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Found 13 results

  1. 00:00 CP AND DREAMS. After doing lots of CP and partswork, I notice that my dreamworld changes dramatically. Is it because my internal parts unite and therefore different perspectives blend together? 00:34 ANXIETY. I am struggling with intense anxiety, panic and obsessive thoughts. However, I cannot bring myself to do CP or shadow work relative to this anxiety, because I am so afraid of completely losing control if I attempt surrender. 01:38 MONEY. What is money a mirror of? There's a lack of money in my life right now and I'd like to understand why. 05:15 COOSING A MEDICAL SOLUTION. My doctor suggests I look into testosterone replacement therapy. I really struggle with insomnia, which depletes testosterone. I struggle to do all the lifestyle things that naturally replentish testosterone due to the sleep deprivation. Vicious cycle. Is it time for a medical solution? 07:09 VIDEO GAMES. How do I tell the difference between genuine joy of playing video games or using them to escape my reality? 11:05 CHANNELING VS PROJECTION. I recently tried to channel my partner's pain (chronic body pain). It went too well, I experienced being a child and being sexually molested. My partner does not recognize this situation happening to him. This is the first time I try this, could I have been channeling my own pain, instead of his? 13:25 RIGHT VS WRONG DECISION. How do you differentiate between making a right and wrong decision? Especially in business. Does it always have to feel good for you to know it’s a right move? 16:43 Teal's story of her in kindergarden. 19:03 PHYSICAL AILMENTS. What is the collective group vibration? 20:28 WHEN IS BREAKING UP RIGHT. My boyfriend and I decided to break up last night. We were incompatible and growing in completely different directions for over a year, but it still really hurts. My question is, how can I know it was the right decision? 23:30 ACUPUNCTURE. Does acupuncture therapy and yoga help in healing or does it suppress the trauma?; Could you explain about acupuncture in healing emotional wounds? 29:40 NOT ABLE TO GET SEX. I have such an intense desire for sex (and a romantic relationship) but I am running dry and can't manifest ANYTHING good. If I can't have love, can't I at least get great sex, please? 32:26 INVOLUNTARILY CELIBATE. I'm living as an Incel (involuntarily celibate) which is the complete opposite of the life I want too live, the result is I feel dangerous to others and myself because of the immense feeling of pain. How do I stop this cycle?; I feel as if I am living my life as a Involunterary celibate, I struggle to find a woman, I'm emotionally starving. I also have an addicition to pornography that covers up my pain as I stay inside all the time instead of finding people. What should I do? 39:52 EGO WANTS TO BE GOOD. How do we let go of ego's control of being good, therefore deny ourself and our emotions and not act upon them? how do i change the constant selfcontrol pressure and be free? 41:20 INCOMPATIBILITY. If this world is a mirror, then why is incompatibility with people an issue? Does that mean I am incompatible with myself, or within me there is an aspect that is incompatible with who I am? 46:26 PUSH AND PULL IN RELATIONSHIPS. I found someone compatible to me and I was so happy, until this really strong split inside me came up that's so hurt and wants to push him away. I am sure this pain isn't about him or something he did, but it is so strong it makes me see him as a threat, i don't want to breakup, what do i do? 47:57 ECZEMA. I can't manage to heal eczema despite of eating mainly organic food (i was born asthmatic) , can you spot adequate remedies in my specific case? 51:45 UNCONDITIONAL PRESENCE VS BOUNDARIES. I find it very difficult as a CPCP to practice unconditional love/acceptance consistently when working with a friend who is consciously choosing to stay stuck in an abusive situation, and I've gave it to her straight about her enabling the abuse upon her children to continue all for the sake of hiding behind her fears and low self-worth since no one else dared to speak up. She is taking steps for herself, a severe codependent, and to be honest she knows it all deep inside and has confessed that. And most importantly she has children which really hurts me because I can see the trauma growing bigger and bigger around them whenever we meet. I have put a physical distance in order to not continue to make her feel like she is a bad parent and to honor my boundaries. But because we are close friends, I struggle to find a 'balance' between unconditionally being present with her pain and advocating for her to get out of abuse. I am patient and grateful that she is taking baby baby steps for herself like expressing her true feelings towards her partner, but sometimes I am annoyed and powerless that it is so slow moving. How do you deal with this? 56:25 I HATE MY MOTHER. Why can’t I stop hating my mother? I feel like I have healed a lot if wounds that are caused by her, but when I am with her I am in a state of resistance and I keep thinking hateful thoughts. She triggers me like all the time. I want to move on but I feel stuck. 1:26:40 Wrap up and announcements.
  2. Teal on how soul retrieval is one of the key components of being able to heal.
  3. Ego Warrior

    Unconditional Presence

    Teal explains in this excerpt from the current CP training why exactly unconditional presence is so healing.
  4. ❤Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!❤ ?Happy holidays everyone!!!? ?LOVE & LIGHT TO ALL!? P.S. Same tree. Third year in a row. And still going. P.P.S. Spot the difference.
  5. Teal on time - how does it affect your mind, body and how does the Completion Process affect all of that?
  6. Hi all I'm Tomass Hi Tealers! My name is Tomass! My spiritual history began with the suffering I experienced within my family (emotional abuse, being the only child in a very unconscious & poor family, co-dependent relationships between mother, father and me, domestic violence, etc.) and at school. In my teens, I begin a mild form of interest in buddhism and meditation. I was very dissociated and daydreaming as a coping mechanism back then, but through different means, spirituality and philosophy came back again in again in my life. I want to name Eckhart Tolle and Yuttadhammo Bhikkhu as some very important early influences. Eckhart, being an authentic proof of the reality of spiritual enlightenment, with his relaxed ego-dissolved-transcendent state, was a heavy strike for me and the friends of mine who read "The Power of Now". Eckhart will be remembered as one of the most important spiritual legends of our time, reminding and catalyzing the ever-present stillness in millions of people on earth. Yuttadhammo Bhikkhu is a canadian-born Theravada buddhist monk who lived for many years in Thailand under the supervision and teaching of his master Ajaan Tong Sirimangolo (who himself is fully enlightened and was visited by the Dalai Lama). Yuttadhammo's Youtube videos spoke to me, he is young and yet profoundly dedicated to meditation and the understanding and teaching auf authentic buddhism. Funny enough, while he also can be strikt at times, even as a monk, he still was open to do Youtube videos on topics like mastrubation ^^ (he is from my POV too much on the side of staying away from the world, which Teal would call spiritual bypassing...). Years upon years I found myself practicing (for instance meditation), and then again doubting if enlightenment is truly possible and how much practice and/or suffering it would take to "reach" it. I even thought during these days if I should quit my normal life and become a monk. I was not successful, my studies of mathematics took very long (due also to ongoing fights and struggles with my family, financial issues, etc.). Another turning point came when I found Adyashanti (in a book store) and german spiritually enlightened teacher Anssi Antila. These people showed me that my fear that basically only Eckhart Tolle, a few hardcore monks etc. were the only living enlightened teachers, was WRONG. In fact, there are fortunately many enlightened teachers nowaday. Every zenmaster who offers Dokusan has at least stream entry /Sotapanna level. The satsang/ neo-advaita people have it mostly as well. Of course, there are deluded idiots and frauds, like everywhere in life. Basically, the short biography is: Born in latvia, traumatized in poor and deluded, although "trying" soviet family, came to Berlin during the "golden nineties"( which I retrospect romantize), never fit in, deeply deeply within me, saw my , burdened it through domestic violence and deep suffering through fights of mom & dad. lived quite daydreaming for at least until I was 23, studied math for 4 years without a degree... mom sad and mad like hell when i switched studies. Did communications at the University of Arts. Learned a lot, enjoyed a lot... was in class with deeply ego-identified people... know my own resistance against that know to be my own "responsibility", finished it. Got in a nine to five in sales at a startup. Ah sorry I'm a bad storyteller.... the spiritual key events were reading Eckhart Tolle's work... plus meditating more myself. wanting to be enlightened... confused if it's possible for me... the universe brought me to Marianne Wachs. Crazy-ass Dark Night of the Soul one and a half years ago. damnnn... almost went crazy. .... last october.... reached stream entry. in between there, I found Teal, crazy crazy crazy that the stuff she is talking about, especially self-love, is so burdended and unavailable almost everywhere else in society. I was so lucky to be accepted by Teal this April to become a Certified Completion Process Practitioner. <3 Thanks again! And thank the universe I could help already many people with this on a profound level. Now, I start to become a more and more available and successful spiritual teacher & healer. I will give webinars, hold events, wrote an ebook, many things will come... my struggle now is that I want tomove away from 9 to 5 ASAP. I want to help people through spirituality, meditation, satsang, creativity webinars... ahhh sooomany things... the question for me now is how I best go about really making a living from spirituality alone... So this is my main mission and I want people to really receivervalue from what I offer... !!! I'm a distorted picses, so bare with me <3
  7. Don't fear revenge fantasies - my experience! Hi there! A few weeks ago I purchased the Master class edition of CP Q&A- livestream, as Teal calls it. There one question caught my attention, about revenge fantasies and how the person asking of it did not allow themselves to do it. You can watch the last 15 or so minutes of the webinar to see her full explanation, but in a nutshell: many having revenge fantasies do not allow anger in themselves but instead expect themselves to be able to jump from powerlessness state up to hope and joy, but one cannot actually do that. That blew my mind as I listened to it - it makes sense! So, for anyone struggling with the idea, I shall share my CP session (the essential parts of it) that made that kind of revenge fantasies futile and they ceased to exist. So, I have had reoccurring revenge fantasies towards my ex, while that is the last thing I would want to do consciously. But nothing made it go away. So, I took the bull by its horns and triggered myself to have the emotion... Of utter powerlessness. The memory did not surface, but instead I visualized my inner child and my ex in a dark room, along with my 'current' self. I gave my child self a gun and let her loose on my ex. I think she shot around hundred rounds, straight onto my ex and made her suffer without letting her to die until she felt relieved. At every shot, she stared right into my ex, so did I. Even then, she wanted to watch the world burn, the room in this case. So, I let her to set the whole universe in FIRE and kicked her corpse. Then we sat there for quite some time, while I started to have those integration pains in the back of my brain in my physical body. Then she felt truly relieved and wanted to revive my ex, and so that happened. She left all the bullets and the ashy room there and my guardian took ex away. Then, the Safe Haven... I don't need to think how the child wants it to be, it always changes when a new aspect of me integrates. Her castle was a full-on gothic dream with the servant's clothes all gothic, and the place had black roses and icy roses. Very, very beautiful and gracefully dark! Our clothes changed from normal to full gothic, as well... The interesting part of that was how the pain in my brain and skull was present the whole latter part of the process, it moved from back to the middle and back. I stayed with that pain for 10-20 minutes or so and then returned to the present moment veeery gradually. The pain was very, very different from what I have experienced this far ANYWHERE, but yeah. Very intense, but I did not resist it in any way. I think it was literally rewiring of my neural network, the synapses making new connections and replacing old ones. That was confirmed by my guardian.. The tranquil feeling I had afterwards was just amazing. So yeah, don't be afraid of your anger - it is necessary!
  8. Good&Evil. Integration. Unity manifestation. Demons/Angels or not we all see our fears differently. I am creating this space for us to post anything that represents either sides. Maybe something that we've been postponing to face. Writing is a form of manifestation. So when you write/post you are facing it. All is left is to recognize it as a part of you because it is coming through You. Whatever it is use your best weapon - Love. Shower that part of you with Love and watch/feel how something changes within you. Share it here! Use any necessary materials (links, books, movies , songs etc.) to help express yourself. Add a story /experience so we can see your progress! Encourage each other to help your creativity flow! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
  9. Terrified. Hi, i don't think i can explain myself, don't really know where to start so in trying to come up with a simplified explanation to post, "terrified" is the truest thing i can find to start from. i have a few questions about the completion process / living in general on relation to this terror. i found Teal's video on what to do when feeling suicidal one day and (when i can find space between destruction, denial, and desperate attempts to cope less destructive lying with life) ive watched a few more trying to find some way forward from my self built hell. Trying to keep a long story short, all of the advice in the videos and the completion process seem to rely on being able to face your feelings. My inability /unwillingness to face my feelings is exactly what is ruining my life. (i am ruining my life, that is a big how). It is beyond pathetic and in general i feel like a monster who needs to be gotten rid of for being this disgusting and weak, but i am terrified of myself, of my feelings, of reality and im afraid that means im completely hopeless. That is where the FIRST QUESTION comes in. i wish i could explain in a word because no one will understand and no one has reason or time to read even if i could explain myself. im wondering why people "trust the process" as Teal says in one emotion based video? As in, i believe that truth and integrating all parts of yourself in this is the only way to live as a good person, free, im so grateful for Teal's voice hopefully nudging the importance of that truth into our world, but i don't at all trust my ability to do the right thing when faced with my emotions, when faced with reality. At worst, and for a lot of feelings, i fear it will lead me to the knowledge that i am not good enough, it will let me see how bad and wrong i am and how much hurt and badness i have caused and am causing by allowing this monster that i am to exist. Then i have to die. i have ruined my life by ignoring my feelings (starting 10years ago, after previously living by trying to uphold "truth goodness beauty", in psychiatric treatment for an eating disorder the denial started, where recovery=ignoring negative feelings and thoughts and lying to yourself ) and now i spend all my time running from the horrible truth in order to survive. i see other people live, alive, feeling, growing and it amazes me, the beauty and strength in people literally amazes me. If i feel my feelings and see reality the only thing i'll see is that i should be dead. i know other people might use that realisation to transform into a better person who deserves to live but i don't do that so facing reality is essentially suicide to me. Is the entire process based on the assumption that a person is strong and good enough to be able to handle and transform the feelings and truths they are working with? That if they go into a feeling they will survive it? Because i feel 100% incapable of that growth. THE SECOND QUESTION : i have no job or income and in desperation was thinking of trying the completion process by myself (depending on the answer to my first question on feelings) but my parents offered me the last of my mother's money for her hip surgery for reduced cost counselling (75euro altogether) and i was wondering if it would be worth using that for a private session with Teal instead? As in would one session be enough for real change, especially considering that my issues are probably complex and up against much resistance because of how weak and pathetic i am? And finally if it would be worth it, how do i contact Teal about a session? If i think about anything clearly it all says die. Don't post pathetic questions to strangers, don't pretend you can get better, stop holding off the inevitable and fighting the violent hate, just kill yourself already. But the part of me that realises how beautiful and wonderful and amazing life is, how lucky i am to have the parents, partner and life i have, how they deserve better, the part that really does love my partner and my family and would love to be a strong, giving, loving, capable person who is GOOD for all that she loves is the one writing this shit and still looking for a way forward even though it all feels wrong and hopeless. Thank you if you took the time to read this. X x
  10. I can not connect with my emotions Hello, I did therapy for many years to heal problems of my childhood. I cry whenever I want, but I still have a problem in relating to people. I know why that is, I know all my childhood memories and my traumas. Now the problem is that when I try to do the completion process I can not connect with the emotions to heal them. I guess I cried too much during my years of therapy or I have a defense mechanism in which I disassociated myself from the trauma. Can I follow the process yet without feeling a deep emotion in this case? (Sorry for my inglish.)
  11. Pattern of Life Hello everybody I have a question about your experience with the completion process and shadow work. How life changes after the process? Is it like all the patterns and behavior of the people towards you change or nothing changes in life but how you respond and how dominant you see the things change? Which one is it? I am trying cp for a while but nothing seems to change and I kind of feel worse time to time. I know that being a vibrational match to a different occasion means the patterns change. But can there be another explanation like the latter one I proposed? I would appreciate any answer @Amazawa, @Stephanie Wintermute, @Garnet, @AbsoluteWave, @lightworker, @nuia and any other member who may like to give an answer
  12. I have a bit of a question. I have trouble with my CP. I can get to the feeling (most recent memory), but once I go into the memory I keep on losing myself. A lot of it has to do with some kind of a block that I have, that can pull me out of the current emotion. This used to be defence strategy, because of our weird household, I'd have to make myself seem emotionless. Right now it feels like a handicap. Does anyone have experience with that particular defence mechanism, and how should I go about disabling it. Also, there's this feeling like there's something big underneath. Like my whole body is reacting. But then it vanishes, and I'm back at square one. This isn't the first time I've tried. I've tried integrating this part before, but I can't do it. The main feeling has something to do with: "The world is unsafe.". And all of the reactions I keep having are reactions to the dialog I'm having with this aspect. This is also the first time, where I'm not getting anything visual. There's a feeling, but it keeps vanishing. I'm not really sure I can get to the experience part. Or maybe the experience part that I have is just the feeling. It's kind of difficult to move forward. It's getting a bit frustrating. Can anyone make any suggestions? Is my attitude maybe not right?
  13. Hello everyone out there, I don't know what to do, and I now call out for help I have been doing the CP for about a year on myself, by myself, and so much memories come up from the trauma I experienced during 6 years in school. All those memories put me in a state of so much anxiety that I feel sick, and my overall anxiety has increased tremendously. I even feel I will have to increase my antidepression medicine due to these strong emotions I go through. I wake up during the night and my heart rate is so fast and the anxiety level is so high that I can't go back to sleep. I go into the emotion as we have learned but the anxiety doesn't stop. What should I do? I feel hopeless. I really had hope that the CP would make me be able to reduce my antidep. meds but now I am really doubting. Thank you for suggestions.