the lifestyle things that naturally replentish testosterone due to the sleep deprivation. Vicious cycle. Is it time for a medical solution? 07:09 VIDEO GAMES. How do I tell the difference between genuine joy of playing video games or using them to escape my reality? 11:05 CHANNELING VS PROJECTION. I recently tried to channel my partner's pain (chronic body pain). It went too well, I experienced being a child and being sexually molested. My partner does not recognize this situation happening to him. This is the first time I try this, could I have been channeling my own pain, instead of his? 13:25 RIGHT VS WRONG DECISION. How do you differentiate between making a right and wrong decision? Especially in business. Does it always have to feel good for you to know it’s a right move? 16:43 Teal's story of her in kindergarden. 19:03 PHYSICAL AILMENTS. What is the collective group vibration? 20:28 WHEN IS BREAKING UP RIGHT. My boyfriend and I decided to break up last night. We were incompatible and growing in completely different directions for over a year, but it still really hurts. My question is, how can I know it was the right decision? 23:30 ACUPUNCTURE. Does acupuncture therapy and yoga help in healing or does it suppress the trauma?; Could you explain about acupuncture in healing emotional wounds? 29:40 NOT ABLE TO GET SEX. I have such an intense desire for sex (and a romantic relationship) but I am running dry and can't manifest ANYTHING good. If I can't have love, can't I at least get great sex, please? 32:26 INVOLUNTARILY CELIBATE. I'm living as an Incel (involuntarily celibate) which is the complete opposite of the life I want too live, the result is I feel dangerous to others and myself because of the immense feeling of pain. How do I stop this cycle?; I feel as if I am living my life as a Involunterary celibate, I struggle to find a woman, I'm emotionally starving. I also have an addicition to pornography that covers up my pain as I stay inside all the time instead of finding people. What should I do? 39:52 EGO WANTS TO BE GOOD. How do we let go of ego's control of being good, therefore deny ourself and our emotions and not act upon them? how do i change the constant selfcontrol pressure and be free? 41:20 INCOMPATIBILITY. If this world is a mirror, then why is incompatibility with people an issue? Does that mean I am incompatible with myself, or within me there is an aspect that is incompatible with who I am? 46:26 PUSH AND PULL IN RELATIONSHIPS. I found someone compatible to me and I was so happy, until this really strong split inside me came up that's so hurt and wants to push him away. I am sure this pain isn't about him or something he did, but it is so strong it makes me see him as a threat, i don't want to breakup, what do i do? 47:57 ECZEMA. I can't manage to heal eczema despite of eating mainly organic food (i was born asthmatic) , can you spot adequate remedies in my specific case? 51:45 UNCONDITIONAL PRESENCE VS BOUNDARIES. I find it very difficult as a CPCP to practice unconditional love/acceptance consistently when working with a friend who is consciously choosing to stay stuck in an abusive situation, and I've gave it to her straight about her enabling the abuse upon her children to continue all for the sake of hiding behind her fears and low self-worth since no one else dared to speak up. She is taking steps for herself, a severe codependent, and to be honest she knows it all deep inside and has confessed that. And most importantly she has children which really hurts me because I can see the trauma growing bigger and bigger around them whenever we meet. I have put a physical distance in order to not continue to make her feel like she is a bad parent and to honor my boundaries. But because we are close friends, I struggle to find a 'balance' between unconditionally being present with her pain and advocating for her to get out of abuse. I am patient and grateful that she is taking baby baby steps for herself like expressing her true feelings towards her partner, but sometimes I am annoyed and powerless that it is so slow moving. How do you deal with this? 56:25 I HATE MY MOTHER. Why can’t I stop hating my mother? I feel like I have healed a lot if wounds that are caused by her, but when I am with her I am in a state of resistance and I keep thinking hateful thoughts. She triggers me like all the time. I want to move on but I feel stuck. 1:26:40 Wrap up and announcements.
  2. having the same dream as someone else? What does it mean to have the same dream as someone? Recently, me and my sister had the same exact dream. We’re on a bridge with our aunt who was driving. The wind was so strong the cars were literally spinning around in circles. My brother who was in the car with us, flew out of the window. The dream kind of cuts right there and switches to me and my sister are in a flowershop with our mother and a good friend of ours and her dog and the dream ends right there. I’m not sure if the dream holds any meaning or not. I just found it interesting how me and my sister had the same dream. I’ve been looking for answers on what it might mean if you have the same dream as someone but I haven’t found any really good sources for it. So maybe one of you can help me? Me and my sister are very close. I’m older than her by 3 years yet I’m constantly learning things from her as she is from me. I definitely feel a spiritual connection to her like I’ve known her in a past life so maybe that has something to do with it? Let me know what you guys think.
  3. remembering long ago dreams What does it mean when at a completely random moment, a dream will pop into my head that I had 10 years ago. This happens often with dreams from so long ago. It happens anytime of day. I always wonder if this is the anniversary of the dream I had. Any thoughts?
  4. Symbolisms in dreams. For me. Primarily this is were my mind probably find the time to work on perceived problems. Abstract enough not to cause a reflexive avoidance. If avoidance is there, it is indicating something you don't want to think about and obviously not able to simply erase what you have seen, heard, thought or imagined. Eespecially if its disturbing, confusing, or unclear. On occasion, some of the dreams were like a premonition and made some wild predictions that came to pass. Average hours of sleep: Not a bad idea to measure how active your mind. Has the time of the sleep cycle increased or decreased? Are you simply overwhelmed? I don't think so. Just born with a dynamo of a mind. My sleep cycle decreased by high school to about 5 hours. Was told I was an easy baby. I slept solid 8 hours. Was not fussy. But once awake, I stayed awake. No naps. To reinforce what I am describing. A little pre kindergarten history. The caretakers had two groups. Older kid and younger kids. I started out in the latter. When the other kids were placed in a crib for nap time, that was not for me. Boom Boom Boom from the second floor. I got the other young ones to rock their cribs together. Guess that didn't work too well. They tried to put me on a cot with the older group. Not having it. I kept waking the others up to play. They finally just took me on errands during nap time. I still remember going to the shoe store with 'Uncle'. Also with him when I was helping to close a folding chair and my finger got pinched. Anyway, not much has changed. Still a light sleeper. Mind too busy. Much to do. Another day at the office: Quite a few of the dreams were simply a clone of daily work. Almost felt like I get up for work, come home, go to sleep (part of the waking hours), work, come home, go to sleep (sleep cycle). What the hell, I just got back from work? Add some occasional confusion trying to get out of the city, going in circles for quite some time before everything resumed to a normal flow again. This was like a groundhog day type of dream. Over ad over. A little different each time. Probably trying to figure out if I needed a change of course. Flying, Ufos: Just out of curiosity, I just wanted to get an overview of everything and started out running down the driveway where I grew up and was getting higher and higher off the ground. This evolved over many sleep cycles into bounding leap to start flying. It was during this time I was still not very high off the ground and had to watch out for the damn utility poles and wires. Sometimes I just liked to leap off of small hills onto tall industrial buildings and leap about before flight. Remember barely being above fireworks levels when I started to dream of ufos in the distance. Airplanes would chase them off. Eventually those same aircraft would battle them and kept them a bay. More sleep cycles and developed a desire to see just how high I could go, but couldn't break the atmosphere. For a time at least. I did finally break through. That was the last time I would recall flying. Now during my waking time and during meditation, I get the feeling that my mind has had a long journey, away from Earth, out of the Solar System past Pluto and the Ort cloud. Out of the galaxy, Past other Galaxies, roughly 10 billion light years from here approaching the edge of visible space. Kinda where I'd be now if technology was where it should be, exploring! Tornadoes Tornadoes were in dreams. Let me paint the scene a little. There was color but more of a dystopian grunge look. Not much light like twilight approaching dawn. Building were dilapidated but livable. I'd go outside and off in the distance a tornado would form. Not just one, they came in bunches. If the first was in the north, Another to the South, the west, the East, the southeast, etc... Varying distances from me. Never saw people or animals harms. Trees uprooted and the ground disturbed. Never scared, more annoyed. Would seek a quiet place for shelter. More sleep cycles and the landscape changed to a small city size. An some of the tornadoes, no more than one at a time would come down through the building settling right in front of me. Tore the hell out of the building. That was the extent of the damage. Tornadoes often represent chaos, something not in your control, destructive, but must be interpreted with other elements. Many tornadoes appear one after the other. A lot of stress. Pile it on. The need for shelter but not in panic. Wish for peace, security, safety. A place to meditate. Only objects and not people or animals destroyed. The guardian aspect of myself. Harm? Not on my watch. A need to solve the problem before it results in such damage. The lack of fear when confronted with a tornado in your face. Have prepared myself to meet the chaos head on. Let's roll. I've come to terms. Resolution. Eerie predictions. I grew up near a nuclear plant, a few miles outside of the 10 mile radius. Boiling water reactor with no cooling towers , until the third plant was built. Always curious, I've read a lot about the different types and configurations of nuclear plant and read some of the thing that could go wrong. I even knew the dome was designed to take a direct hit from a fully loaded 747. But the symbolism in this dream was not like anything I'd read about. I'm up on a hiil. A dark dystopian sky with black cloud. The plant with the distinctive dome off in the distance. Something was wrong. A giant hand reached out from the clouds and tore of the dome and the top of the reactor. Death and contamination filled the air like a radiant wave of heat, At the very, was the unnerving image of an old man with a pitchfork and an old woman standing next to him, like that famous portrait. Always gave me and uneasy feeling. That dream happened occurred before Chernobyl. The Russians partially dodge a far worse bullet in this disaster as luck would have sand beneath the reactor stopped and all out meltdown from going to far. Fizzled out before it burned into the ground. Now just a glassy extremely radioactive mess. A jarring experience. For the last dream a lot of surrealism going on. Driving in my truck. OK. Why is another truck driving in the grassy median. I speed up. That truck appear to stop. I look forward again. What the hell. An overpass. I'm headed to the concrete separator in the middle. BOOOM. Talk about a head jarring, head snapping adrenaline filled moment. I was actually sweating when I woke. Was a good thing. I missed my alarm, but was not too late. This was probably just the body saying, wake up stupid. Kinda odd because I usually don't miss the alarm clock and usuaaly wake up a few minutes before it goes off?
  5. What do you believe Dreams to be? Do you believe that dreams are a "mental DVD" your brain turns on when you go to sleep at night? Do you believe that dreams are a bridge between the spiritual dimensions and the physical realms? Do you believe that the body dies each night and the spirit is alive, to be reborn each morning? Do you believe the people you meet in dreams are significant? Are the connections you make in the dream world, the connections between spirits meeting? Or are dreams possibley a mix of all of that and more? What do you understand dreams to be?
  6. Dream about a snake Hello, everyone! I have watched Teals video about interpretating dreams, but i still decided to ask for other people opinions. Also, i am in deep need of connection, so i am overcoming my fear again and writing this short dream i had, that i am having trouble understanding. It felt really meaningful, like it had a message... So.. I was dreaming, that i was near the ocean in some warm country. I was in an abandoned part of a town. Suddenly I saw this dark skinned girl throwing a snake, that was really long and looked like a python. She was throwing it like an arrow, hitting it against the wall and the pavement. Every time the snake came back in fury, trying to protect itself by attacking the girl. but the girl was fast and graceful. It was like a game to her. She was dancing while doing it. I was shocked by the cruelty of this act. I wanted to save the snake from the girl, but i knew that i can't just pick it up, because it is still a wild animal and might bite me.. Then i saw that the snake was already severly bruised, and i could not take it anymore! I ran to the snake, screaming NO!, so the girl would leave it alone. The girl pulled back for awhile, but i knew that as soon as i left, the girl would attack again... I felt such anger and hate towards that girl for doing this to this poor animal, torturing it.. I knew that the snake was going to die a slow and painful death because of her. I felt pain and anger and even had this feeling that i wanted to kill the girl for doing such a horrible deed, to make her stop.. So she could never do anything like this again. To give her the taste of her own medicine...And then i woke up.... It was a short dream but somehow it got to me... A few days ago i had my first dream conversation with my spiritguide...i got a message to focus on the positive and spread my love and kindness to everyone. That that is my "superpower" of sorts.. I know this dream was a message from them. I tried putting myself in these characters positions, but i am still having a hard time trying to understand. When i was me, i felt helpless to help and overwhelmed by the cruelty of the girl. when i am the girl, i feel like the snake is just a brainless dangerous animal that has no value and deserves to die. I feel power over it. When i am the snake, i feel like i am misunderstood... In a wrong place at the wrong time.. I feel like a victim, but at the same time, i feel invisible... Because i am a snake, and in the eyes of a human, i am worth less than anything... So... Am i the snake? Was i trying to save a part of myself, that i feel is misunderstood? What part is it? Or was it just a dream of how i feel about injustice and cruelty towards other beings. I do feel like there was an important lesson, but i can't see what exactly it was!
  7. Spiritual Dreams I have very vivid dreams almost nightly to the point where im waking up 5 to 6 times a night writing. Most of my dreams are fear based visions about outcomes of my future. Should I view these dreams as guidance for the future or is this an indication that I need to work on fears in my life. Anyone else able to predict the possible outcomes of their future and if so what has been your experience
  8. Need help to interpret this dream. So first off, I rarely dream. And when I do dream I don't remember it for more than some minutes after i woke up. However this night I knew I dremt something important since it's about five hours after I stopped dreaming this. (I woke up checked the clock and fell asleep again. Dremt something completly diffrent but that's because I where half awake) I have this feeling that something is trying to tell me something - either my subconscious or something greater. And i have this feeling that its REALLY important for me. So please help me understand this; [I and some other people where visiting a sort of tribe in a rainforest kind of place. What I mean about this is that there where this extremly healthy forest with big trees, LOTS of healthy green colours everywhere and that there seemed to be this freshness in the air that you only can feel when you are deep in a forest just after it has rained. The tribe people where what I consider tribesmen in the rainforest to look like. However, they were fully clothed in loose brown leather garb. Pants, shirt and some other things. And something else that strikes me a bit od now after, is that everyone of the tribespeople where either somewhat old or really old. They all gave off a wise precense. While moving around in this place I stumbled upon a shelf of books and scrolls that where for sale. I emidietly stopped everything else I where doing and started to look through the small collection. We are talking about maby twenty books and scrolls... not sure exact numbers, bacause I found this scroll that resonated deeply with me. The scroll was somewhat plain with some metal at the ends.(memory is a bit foggy, sometimes I'm sure it were some brass/bronce material other times I can swaer it where iron-ish) It where sealed, so I could not peek on the content. All i could see where the title of the scroll and an "undertitle", that felt like it belonged to a serie of scrolls. I did not know this since the words were foregen to me, but still I could get a sence of them. As I looked at the other scrolls nearby I found two other scrolls with the same "undertitle" as the first! So in total there where thee scrolls in what I felt where a series with information about things that I knew I needed desperetly. Like a series of skills or certain knowledge that would help guide me. As all things thiese scrolls had a price. It where a hefty price for buying all three. In fact, I needed to pay most of what I had saved up, but I knew that this was proberly my only chance of getting my hands on three of the scrolls in this serie, and that the worth to me personally where much more than the price and that it would be worth it. Eaven tho i knew i would have a hard time living foor a while after. So in the end I decided to go for it and took out most of my savings. Blurry again at this point, but I'm quite sure I bought them succesfully since I were deeply satisfied later on.] So, to me it seems like I should somehow invest myself in some kind of skills or to get the knowledge about a certain subject(s). And that I need to value the things I need for its value for myselfe and not the material value. (or something like that) IF this is the case I feel a bit lost since I don't know houw I'm supposed to get this started... Thank you for taking your time and reading all this ....and don't mind the grammar and such.
  9. What to do when you have manifested an entity and now it is attached to you? Hello! I am new to this forum, i tried to search the forum, but it is hard to navigate through all these topics just to find the answers you are looking for. So i decided to write my story here. I have had sleep paralysis forever, seeing these dark entities suffocating me, has gotten a lot better through my awakening years. And now that i have gone so far with my awakening process, i have wanted to contact my spirit guides. But there is something in the way. This same dark entity. Every time i am open enough to have some outside contact, this creature that has lached on to me finds an opening and comes to me. Usually taking a form of a friend or family. In the past it has been quite agressive. Lately it just clings on to me and bites me or squeezes me really hard. The experiences are sometimes painful. I did some meditation on this today morning, and i guess i knew it before already, but it is my creation. It comes from a dark place inside of me. Like a void of darkness. When i asked it what it was, these worda came into my head: "Pain, disappointment, hurt, fear, miseunderstood". I am a very sensitive person, i have always been very emotional and experienced everything a lot more intensly than avarage people do.. So i know that i have created this being. I don't know exactly when it happened, but probably in the course of my life, through normal painful experiences. I have had a totally fine life. Nothing too extremely horrible has ever happened to me. I have done a lot of shadow work, but i can't get rid of my fear and anxiety and all these things. I have accepted that it will take a lot of time. But this creature has started to show up in my dreams way too often. It creates even more fear in me, making me feel i can't trust anyone in meet in my dreams. Like a wold wearing a sheep skin, it sneaks near to me. It might just jump on me and start squeezing me and biting me and hurting me out of nowhere. The fear is keeping me from leaving my body because i can always feel this thing near me... What can i do to deal with this? I know that i must have a very low vibration to keep it stuck to me like this... But i feel stuck... Anybody have any ideas? When i do shadow work and meditate to my fear, i feel it more intensly but i can't find the source. What the hell happened to make me so afraid of the dark? I had panick attacks when i was a child. Waking up confused at night, feeling like there was something somewhere on the other side trying to hurt me... I have never been sexually abused or anything like that. Sorry if a similar topic has already been posted. Peace
  10. Crying after a dream. This Was the first time this has happened to me, I woke up crying from a dream, I've woken up from a nightmare, but never wake up and cry. I was crying because in the dream I knew my brother would never accept who I really am, we just have 2 different energies, and his perspective doesn't understand mine and that just made me sad conditional love is still a thing... it was a weird salvador dali-ish dream. A new piece of the puzzle as always.
  11. Does anyone know what white snakes represent in dreams? I had a dream where I was in a backyard and I saw two giant snakes, but I was focused on one in particular. It was about 3x the size of me and completely white with a giant head. I was so scared it was going to bite me so I climbed up onto the fence and started walking away from it. For some reason my eyes were closed as I was walking on this narrow fence, but I was using my other senses to make my way out of the backyard. I jumped down with my eyes still closed and I heard my sister screaming "watch out for the snake"!! There was another one just like the white one I walked away from, although I never visually saw it (it may have been the same one; same size and color). I saw it with my mind's eye. It was right next to my feet, but I kept moving around so it wouldn't bite me. I couldn't open my eyes no matter how hard I tried. I was terrified of it biting me on my leg, but it never did. What the hell?? What does this dream mean? What does the white snake represent? Any ideas?
  12. Hi all have a question. Last night here where I live was a full moon and I decided before I went to bed to do a full moon meditation. Nothing too exciting happened whilst I meditated but after I went to sleep about half hour I was suddenly taken back by something like a negative energy trying to suffocate me. I was in a sort of dream state but I was trying to wake up but couldn't. It was such a scary feeling. I then asked arch angle Michael for his protection and I felt the negative energy go and I was able to wake up. When I woke I looked up at the ceiling I saw images of spiders crawling on the ceiling I blinked at few times thinking it was just me half asleep but they were still there. I got up out of bed and grabbed a glass of water from the fridge to process what happened. When I got back to bed and layer back in bed I looked up around the ceiling and again there was spiders crawling on the ceiling and walls. I even got up out of bed and tried touching the spiders and there wasn't anything physically there but still saw the spiders. It scared the crap it off me as I haven't experienced anything like this before. I layed back in bed and did another meditation For Protection and when I opened my eyes the spiders where gone. Does anyone know wtf this all means???
  13. Anyone seen this film? it is completely amazing and brilliant, it was such a good reflection and teacher for me about dreams and believing but that we will all continue to make new mistakes and continue to fall down and we pick ourselves up, we are human, we came here to experience all emotions and not be a robot, an all time favourite quote has been acquired from the film, 'Try everything... when you come to the end, start again'.
  14. when someone have visions.....are for others to listen (believe) them...... +++itibira+++ visions ....are always real....because they are personal....they become dreams ...when share with others....and the world where you wanna believe into..... ++++itibira++++