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About Me

What Community Would You Like To Host?

Found 27 results

  1. GabijaCij

    What type of a community does Teal have and what's her vision for the future of communities and tribes?
  2. universoul

    Making TT FRIENDSHIPS This thread is for those of us who sincerely want to create connections with other TT members and establish lasting and deep friendship. It is so important to find people we can call, text; visit. People who receive our bids for connection and who desire the connection with us enough to initiate conversations in return. There seems to be a lot of blocks towards TT members taking more action to establish networks with each other. People talk about it but we need to stop isolating away in our own pain and take action to actually. make. the connections. with each other. I spent the past night and this morning feeling completely alone. Realizing how desperate I feel for connection with friends. Not romance, not casual interactions, and especially no more "just talking" about it. ACTUALLY DOING IT. I text friends every day, but I have come to a place where I realize I am doing the majority of the initiating. I desire a friend with whom i can truly connect and who initiates with me as much as I initiate with them. Let's find each other! And initiate those connections we seek! here is a thread for you to find each other expressly for the intention of connecting.
  3. I'd like to start a Conscious Community household here on the coast of South Florida. More specifically the Hallandale/Hollywood area East of 95, which is about 35 min north of Miami if the traffic is flowing. Personally, I'm an art teacher/artist who really enjoys meditation, yoga, and clean eating and living. Ideally, I'd like roommates interested in similar activities--but if you appreciate Teal we probably have a lot in common. I currently eat organic and like to prepare meals at home, I'm interested in going Vegan but not there yet. If we could get enough stable housemates I'd love to grow an organic garden in the back yard! Technical Details: I don't have a house or home now, but have seen lots of cute ones available online. I'm looking to pay $1,000 or less in rent a month and would need housemates willing to pay around that. If you are interested in moving to this area or are in this area and interested in moving into a community living situation, please get in touch with me. I'm open to a house of 2-7 housemates. Due to lease issues I can move at the end of this July or probably 6 months later. I do have a cat, dog, and bird--the bird is a bit of a brat sometimes but the other two are docile. If you are interested in meeting up to practice some of Teal's techniques or to learn more about a potential community in the area please get in touch. My email is Here is a link of a 4 bedroom 3 bath house for under $2800 a month. --
  4. Seeking to join or cocreate an intentional community I am ready to invest seriously in joining or co-creating intentional community. The time for talking is over, the time for action is now.
  5. GabijaCij

    Teal's take on the internet - is it perpetuating disconnection or providing connection? Also - what is Teal calling the best decision she ever made?
  6. Community Meet-ups in my area Dear all, I would love to have some more meet-ups with other Tribers from the Netherlands & Belgium. I would love for people in my area to join up a couple of times a year, maybe every 2 or 3 months, whatever feels right! We could support each other, have fun and/or help each other by doing exercises together. I live in Utrecht. Who lives nearby? And who would want to join? Please share your interests If you'd like to join this invitation, please respond so that we can have some more awareness of the degree to which everyone needs this right now. Would love to hear from you guys! Mark
  7. Creating Teal Tribe meetups in major cities so we can connect with each other! :) Hi everyone! I tune in to Teal all the time, but I realize that a lot of my motivation (and obsession) is stemming from wanting to make authentic, deep connections with like-minded people. TealTribe is the only place I've yet found where this. For those of us that are excited and ready to MAKE IT HAPPEN, let's create meetup groups in major cities where people in nearby cities, states, etc can come. I would love to create a meetup in Asheville, North Caroline, or Nashville, TN, since I live in TN. I would also be willing to travel to Atlanta, GA, or Memphis, TN. If you want to create one list a major city/town near you that you are willing to travel to in order to create a focal point of connection. Let's make this a thread for us to find/create nearby Teal Tribe groups.
  8. GabijaCij

    Healing your mind and how to heal your mind lies in this exercise of presence and an inner journey work process relative to your mind specifically. Many people in the self help, spiritual and psychologist communities focus on presence but Teal Swan digs deeper into what this means and how to do it. Video References Oneness is not the ultimate truth of the universe: 0:36 Healing The Emotional Body: 2:24 What is Healing: 9:00 How to Feel Better (Feeling Signatures): 9:33 Teal Swan is an International Spiritual Leader. She offers perspective on a wide range of topics including relationships, anxiety, meditation, shadow work, authenticity, the law of attraction, The Completion Process, healing, PTSD, emotions and spirituality Website: For daily updates, monthly online Synchronization Workshops join Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: TEALCATALYST Newsletter: Completion Process Book: Teal's Meditations: Teal's e-shop: Beginning Song: Kuan Yin's Mantra (c) 2002 Lisa Thiel Help us caption & translate this video!
  9. Anyone in South London want to help me with my parts work?? Hi there, message me if you would like to have some help with your parts work. I'm kind of struggling doing it on my own I get distracted easily and lose focus, I feel it would be a lot better doing it with someone who's familiar with this work! I would of course help you with yours and it would be good to get to know people who are in the spiritual field and who are practising this stuff actually. I would love to get in touch, I live in South London UK let me know if you want to meet
  10. Single parenting without a village Hi everyone. Like a growing number of Americans, I am a single parent living in the dominant cultural paradigm of nuclear families living in boxes, sending kids to governmental institutions for education and limited health/mental care. I've devoted my career as an "alternative" healthcare practitioner to help kids and teens who need deeper connections and I'm seeing in my own journey and in my kids behavior (who are 6 and 8) that we deeply crave and need more authentic and integrity-based connections to others. Also, like many other single parents, we don't have any close family members or more than a few reliable friends who have the capacity to provide the emotional support for us. (though I feel we have a lot to offer). We've tried to build solid community in the last place we lived and though we live in a smaller town now, we still feel so alone in our life journey. Are we meant to evolve alone? Am I trying to hard for something that's not meant to be for us at this phase of our lives? Any guidance would be so comforting. Thank you.
  11. Greg21

    Los Angeles Community Hey People in Los Angeles, do you guys ever get together? Or is the Los Angeles Community not really doing anything? If not Id love to start getting to know people in the area. You guys can respond to this or message me personally and maybe we can get a real community going.
  12. Sarahstarrowland@hotmail.c

    I'm looking for Teal Swan enthusiast here in Hong Kong. Let's turn scattered individuals into a community. Let me know if your here.??
  13. NYC Teal Members Meet up- June 4th! Hello Dear fellow Members of the Teal Tribe! Warm weather days and the summer are right around the corner and i think it would be a perfect time to connect with the like minded spiritual oriented people and form a community! I would like to organize a meet up for those members of the Teal Tribe that are interested in meeting each other and hanging out! I'd like to plan a picnic style meet up in Prospect Park on Sunday, June 4th @ 2pm. For those of you who are interested in attending, please let me know and provide me with your email so i can send out all the details of the meeting place, etc. Look forward to connecting with like minded individuals and forming a community ! <3 Diana
  14. bluespirit

    Ecovillage Hello! With a friend we are organizing a road trip in europe, our project is to visit many ecovillages and then make a blog or a youtube channel to describe and make famous better ways to live close to nature and in better harmony. Is there anyone who would have heard of good ecovillages in europe ? Thanks for your help
  15. Siddy

    Codependency Hi Guys, Are there any co-dependents here I can connect with? Especially those in recovery? I know I am co-dependent but I have no idea how to start the recovery or healing process. I would also like to connect with others to talk about these issues. Would really appreciate any suggestions, whether it's books, videos or programs. Thanks!
  16. Intentional Living Community Experiences Hello everyone! Upon watching a few of Teal Swan's recent interviews, she has mentioned her hopes for Teal Tribe to create intentional living communities and to create an app or website in which a person would match up with the right comminuty based upon their unique skills, desires, spiritual views, and lifestyle. Would love to read your personal experiences, interest, or opinons on this alternative to the single-family household. Also, how could one prepare to join a community like this? Pros? Cons? Thank you!
  17. Saraswati

    Hello from Zürich! I am here and wondering who else is around wanting to connect:..
  18. Vesna

    Belgrade community is now ON! This community have a goal to gather people in Serbia who like to share their stories about personal spiritual, emotional, mental paths. This would be an open community for everyone who would like to work on thir own growth and to help other ,by motivating or inspiring, to do the same. This community will be all about support, motivation, connection, gathering, rising together and inspiration.
  19. Synchronization Workshop In Vegas April 2017 Hello friends I saw the synchronization workshop with Teal scheduled in April of 2017 in Vegas, I would like to go, but am not completely in love with the idea of going by myself. Just wondering if anyone from the tribe is going, and if you want to get to know each other so we have a base by the time we meet in Vegas! I am in a huge transition in my life, and so at this point I am sending out my intention to meet new friends, have and give support and share moments with other present souls Warmest regards, ~Katie Lee
  20. Fund my Costa Rica Trip Hey Would you fund my Costa Rica trip through my Generosity campaign: I am here until mid March. If you want me to explore areas for intentional community living and set up then I will be happy to do that. Any other way in which I can be of help while I am already here, to set the ground, do research, findout anything that we may need for a set up of an intentional community please tell me. I know I am asking you to invest money in me - I think thats great idea and I can assure you I am reliable so long that I have a mission to be of service to others or be a pioneer, which requires courage, which is actually my soul's lesson for this lifetime. Let's do this. <3
  21. Hello, For anybody in Manchester (...and those who are visiting), I have set up a group on that holds regular gatherings for those who wish to connect with other like-minded spirits. All are welcome here! Feel free to join the group to receive notifications of scheduled meetup dates : Come meet like-minded souls and create conscious community with others inspired by Teal's message!
  22. Where to begin? facebook adverts my attention, suggesting my friends and family are not who they appear to be, and to trust facebook to protect me from them. This is after facebook enforces rules saying DO NOT communicate on facebook with people facebook does not believe you know offline, or be banned from facebook. If you do NOT do what facebook tells you to, facebook will abruptly suspend all your communications, remove your comments and private msgs from view, and you will not be able to explain, link to communications outside of facebook (although everyone links TO facebook, facebook does NOT link to ANYONE else), nor will facebook offer any explanation or anything in your favor to explain your absense. "So what, who cares" arguments hold no water here, this effects society, a billion people or so. This is abuse. Let's not also forget facebook is run by a person with a fake name, Mark Zuckerberg, who demands we use our government names on his site. And Mark Zuckerberg, aka Jacob Rothschild, claims he wants to connect the world by ending our privacy standards while surrounding himself with bodyguards, helicopters, unknown technologies, access to weapons of mass destruction, pan-dimensional entities with no human moral obligations. This is reality, folks. Can't fit all of it in a TV screen. It's an adventure!
  23. Bonjour, je suis ici pour annoncer que je cherche réellement à agrandir cette communauté "new age" (à défaut d'autre terme) en France. Paris étant une plateforme multi-modale et la capitale, il est relativement facile de s'y rendre. Je voudrais rencontrer et intéragir avec des gens qui partage une même ouverture d'esprit, ce qui n'est pas encore trés répandue. Si vous cherchez un sujet de conversation, nous pouvons parler de : chakras, la loi de l'attraction (et toutes ses dérivés), ce qui nous chagrine, faire du shadow work, nos relations avec un partenaire/parents/amis..etc, les religions dites classiques....etc. Cela ne représente qu'une infime parti des possibilités qui sont disponibles. n'hésitez pas à venir bavarder, aprés tout, c'est pour cela que Teal a créer cette plateforme ;D Trés bonne journée
  24. CanadianGirl1991

    Hello! Just adding another city to the Ontario list If anyone else is from the area, please comment and introduce yourself! i will begin: I am 24. I was born and have continued to grow up in Hamilton. The farthest that I have lived on my own was Toronto. I studied media and film in college until I discovered my life purpose in 2012, that was to build a career to help people. I am now a recreational therapist and couldn't be happier with my choice. It has been terrifying to make a change and to continuously follow what I believe in, but I haven't stopped yet. I am looking to find like minded people! I enjoy being outside, self growth, spontaneous adventures, fitness, humour, all the animals, a lot of food (vegetarian style disguised as meat), good reads, learning everyday, motivation, inspirational people, and so much more! ..and go!
  25. Stephanie Wintermute

    Would anyone be game to have a weekly live chat on site to go to and just spill from our heart and soul spaces? We can all figure out a good time or day, or vote on it, maybe. I just noticed that there's a chat room option under the 'More' option on the Forum Page, and I think that'd be really fun for everyone. Maybe for like 30 minutes or so, to start? Or we could all pick topics weekly? Lemme know what you all think! I've included the rules I found while exploring the site. We may even want to YouNow or do a Google Hangout monthly. Who knows?