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  1. My Story with these Disorders: Hello everyone, I am about to share with you my story of going through hell, and eventually facing the hell and recovering from most of these disorders. Before I will just state that DPDR is a psychological disorder and is entirely maintained by suppressed parts of your personality, beliefs, or memories. It starts off about 5 and a half years ago I got DPDR after 7 months of chronic OCD, obsessive thoughts, and some panic attacks. Before I got the chronic OCD I was bullied for 6 years from 1st to 6th grade, while I was developing anxiety and low self-esteem due to the bullying and my mentality at the time. It was hard for me to talk loudly or stand up for myself then which I overcame later on. In case you're wondering what DPDR is, it is a mild dissociative disorder caused by extreme stress, OCD, trauma that makes you feel a detachment from, yourself, reality, emotions and in my case came with dissociative amnesia aka blank memory which I overcame alongside with the DP Depersonalization and a lot of the DR part Derealization. I had psychotic episodes too. I got into fights at school and one day someone put a curse on me giving me demonic scratches which have stayed for past several years. While I had these conditions I got into third eye meditations and opening my pineal gland which was both detrimental but also beneficial but not the cause of the demons. Detrimental in that it increased my awareness of the demonic scratches whenever I'm in a building away from nature; nature has a very positive vibe. Third eye activation was beneficial in the way that it sparked up my intuition to find out the solution that cured me of most of my problems. The reason I just recently added this part is due to a false memory I had because of the dissociative amnesia I experienced(Third eye Pineal Gland meditations and activation did not cause my demons, it increased my awareness of them increasing the symptoms but not the cause). I thank God that I have recovered from my OCD completely, panic attacks, I have lowered my DPDR where it's now mild, lowered my Borderline Personality Disorder where it is also mild, no more psychotic episodes, and lastly lessening the mild HPPD aka mild visual hallucinations I got from opening my pineal gland and from when I started the healing process of my version of shadow work/integration of the shadow mind I call the Face Method or verbal shadow work which is facing 100% of mental fears, limiting beliefs, and negative memories gradually by thinking and saying them out loud and other methods mentioned below. How have I recovered 90% and recovering further? EFT, fasterEFT, and shadow work are all very helpful methods. EFT and fasterEFT consists of facing negative beliefs/memories by saying them out loud, releasing their negative emotions, tapping on meridian points, and (optionally) ending on positive thoughts. What I call the Face Method is basically like the first part of EFT except without the tapping which I and certain EFT practitioners have found not necessary but can be helpful and ending on the positive aka matrix reimprinting or changing a belief is optional because it will make it take more time to heal all the negative by saying positive thoughts. I am recovering from multiple psychological disorders and they are down 90%! If you have any of the disorders I mentioned or anything trauma related then try these methods yourselves! I am literally someone who could've spent his whole life in a psych ward suffering from insanity for if I hadn't owned my inner fears! If I can get to this point where I am now, playing rhythm and lead guitar, playing solos and riffs (Metallica, Led Zepplin, Megadeth and beyond), going to the gym 3-2 times a week then you can recover too! Peace. Tips: Write and say motivating affirmations that help you with facing the shadow like: I face all pain and fears and succeed in life. Do a form of shadow work, Face Method, EFT, or Matrix Reimprinting for resistance to the method you are doing if you feel resistance to the idea of doing the method. Do what increases your motivation and vibe: David Goggins, for example, is a great speaker for that and more. Binaural and isochronic tones for positive vibes like 25hz which is great for confidence. Positive affirmations can be good but I believe mainly if you are using them as reimprinting. Positive Affirmations alone doesn't fully work the way you've been taught. One doing Positive Affirmations only, can act as resistance and cause further problems. I know for a fact it caused most of my problems which I listed cause I would use them all the time creating a constant war in my mind, created resistance. So I highly recommend Reimprinting over Pure positive focus. Lastly, check out this article This Doctor Dr. Heinz Valentin Hampejs claims Ayahuasca, a psychedelic drug which produces the same chemical our brains produce, DMT, that it has the potential of curing mental disorders from anxiety, depression, PTSD, OCD, dissociative disorders, schizophrenia and from my research by doing shadow work in the same time as the psychedelic trip. Many doctors and people talk about how the psychedelic drug or as the shamans call it in Peru La Medicana, "The Medicine" agreeing also to that it can cure mental disorders and I've heard in a week of ceremonies. In the same time, you want to be careful with the retreat that you'd go to if you're interested, that they have good reviews, and lastly if you feel ready for the experience.
  2. GreenDagny

    Requesting OCD Video Hello everybody, I have been searching for help for ocd that has destroyed my life for 10 years. I suffer from "Pure" O, which is OCD being primarily obsessional. I put in an Ask Teal question about it, i know i am not the only one here that would benefit from a full video on OCD, *all* OCD - including the insidious purely obsessional. These awful mental illnesses have stolen my life for a decade. So if there are any of you out there, let's get a good thread put together. P.s. yes i do know about he brief description, and yes i see the other groups - which seem to contradicte and confuse myself - i get not all work for everyone. SO maybe Teal will be able to help us out in a video! Not to be overzealous, but maybe AFTER OCD - the helping of other major mental disorders as well!! (bipolar/schizophrenia). What do you think everybody? I cannot be the only one needing more guidance that is a linear place to start to heal from ? ☆♡
  3. When am I ready for Spirituality 3.0? I feel tired of feeling depressed. I started questioning if I have what it takes to do Shadow Work anymore. I've been doing Shadow every single day since August 13th of this year. I feel ready to start to feel better, but I understand the goal is not to try to feel better, but to be unconditionally present with WHATEVER I’m currently experiencing on an emotional level. I feel like I need to nurture myself and take care of my unmet needs. And maybe I’m misinterpreting the process as “force yourself to be sad until you cry and then force yourself to heal it!” I currently feel the need to raise my vibration, do things that make me feel loved and cared for and make myself happy again. And if negative emotion arises, I have all the tools and awareness to be present with it and not try to escape that feeling. How do I know when I will be ready for Spirituality 3.0? I suffer from rejection wound, abandonment wound and issues surrounding self worth.
  4. Stages of life when we feel we regress and lose self and purpose G'day and peace Been going through a slight feeling of regression. From years in the big smoke. To being back in my home town. Dealing with the Psychosis that be. Negative elements acquired in life. Sitting at the folks. Wondering what I am gonna do in the future. I am there. But the elements of self such as bursts of optimism and happiness is less so. Can be dead depressed silent. Then burst out laughing. Depression does not equal the inability to laugh for me. I know who I am. My outlooks on life of a small amount of time before. But feel detached from them. Dont let situations like this be a time to delve into your own self pitty. A pessimistic view of life. The window is always there. The time to rebuild and grow. The teachings of all teachings. Set constantly within the path. Pulse
  5. Loneliness is comprised of three basic pillars. These pillars can be seen as the anatomy of loneliness. In this episode, Teal explains the anatomy of loneliness, which also just so happens to be the title of her new book ‘The Anatomy of Loneliness’ which is the 4th book written by Teal Swan. Published by Watkins books pre-order a copy of the book here Teal Swan is an International Contemporary Spiritual Leader. She offers perspective on a wide range of topics including relationships, anxiety, meditation, shadow work, authenticity, the law of attraction, The Completion Process, healing, PTSD, emotions and spirituality Website: For daily updates, monthly online Synchronization Workshops join Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: TEALCATALYST Newsletter: Completion Process Book: Teal's Meditations: Teal's e-shop: Beginning Song: Kuan Yin's Mantra (c) 2002 Lisa Thiel Help us caption & translate this video!
  6. GabijaCij

    Will Healing ever end? Are you in a never ending loop of suffering, despair, depression and loneliness? It seems like when you are on the road to healing, that there is never an end, especially in psychological and emotional healing. But a reality is that anything that has a beginning has an end. Also that healing is what life is made of because learning and discovery come through the process of healing. Here is what to add to the description: Teal Swan is an International Spiritual Leader. She offers perspective on a wide range of topics including relationships, anxiety, meditation, shadow work, the law of attraction, The Completion Process, healing, PTSD, emotions and spirituality Website: For daily updates, monthly online Synchronization Workshops join Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: TEALCATALYST Newsletter: Completion Process Book: Teal's Meditations: Teal's e-shop: Beginning Song: Kuan Yin's Mantra (c) 2002 Lisa Thiel End Song: Howling Sloth Help us caption & translate this video!
  7. notfromthisplanet

    depression, anxiety, loneliness Hello there! I'm Alex. I'm severly depressed, extremely lonely and anxious and also schizotypal. Long story short, I have Complex PTSD and denying my feelings and emotions only led to this incredibly heavy apathy, which means having no interest in anything and being numb. I feel so numb, that I can't do anything, because nothing motivates me to change my life (even though I want to). I have no family and no friends. Psychotherapy didn't work, so here I am!I registered on this forum because I believe that, if there is someone that would want to talk to me at least 3 or 4 times a week via e-mail, I could be much less apathetic. For a very long time I wondered why I can't get motivated and do the things I want to do and live my life etc., and the only answer to this question is that there is no one to keep me accountable - and I really believe that's what I need right now.If I only could find someone that would listen to me venting and give me a ''feedback'' to my rant, it would be great! I need someone to encourage me and congratulate me when I deserve it. I need someone whom I can talk to about my everyday struggles. I also wish I could talk to that person about the things I like, about what I read and what music I listen to. It's the first time I ask for something like this on the internet and I hope that I can find the type of person I'm looking for.If there is someone like me out there that is looking for the same thing, I could definitely offer the same support!
  8. Are you or someone you love a victim of Self Hate, Suicidal Feelings, Self Harm, or Severe Depression? Understanding how self hate begins with how hatred for the self was developed during childhood is critical. How to stop hating yourself resides in the realization that Self Hatred is merely a coping mechanism developed in childhood. A Genius Coping Mechanism at that. Teal Swan is an International Spiritual Leader. She offers perspective on a wide range of topics including relationships, anxiety, meditation, shadow work, authenticity, the law of attraction, The Completion Process, healing, PTSD, emotions and spirituality Website: For daily updates, monthly online Synchronization Workshops join Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: TEALCATALYST Newsletter: Completion Process Book: Teal's Meditations: Teal's e-shop: Beginning Song: Kuan Yin's Mantra (c) 2002 Lisa Thiel Help us caption & translate this video! Help us caption & translate this video!
  9. Lauraaa

    Prebirth trauma?! Hello all! I find this subject very vague and hard to any opinion/suggestion/anything is welcomed! I ve always suffered from depression, even since kindergarten. If I am to describe what depression is to me, it s mostly a reccurent feeling of "not wanting to be in this life", that no structure existent in this 3D life can actually meet my deep needs (I don t even know what needs specifically, I just know they re not met)..there s not even a want for a relationship, money, a good job, having fun or whatever people usually seem to want in their lives. My energy levels are depleted, I ve always felt like a zombie and I sleep 12 hours/day. I have a very very low grasp on my individuality, I feel like I want to melt into everything around me. I spend 90% of my time alone in bed covered with the sheets over my head not wanting to involve in life in any way possible. Very often I feel like I don t even want to talk, and the dissociated and disconnected from everything "in the air" feeling is always there. Recently I ve started to question these 'symptoms' by going deep into myself and the answear I keep running into is that the trauma occured during my conception, when the egg from my mom didn t even want to transform into a baby and participate in life. From this point on, I have not a clue what should I do with this information or with my life in general. Going through life, I ve of course undergone the splitting process, and I ve ended up with parts which want to get this 3d life done rightly, want to be like everybody else, feel the same things people usually do, want to finally understand myself and my needs. I don't know how I can possibly integrate this prebirth part of mine (it s my most dominant part by the way) with all the other parts and with the world around me. Does anybody share this feelings and sensations? Is anybody there who does know how to deal with such stuff? Thank you in advance!
  10. My boyfriend is having financial issues Hey, good evening Haven't wrote or been on in a while, I always love it here. I love this community :). I'm having major anxiety for my bf because he is having issues with having steady work as he is an operator, but does not have a "great" job where he gets to work all year round. So his cheques have been coming up short from lack of snow(where I live it's snowy in the winter). And I'm wondering if anyone can read into my energy on this post, or have insight as to why myself am involved but not directly, and how I can overcome it, and maybe help him as well. I hate to see him suffer, and I am too. We don't live together he lives on his own, while his family is far, and I live with my mom still because I am a student. Thanks guys! Kels
  11. Douglas Power

    When Is Suicide Okay? Hi all. When do you think suicide is permissable? Is it ever? Yes, it can leave loved ones grieving, but what if a soul was truly up against a no win situation, such as an accident or coma or jail/prison or horrific violence or suffering? If the point of life is to love, and learn, and find happiness, there are truly many instances where it is just not possible within given circumstances for any kind of evolution to happen for that particular soul. Do we agree? I feel like some souls, to save themselves and potentially others from harm or even more sadness and chaos, have a right to set themselves free. Wipe the plate clean. Start again, but take those lessons learned into the new dimension and experience awaiting them. If we are truly immortal spirits, we all deserve a chance at happiness and redemption. Food for thought.......
  12. Are you unhappy, depressed or generally not ok? Every time you get close to happiness are you suddenly blocked by some unseen force? Teal Swan uncovers a strange condition that blocks our ability to be happy and to be ok. This affliction can be very confusing and frustrating if every time you feel like you are happy, that it is wrong in some way. In this episode, Teal Swan explains this dynamic. Teal Swan is an International Spiritual Leader. She offers perspective on a wide range of topics including relationships, anxiety, meditation, shadow work, the law of attraction, The Completion Process, healing, PTSD, emotions and spirituality Website: For daily updates, monthly online Synchronization Workshops join Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: TEALCATALYST Newsletter: Completion Process Book: Teal's Meditations: Teal's e-shop: Endsong: Kuan Yin's Mantra (c) 2002 Lisa Thiel Help us caption & translate this video!
  13. Lisette Nilsson

    "Burnout" and depression Hi everyone, I posted here a few months ago and I want to thank everyone who replied to that post. I am currently, and have been for a long time, going through a depression and what in not so medical terms would be called a "burnout". I was always the top student in school, obsessed with getting good grades because that was the only way I could compensate for my lack of self-worth and feel that I was lovable and "good enough". I've had my share of emotional trauma during my childhood and my obsession with being "perfect" has now resulted in me collapsing totally. I'm 24 years old, turning 25 in December, by the way. I've been feeling like this on and off for several years, and 2015 and 2016 have been the worst years of my life so far. I recently "graduated" from university (although I haven't gotten my diploma because I haven't finished all of my courses). The majority of my time at university I felt exhausted, depressed and I knew I was about to hit a giant wall sooner or later, where I would no longer be able to put up the facade of being able to hold it together. I felt that the field of study that I had chosen (biology) wasn't right for me but still I kept trying to make it work. My boyfriend at the time, who comes from a culture which mentality is to always work hard, be honorable and never ever be weak or give up, didn't understand me and told me to just "keep it together and keep going" (giant reflection of my dad, of course…). So I kept pushing myself. I remember one day, in May 2015, I went to the schools' psychologist and broke down in tears. I told her how tired and exhausted I was, how I couldn't do this anymore and how hopeless everything felt. She scheduled an appointment with the school's doctor, who gave me a prescription for antidepressants, which I never took. It felt like nobody really understood me. In September 2015 I went to England as an exchange student, hoping that it would change everything for the better, that it would give me my zest for life back. It didn't. Instead, I felt worse than ever. I felt more sluggish, tired, exhausted, unmotivated and hopelessly depressed than I ever had before. I also broke up with my boyfriend, which left me feeling even worse, althoug I knew it was "the right thing" to do. I was relieved to come back home after the semester was over, but the fatigue and the depression didn't go away, it got even worse. I felt like I wanted to die, and I couldn't see any end to my suffering. I managed to get a job after my "graduation", at a company I had been wanting to work for since I was little, but the job was really stressful. I also had a very irregular work schedule. Some days I would start work at 7 am and finish 4 pm, and some day I would start work at 1 am and finish work by 11 pm. I can't do it anymore. My body has given up. I feel like I'm in this fog all the time. My head feels dizzy and foggy and no matter how much I sleep I still feel completely exhausted when I wake up. I was hoping things would start getting better by now. I have had one, if not several "awakenings", I've become really conscious of myself, I’ve done so much shadow work, I've grown so much over the past year, and this is what life rewards me with (sorry for being pessimistic right now). I've been trying to not have any resistance to feeling depressed, but it doesn't help. It breaks my heart to know that this is what my life will look like for one or two years, maybe more, before I can finally start being normal again. The reason I started working for this company, was to save up money for travel. If there's one thing I'm sure I want to do in my life, it is to travel (I blame my Sagittarius sun for that, partly). I want to write, to have a blog where I can inspire and help people. I want to make Youtube videos that inspire people. I want to make the world a better place, but it frustrates me and makes me want to smack people in the face when they tell me to “follow my dreams”. I would have followed my dreams already, if I could. It made me absolutely nuts the other day when my brother told me what the medium he recently went to had said when he asked if she had any advice for any of his family members. The medium, or well, her guide, had told him that I (his sister) need to change my mindset regarding work, and that I have a vision of what I want to do, and that the time for me to do that is now, not later, and that I have to be brave enough to do it. I makes me absolutely furious. It’s easy for her (the guide) to say, who doesn’t have to be weighed down by human feelings and human perceptions. My dream is to travel, make videos and write and inspire others, but HOW could I possibly do that, when the total amount of my savings is the equivalent of 1520 USD? I would probably be able to travel for a month or so, if I travel really cheap, and then I would have to go back home. I want to travel to Costa Rica (I’ve been there before) or some Caribbean Island, but the problem is that even if I managed to find some sort of job, I’m not allowed to stay in Costa Rica for more than 3 months at a time, and I won’t be able to afford a ticket out of the country and then back again. I would have to go back to Sweden and be jobless and homeless after “selling everything and moving to Costa Rica to live the dream for two months. Roses and sunshine. ”, lol. Ugh. Furthermore, I don’t want to travel right now. I don’t want to do anything. Also, I know that only bad things could happen if I go travel, given the vibration that I’m currently holding. I have always felt like the universe is against me and that life is a hard struggle, where you have to struggle and fight for everything. Not really a yummy vibration to bring along on your first big trip as a solo female traveler, eh? It’s so hard to change that belief. When I was 3 years old, my baby brother died. He died at birth, so I never got to meet him, but my parents have told me that I went absolutely crazy after that happened. I was constantly angry, I wouldn’t let anybody touch me or come near me, especially not my dad, and I would run around looking for my brother, thinking that my parents had hid him somewhere. It got so bad that my parents tried to take me to see a “child psychologist”, but I refused to see him. I don’t have much memory from this, but I can see how that whole event probably lead up to the destructive beliefs I have about the world today. Anyhow, traveling seems very far off right now, and given the state that I’m currently in, it’s not something I am currently capable of doing. I need rest, and I need to try to survive, although most days I just want to die. The problem is, in today’s society, being sick or unwell is a luxury. Someone like me can’t afford to be sick, to not work. I know that I theoretically could move back home to my parents and live there, but it would kill me. I can’t stand my dad for even a day, and I can barely stand my mum either. It’s all good as long as we are joking and laughing together, but as soon as we start talking about anything even remotely serious, all hell breaks loose and I just want to run away and never have to see them again. Also, it’s not ok by my parents standard to be unwell. They keep telling me how this is not normal, how I need to get better and how me eating “rabbit food” (I’m vegan) is destroying my health, although I take better care of my health and my diet than I’ve ever seen them doing. My dad never ever understands me, he is so pessimistic, narrow-minded, stubborn and judgmental. Anytime I won’t apply for a promotion at work, he goes absolutely nuts and starts saying mean things. He used to tease me and bully me for working in a restaurant before. He is also super negative, always super stressed, complaining about how he has no time to do anything, and how he never has enough money. This is the kind of energy I grew up in, so…. Thanks Universe, *facepalm. So, you can see that living with my parents would be like living inside a torture chamber. They are very unconscious people, in my opinion, and even though I love them, I couldn’t do it. If I feel suicidal now, I can’t imagine how I would feel if I moved back home. So, it’s not an option. I guess I could keep working half-time at my current job and in my free time try to heal myself and take care of myself as best as I can. Otherwise, without a job, I would have to live on the street. I think I could do it (keep on working I mean), but the problem is, if I only work half time, all of my money would go to surviving (paying the rent, paying bills, buying food etc.) and I wouldn’t be able to save up money for travel. I know that travel can’t be a priority in my life right now, but it still breaks my heart to think that I will have to spend my time something I don’t want to do just to keep myself alive. Then I could just as well kill myself. Before, I always had my dream of travel to work towards, and I could find a purpose in doing something I hated, because I knew it would enable me to save up money for my dream, but if I only work half-time, I won’t even have that dream to work towards anymore. I know that I need to come into a space where I feel abundant and shit, but I can’t. I’ve been trying it, and when I have a good day, it works, but in the long run it never works. I haven’t yet come to a space where I fully believe I can be abundant. It’s easy to believe that I can be abundant when the sun is shining and I feel happy, but days like these I can’t feel anything but miserable. I’ve been trying to heal my issues around money but it takes time. I hate life. It’s so unfair, hard and horrible. I hate the universe. This has been a long rant, but I feel so desperate for connection and understanding, and I feel desperate to express myself. If any of you have taken the time to read this, I want to thank you. If you have experienced anything similar, if you’ve been depressed or “burnt out”, maybe you could share your story and your thoughts below? It would mean a lot to me to know that I’m not alone. Thank you. Lisette
  14. elama

    Addiction- Need help Hi, I belong to a well-reputed family. I was married to a person from another well-reputed family. In our province, we were one of the wealthiest families. But now we are one among the poorest families. Until last two months, our family life was wonderful, filled with love and care. But from few months my husband is involved in gambling. This is affecting our family life a lot. He is not finding time for my kids, not even for me. He comes home late. Initially, I thought he was busy with his office work. Later I came to know that he was busy with gambling. Because of his gambling, our happiness has gone. As he was losing money in gambling, he was being depressed. I spoke with his best friend. He told me that, he had advised my husband to stop this gambling. But my husband is addicted to it. How can I get him out of this gambling? His friend suggested undergoing gambling addiction treatment program from a clinic in Edmonton. Will this help? Please give your suggestions.
  15. Ruined my own life, don't know what to do now I'm 26 years old. I had a ton of interests when I was a child/young teen, but I didn't have enough foresight to structure my life so that I would be able to make a living out of those pursuits or even to learn or be involved in them at all. I got lost in obsessive or addictive behaviors because of a deathly fear of my body, illness, anxiety, self-rejection, spinelessness, arrogance, and lacking the concept that I could have positive results from doing anything. I have wasted many years that I could have been using to develop a great life. Now I've already wasted the time and money and support that could have been invested in those pursuits. I'm horribly depressed and I haven't had a social life or a generally good experience with people since I was a child. I haven't had fun in an extremely long time. I have wasted my life and let my spirit die over so many years that I don't feel compelled very much by the worth of whatever I can do from now on. I will be in the shadow of the life I destroyed forever and that just makes me want to die. I don't think I can have a fully satisfying future and I don't want to live that kind of life. I don't know what to do, but I'm moving away soon.
  16. Ruined my own life, don't know what to do now Hey, I'll keep it really simple without going into the story too much. I'm 26 years old. I had a ton of interests when I was a child/young teen, but I didn't have enough foresight to structure my life so that I would be able to make a living out of those pursuits or even to learn or be involved in them at all. I got lost in obsessive or addictive behaviors because of a deathly fear of my body, illness, self-hate, and lacking the concept that I could have positive results from doing anything. I have wasted many years that I could have been using to develop a great life, but now I've already wasted the time and money that could have been invested in those pursuits. I'm horribly depressed and I haven't had a social life or a generally good experience with people since I was a child. Essentially I have wasted my life and let my spirit die over so many years that I don't feel compelled very much by the worth of whatever I can do from now on. I will be in the shadow of the life I destroyed forever and that just makes me want to die.
  17. psychedelics for depression and anxiety What are the best psychedelics for depression and anxiety ?
  18. Nemo


  19. Stuck in an abusive and arranged marriage Hi everyone, I'm now in a relationship with the opposite gender. For my girlfriend I want ask help for her current situation in Singapore. She is married since 18 years. The indian father decided in her age 22 to arrange wedding with an indian man from a spiritual sikh family. He didnt even ask her, but normally the parents ask both if they also agree with this... But I think the tradition of Hinduism have more influence in the Sikh tradition in Punjabi. She didn't say her opinion, she learned to be quiet and to sacrified everything for her parents and now since long time for husband and the two kids. He is cheating her since long , even left her for 10 years in India alone with kids. She give so much love but receives so less from both - kids and husband. Before left India she discovered that he is cheating her since a time with an philipinnes girl. After they arrived Singapore , he began continuesly cheating her . She forgave him everytime but he even forced her in the last years to been touched sexual. Now I have a relationship with her, she tried to avoid sex, but he is very aggressive and thinks his right is to take what he desires. Before her vacation in India she has been sexual abused twice, she reported me everytime. She said he changed after India, but he tried again in common bedroom, but she began to disturb him with fighting. I offer my help through Facebook, but me as a young man I have not enough money and time to support her more directly in Singapore. She had begin to allow her to see dreams, to have wonderful future with me. But because of kids, she actually dont want see future, but wish so much to live with me as wife. She dont see any chances so she lives with husband in one room to take care for her kids. How can she come in her own power to find a way back to radical self-love , so she can create a better life to live?
  20. lesteinhoff


  21. These last few weeks I have been feeling very emotional. I am crying so easily at a lot of things, that which would not usually bother me. I am not pregnant, but I am experiencing a lot of energy change, and the universe is now forcing me to adjust my vibration so I can expand. But it has been very painful. I'm wondering if anyone else has been experiencing this, and how they are dealing with it.
  22. Hello all. It's as the title explains. And I'd love it to stop. I also must add that i created a thread where i attempted to bring up how unhappy and confused I am most of the time. ( Note, I do feel much better lately but I'd still LOOOOVE if i could start making some friends on here for starters. ) So yeah, here I am and almost always ready to talk/connect with you guys. / I'm no good at this.. x__x; Edit: I t also feels like my old age will mean just as less as my youth does right now. A good example is the title 23 and ready to die. And a few others of this nature. not exactly about this topic either. ( for those wanting to get to know me better. )
  23. Subscribe to Teal’s newsletters here: Teal's Web page: Teal's Meditations: Teal's e-shop: In the past, Teal has spoken a lot about the invalidation of negative emotions and about how to deal with emotions in general because people tend to struggle the most with negative emotions. And societally speaking, most societies deem positive emotion acceptable and negative emotion unacceptable. However, our resistance to emotion as a species is not limited to negative emotions. Often, we disapprove of, dismiss, disregard, invalidate, trivialize and suppress positive emotions in ourselves and in other people as well. In this episode, Teal explains how this works, the long terms effects of it and teaches us how to avoid doing this to one another. Kuan Yin's Mantra (c) 2002 Lisa Thiel Help us caption & translate this video!

    Hi Guys, For the past year I've been working as a project manager in London. Its been tough on my health..I got a lip condition, skin issues and had an extra long period. However during this time my spirit was never broken, I would spend weekends out of London in nature and spend evenings at home with my boyfriend exploring all the things I am fascinated by. However, then I went on holiday. I went to the most incredible place in Italy called Argentario. Its completely wild, the sea is beautiful, you can see a full vista of the stars and will have the company of wild cats and wild boar (pig). It may sound slightly scary, but I've been going since a child, so its like home. Its a place that my grandfather discovered and helped to develop into what it is today. He is passed away now, but I felt his presence and his desire for all the family to be there united enjoying this place together. Unfortunately my parents are broke, so they couldn't come so I spent x1 week there with my boyfriend and x1 week there by myself. I loved every moment, I took masses of pictures and I also really bonded with some extended family who were there at the same time. When I came back to London I was super excited to give my presents to everyone. The day after we went for dinner and my mum threw a scene and ended up in the car crying. Apparently my parents were reaching breaking point financially and my sister said my mum had been hitting my dad quite a lot when I was gone. I had come back to London in a heat wave and the next couple of days I was invited to hyde park quite a lot by my sister for a picnic and by my boyfriend who lives nearby. However I did not enjoy the experience at all, after being in real nature, this felt so inadequate.. My first day back at work after the holiday was horrific. I had just been been moved off my old client, onto a new client because the former of 10 years had moved to another job and I was far too unqualified and prepared for the job. My new team of developers all stated how they were concerned and I too. So that morning I mentioned to my boss that I really did not want to work on the account. On the way back from work I had a fight with my boyfriend who I felt was always negative and complaining. That night the IBS started. I had some dinner with my boyfriend and my stomach completely seized up with cramps. The next morning I felt so ill and fevery. I handed in my notice and soon after I was making my way home, to my mum who is the best nurse carer in the world. I spent a couple of days in agony getting cramps and deep sweating till I would nearly pass out. I didnt know what I had at this stage but I was already taking laxatives and other things because nothing was coming out at all. However this was exhausting so I stopped. My parents were worried that I had lost so much weight and accused me of anorexia, to which I got furious and my sister suggested I see the doctor, who was only so helpful and very expensive. He suggested I take depression pills, to which my mum refused. And after realised the deep connection between nerves and anxiety and our gut. I think I was processing so much negative feelings about being back in this reality after the holiday, my gut completely shut down. The constipation after that changed to excreting this horrible jelly, which really freaked me out, which then turned to diarrhea. This morning I felt so depressed. I have completed flopped at home these recent weeks, allowing my mum to do everything and this morning I didnt want to get out of bed I just wanted to stay in a ball in bed. So as usual I made my way like a sick zombie to work. When I got to work, there was my chair. The were the tasks that Im familiar with and colleagues I know. Somehow I feel better here. I know that I want to work for myself on this app idea I have and that I want to live in nature - i.e. I dont want to work somewhere like this, with the horrid commute and stress of London. But all my family are here in London and I love them very much. However I do feel bad living at home, maybe being cared for all the time is not that constructive and being told by my controlling mother which direction in life to move in is not helpful either.. I am so confused right now! I hate being depressed! If anyone can intuitively help me on this or is willing to help me heal please me know! Franki!
  25. elkur

    I submitted a question about adrenal fatigue. It is not diagnosed in Western medicine, however Traditional Chinese Medicine addresses this problem. I'm going to share my own experience briefly on this topic and maybe someone can relate to this. When I started my independent life I put myself into a huge amount of stress I was not used to. I had no idea who I was and what I wanted, so I did what everyone else around me also did. Which is moving to another city to go to university and get a job. I noticed myself to be very unmotivated and 'phlegmatic' as one of my bosses said. I hated every singe one of my jobs and thought that there is something wrong with me. When I was working at a fast-phased restaurant I was often told that I was moving too slow and I started to push myself faster and faster even though my body was like dragging me down. I'm still unsure of what it was all about, but I'm getting closer. These past five years have felt like going upstream constantly, I developed anxiety and panic attacks and now I ended up in a place where I crashed so hard I had to quit everything and move back to my moms, I feel constant impending doom, I feel like my body can't handle even the slightest stresses, even qigong seems like a too much of an exercise and I've also experienced some very dark feelings of depression. I've been feeling depressed a lot during this time, but I'm starting to learn that the majority addresses these symptoms I have (weakness, overwhelm, low stress tolerance, low energy, lack of motivation) as depression! I am honestly not sure if the emotional feeling of depression can really make you physically unable to function? As I said, I have experienced depression and yes, suppressed it big time, but I'm honestly amazed how I'm being labeled as 'depressed' when all I thought was that my adrenals are exhausted and they cannot produce stress hormones like they used to. I don't deny that I feel depressed emotionally, but the physical stuff is like a whole different world. That is not surprising at all given how I pushed myself to live these past six months, I started new school, new job in sales where I had never worked before, I was struggling with money, because the first few months I was learning skills and didn't make much. I had my first panic attack a year ago and developed a panic disorder, I successfully overcame it, but they did come back when I started my new work and school, I had 12-hour days, I was extremely anxiuos every morning and stressed out most of the days. Until I couldn't push myself anymore, I was mentally willing to, but I felt like I just can't do it anymore and I had to quit everything. I wasn't surprised how my body reacted, but it seems like these are 'just' symptoms of depression according to the mainstream. I've been trying to rest for almost two months now and every time I get out and be active I crash hard afterwards. I'm very unsure what to do and how to recover. I have contradictory needs, one is to rest and the other is to go out and see people, but I feel like they're working against each other. I have never considered taking antidepressants, but now I'm actually thinking about it, because I can't function normally. But at the same time, I feel like this would not treat the root cause, my adrenals. Well there is definitely another root cause beneath that, but that's another story. I've been thinking of seeing a Chinese Medicine doctor, but since I don't work, I cannot really afford it at this time. I need a recovery plan, but I'm unsure if western medicine has optimal tools for that. Other than that, my symptoms have gone a bit better and this feeling of collapsing or impending doom is way smaller, but I don't feel confident at all in what my body can or cannot handle at this time. I would really like an episode on it and if anyone has some light on that topic, I'm listening.