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Found 38 results

  1. Creating Teal Tribe meetups in major cities so we can connect with each other! :) Hi everyone! I tune in to Teal all the time, but I realize that a lot of my motivation (and obsession) is stemming from wanting to make authentic, deep connections with like-minded people. TealTribe is the only place I've yet found where this. For those of us that are excited and ready to MAKE IT HAPPEN, let's create meetup groups in major cities where people in nearby cities, states, etc can come. I would love to create a meetup in Asheville, North Caroline, or Nashville, TN, since I live in TN. I would also be willing to travel to Atlanta, GA, or Memphis, TN. If you want to create one list a major city/town near you that you are willing to travel to in order to create a focal point of connection. Let's make this a thread for us to find/create nearby Teal Tribe groups.
  2. Soul Merging?? I've had this feeling with two almost three people. The first one our (college) class was on a tour and he was standing behind me. I started feeling like I liked his energy and I guess I kinda slipped into it and it felt like I was one with him. All my anxiety went away, I felt completely safe, comfortable. For a while after whenever he would stand closeish the feeling would come back. The second was my boss, were just on break talking and I've gotten close to that feeling before with him. All the sudden it happened, same feeling, like we were on the same wavelength. Now it's almost happened with another guy and I still have no idea what this is but I love it. I've heard about soul merging with twin flames... The first one was completely suprising, we were just acquaintances. Has anyone else experienced this or something like it? I haven't found much online about it and I really want to know if anyone else is feeling this or has any idea what might be going on!
  3. What type of a community does Teal have and what's her vision for the future of communities and tribes?
  4. Teal Swan is a Transformational Revolutionary! In this incredible interview she talks about her new book 'The Anatomy of Loneliness' with the Three Pillars of Separation, Shame and Fear, and her revolutionary Connection Process!! Please like and subscribe to my channel to get more filmed videos of inspirational people and yogini secrets every week.
  5. Making TT FRIENDSHIPS This thread is for those of us who sincerely want to create connections with other TT members and establish lasting and deep friendship. It is so important to find people we can call, text; visit. People who receive our bids for connection and who desire the connection with us enough to initiate conversations in return. There seems to be a lot of blocks towards TT members taking more action to establish networks with each other. People talk about it but we need to stop isolating away in our own pain and take action to actually. make. the connections. with each other. I spent the past night and this morning feeling completely alone. Realizing how desperate I feel for connection with friends. Not romance, not casual interactions, and especially no more "just talking" about it. ACTUALLY DOING IT. I text friends every day, but I have come to a place where I realize I am doing the majority of the initiating. I desire a friend with whom i can truly connect and who initiates with me as much as I initiate with them. Let's find each other! And initiate those connections we seek! here is a thread for you to find each other expressly for the intention of connecting.
  6. How to connect when you keep meeting people who don't want to Hello Teal, hello everyone, I am starting this topic because I am hoping you can help me find an answer to something I have been struggling to understand for quite some time. All my romantic relationships until now have been with people, who were not able to connect or to have a sense of belonging with me. They were not bad people, on the contrary, and I think all of them loved me in their own way. However, all of them were not capable to experience connection (I don't know if only with me or in general) and a sense of belonging to the relationship, they were not able to provide any support and usually how it always finished is that in a moment I needed them they all abandoned me. I believe I am highly empathetic and Teal's processes and teachings have helped me to start understanding deeply our nature, accept it and connect to people. And I am happy to say that I experience connection with people in other contexts (friendships, even professional relations). However, when it comes to romantic love it seems that I always attract people who are not capable to feel or to connect. I believe I have always been there for them when they needed me and always gave them love (they say it too), but they can not do the same for me. So I just don't understand why do I attract always lovers like this? Even if you want to connect with someone, it is not possible if they don't want to engage in the process. I thought it's because there is an aspect of me that needs attention- maybe a lack of a supporting, caring male figure in my childhood - so I did the internal work to reconcile with this aspect of myself and I believe I feel balanced now. However, I still keep meeting only men who can't offer belonging and I just don't understand why. It is important for me to know what is it that makes me manifest this relationships, but I feel I am stuck in my analysis. What could be the reason? What do I need to pay attention to? I will be more than happy to hear your thoughts and/or similar experiences. In advance, thank you all for your support.
  7. HELP! How do I contact my Higher Self? I'm having an incredibly difficult time with my childhood abandonment wounds and rejection. I am obsessed with my pain, the wound is making itself known for the sake of integration. Shadow work has taken a toll on my stress level. I've read the completion process and repeated reading several parts, every single day I watch Teal Swan videos on my issues, I listen to hypnosis and meditation during my sleep almost every single night, I keep a journal of how I'm feeling, I try to drill self beneficial affirmations into my psyche every single day with repetition, I've faced what role I played in my issue. I need help. I'm not suicidal, I need my guides, I need my Higher Self, but my vibration is unusually low. Im obsessed with trying to get away from this pain! I need clarity, I need to understand what is going on! I wonder if I need to take on a vegan diet in order to contact them? I had a Spiritual Awakening in 2011 and my diet was terrible, so maybe not? I need help! I'm begging the heavens to give me guidance because I don't know what to do --- except shadow work! I need my Higher Self to give me some hope that things will get better, that Im doing all the right things! I need HELP! I don't know how to contact! Can I contact my guides from a low vibration? I feel like a Heart Broken Vegetable
  8. Teal's web page: Teal's Meditations: Teal's e shop: Subscribe to Weekly Podcast of Tea Time With Teal here: At some level, we all want to connect with other people. But just because we want to connect with someone, doesn’t mean that we automatically know how to do that. In this episode, Teal teaches us how to transcend the separation inherent in our physical plane and bridge the gap between ourselves and other people. Kuan Yin's Mantra (c) 2002 Lisa Thiel - used by permission Help us caption & translate this video!
  9. Alenn


    Sweden Hello I live in uppsala, Sweden and it would be really cool if I could connect with some of you who might be around
  10. Processes Hi, I want to start doing emotional processes like the CP with other ppl. I have been into spirituality for years now, but I find that I expand faster and understand more when other ppl do processes with me. If anyone is interested in having an emotional process buddy to do processes on themselves sent me a personal message please. ? p.s. the processes will most likely happen on the internet.
  11. Looking for People to Connect with If you are a Tealer and an avid Osho reader, if you love color as much as the absent of it. If you want to chat daily, whether is ranting or sharing a piece of music or a beautiful image you saw on pinterest. If you don't care about distance but if given the opportunity you'd like a meeting to take place. If you wish to talk about your interests or miseries. If you're a Lostie and have trouble finding another Lostie. If by any chance you're into choirs and are able to appreciate the beauty of religion and it's gifts to the world in the arts. If despite all people do and are capable of doing you can see beyond that darkness and don't condemn such darkness. If you know the world is fucked up and at the same time a breathing paradise. If you wish to live the mystery of life and share with fellow humans your realizations, glimpses and thoughts. If you resonate with this post, please don't give it another thought and message me, i'll be around and respond to you. Thank you for reading Edit: Do message me through gmail,
  12. Processes Hi, I want to start doing emotional processes like the CP with other ppl. I have been into spirituality for years now, but I find that I expand faster and understand more when other ppl do processes with me. If anyone is interested in having an emotional process buddy to do processes on themselves sent me a personal message please. ? p.s. the processes will most likely happen on the internet.
  13. Kim


    ASMR At this point, I'm sure we've all heard about ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) but for those unfamiliar with it wikipedia describes it as "a tingly experience characterized by a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine, precipitating relaxation." Anyway. I've been into asmr videos since 2012/2013. Randomly happened upon it & found it quite interesting. I've realised I like them, somewhat because of the tingles, mostly because of the sense of intimacy & connection I get from it. Might sound sad but there it is. I don't really have much intimacy/connecting in my life at the moment (I haven't been allowing it)... so I guess I get my fix from these videos. Do any of you enjoy asmr videos? If so, which of the youtube content creators are your favs? What are your triggers & reasons for watching? Just curious.
  14. "Connection Games" a growing authentic community Last New Year’s Eve was a life change event in my life, I attended teal tribe gathering in Prague, for the first time in my life I felt the real authentic love and deep connection, before that I was a broken piece of human trying to understand life and find a meaning of my own life. To make the story short, I practiced emotional healing and a shadow work the techniques that teal teaches helped me immensely ! And since then It has became my passion to share what changed my life with friends and other people around me I started to organize teal tribe gathering in Berlin, and it was amazing to see friends coming from all Europe to connect. Never less I felt there is something missing, what's missing is that many people from the outside teal tribe need this healing, need it more than we think. And that was the beginning of Connection Games, I started organizing a spiritual gathering where we do shadow work, emotional healing and authentic connection and eat Vegan food, not exclusive for people who fellow teal, and we had amazing gathering we had now 7 gathering 6 of them in Berlin and one in the rainbow gathering in Italy People come as stranger and leave as old friends many comes again and again the level of deepness and love they feel it tcuh them and change them every time We still have our teal tribe gathering when there is an online workshop from teal and I'm so happy to have new people with us This what i feel the world needs and I'm happy to fulfil my life purpose and desires by creating the save space for people to connect If you feel like joining us, feel free to contact me any time, i'm not often here at the form but you can reach my by FB And here i leave some photo for you <3
  15. HATE alcohol Hi everyone, I hate alcohol - both the taste of it and the feeling after it. Yet, it seems to be the only way people are able to have fun together and open up to each other. Any social life revolves around drinking and it makes it hard for me to meet with others. I've always felt out of place at parties, or among friends in general because of it and was forced to fit in. Is there anybody who feels the same way?? I think there are more such people, but they rarely admit to their preference and hide. So please, come out of the closet.
  16. Becoming my own therapist? How can I become my own therapist (because I cannot afford a live one) so I can do the Internal Work that I need to do? I want to live in harmony with the 2 6-word slogans I use; There Is Nothing Wrong With You and Speak Boldly, Live Passionately, Love Fearlessly Thank you.
  17. Isolation trauma and how to connect with others again? I know this is a pretty common trauma, and Teal has done quite a few videos about connecting with others... but do you guys think that having a more in depth video about isolation specifically (be that withdrawal as a coping mechanism, or the idea of childhood abandonment in general) would be helpful? Isolation is something I've also been struggling with. I'm not at all against visualizations or using tools to feel open or trusting with others again which I've seen mentioned in her teachings, but for those of you who also struggle with this know that we can get into a place where we are almost like a high security prison on lockdown. Visualizations can feel surface and pretentious to the mind who has lived this way so long. I've also noticed that a common message is getting down the root of why we don't fully trust others, and using the completion process. Of course this is absolutely important, but the ironic thing is that the completion process is something self-focused (focused on integrating trauma), when the cure for isolation is true intimacy and connection. Also, once we know that root, does anyone else find that it's difficult to find ways to meet that need for connection in your day to day life? After all, if you're seeking to develop better connection with others, it involves other people, their time and schedules. In a way, you're also kind of asking for their energy and giving them energy too, since you want them to connect with you, and you want to connect with them. I've asked myself "What would a person who loved themselves do?" and often draw a complete blank because (again, it's too ironic) it's not what my mind wants anymore. It doesn't want to do stuff alone, but hasn't really experienced a ton of deep connection. This aspect of me wants someone to love me... and help them not feel alone, but I have no idea how to go about helping that. Sometimes I receive answers to that question, and I take a certain course of action that is meant to help with intimacy and connection, but despite that, I often feel like an island of my own even within the presence of people I love and care about. Anyway... this isn't just about me hahaha... I'm wondering if you guys have experienced something similar, and if this topic of discussion would be helpful? I don't know... the way I'm wording this, it sounds like all the questions that have been answered before. But it's something else... that sort of isolation. It's really hard to explain. It's beyond loneliness. This probably sounds really confusing haha... sorry. (One of the effects of isolation is misunderstanding because your mental and emotional reality feels so far from other's. Thus, you end up wording things or talking in ways that cause further confusion and separation.) I'm trying to explain this feeling of horrific isolation in words, and basically just wondering how we can help ourselves and others through it. I like to write articles and blog posts too, and I'm posting one soon on hyper-responsibility and it's relationship with isolation. But... when I thought about how to help that relationship dynamic, I could only find a few things to write for solutions. It's like I understand what's happening, but my ideas for solutions are limited. Thoughts?
  18. Sharing crush story/childhood trauma Hello everyone, I am 23 yrs old (to give you an idea) and I've been having a crush on a guy since almost 2 Years now. I had a boyfriend in between, but I realise I'm not done with the crush, he still appears in dream time feeling like I want/need him but powerless to "have" him, or feeling like it's not okay to try to get his attention... At the beginning I told myself "forget about him Silly girl, he doesn't want you anyway!", but after discovering Teal and getting more in touch with my emotions, I understand that all of the painful emotions I feel about this guy actually come from childhood trauma and are not to be invalidated/rejected... I have nom conscious memory of such a trauma but I Know my dad wasn't very present in my early childhood (before age 8/10...), half of the year he wasn't home because of the job he did at the time as my mom told me. But I don't remember it. I haven't done the completion process on the grief & powerlessness I feel when triggered about him, for now I've been learning to feel those emotions more lately. But also sometimes I doubt whether I'm really feeling those emotions or I'm in my mind... I've never let myself talk about the pain to anyone, scared to show my vulnerability (like I Never cry in front of people for example), So I just wanted to share it here on the forum. Baby step to taking more care of the child self! If you relate to this/have healed childhood trauma around daddy issues, please share
  19. Connection Hello Everyone! I've created this account a while ago but I've just newly realized how starved I was for connection. I have a lot of people in my life that I love very much. But none of them are aware and can create a connection with me that I can feel. A connection with someone who is aware where I can feel their pain and they can feel mine. I have to warn you though, I use to be very scared of connection and of love. Now, I have integrated most of that but there is still residue. I'm willing to go all in. Comment here or message me if you want a real connection, someone to listen to your struggles, be with your pain and not try to fix you. Because you are incredible just the way you are. Xxx
  20. Twin Cities Tribe Meet-Up Hello everyone! I am looking to gather tribe members in the Twin Cities area! If you are a tribe member in the Twin Cities area please message me or reply to this thread! I want to bring us all together for a meet-up to get to know each other better! <3 -Chelsea Lynn
  21. Minnesota Tribe! Hello everyone! I am looking to find some other tribe peeps in Minnesota! I'm in the Twin Cities area. Message me or reply to this if you are in Minnesnowta !! <3 -Chelsea Lynn 0
  22. the HUT is back in the village I am very happy to announce the re-opening of THE HUT in the new world. Just like in the old tribe, if you follow the fireflies path through the forest, you find the wooden bridge that takes you to it. and just as some of you might remember, the hut is like the tardis: bigger on the inside. and is magic, responding to your wishes. the interior mimics the mood of the guests. it's magic works like this: while you go through the entry's harmonizing space , what you envision you'll find past that door, that's what you'll get. THE HUT is a place of gathering, chilling, sharing, opening, whatever you want it to be. The HUT is meant to bring the glue back into the tribe. To bring the disconnected bits into one place. So...when the village seems slow, when nobody is talking and everyone is waiting for something to move...if the topics' life span is short and they soon fall in the pit of the forgotten topics....if one has nothing to ask and nothing to answer, but they'd like to can always come to the hut and find a good vibe and friends. As long as we'll all keep THE HUT active and on the front page, we'll all have a place to gather, anytime. It's up to us. If you can think up games that can be played in the hut, bring them on. tarot readers, story tellers, music players, oracles, hugers, listeners, lend your talents to the hut. we are awesome. let's focus on us. hugs
  23. That thing called love I was neglected as a child, so the only love I know is conditional love. How can I ask the universe for unconditional and healthy love from an other person? Would I recognise it if it was staring me in the face? I have been working on loving myself like that, but only recently started trying to invision being loved like that by someone else. It was harder than I expected.
  24. Intense Loneliness. Relationship absense. Okay, so right now as I go through this intense feeling of loneliness, whilst even typing this, I feel an intense urge to pull away. I need connection with people who are serve my expansion... I've had experiences over the past year especially, where I've expanded, and have had to leave people behind, and I can deal with that, but in becoming so emotionally aware of myself and others in regards to what doesn't serve me (and in many regards now, what does) I've basically isolated myself, as I've offered no real alternative. I was gonna leave true bond making until early next year at one of Teals workshops in the UK, but I then became conscious of the intense amount of pain in this bypassing. I want to integrate with you... I know my progression lies in connection. In terms of relationships... I know I'm an attractive guy, and during childhood, I had shit petty relationships, thinking it was what was expected of me so they must be "good". Well, In high school then, I suffered a lot with rejection. I was attractive, but always a "weirdo" in terms of my unique personality. I eventually ended up convincing myself I was Asexual. Jesus Christ, ouch. Up until this year, I hadn't summed up sexuality and connection very well. I eventually admitted to myself that I was in fact bisexual. However, I have 0 experience with either sex, but am leaning more towards guys at this moment in time. I just don't feel like I have anyone as conscious as myself to talk to, and NEED to meet some Tealers. Through Skype would be awesome, In real life would be even better. (I've also moved into my friends house, but he sort of "evidence, little self belief" - bypasses things, and I really don't wanna move back in with my parents, though I have to for Xmas as my friends sister is coming down from Hong Kong. Argh...... I feel so alone right now. If someone has had the time to read all this and is trying to understand how I feel, thank fuck you exist <3