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Found 3 results

  1. After Vet recovery Hello Everyone! Has anyone's pet had kidney/bladder/UTI problems? We picked up our male cat from the Vet's clinic this morning where he had been since last Tuesday with "Blocked Tom" diagnosis which almost cost him his life. Luckily his strong immune system was able to handle the crisis and he avoided catherezation. While hospitalized he had to be on IV , valium, antibiotics and other bladder medications. One of the meds was suppose to help with bladder contractions but instead caused some weird side affects. The dose was reduced to a quarter. X-ray, blood work showed good results and no evidence of crystals. Our Sunshine was finally able to go home along with 2-bottle supply of antibiotics and Royal Canin S/O prescription food. They believe this food prevents the blockage from happening in the future. So, I am facing with a dilemma here where the cat is still weak and having difficulty going to the litter box (few drops at a time) and he refuses to touch fresh RAW food ("Instinct" from the frozen section that I've worked so hard to transition him to!). No, I am not about to go catch mice. I opened a can of wet food from the clinic and it doesn't even look like meat! There is pork by-product among ingredients. How sick. I am surprised they didn't stick bison in it. Well... it's been over 15 hours and the kitty hasn't touched it. He did nibble on premium dry food pieces but it is obviously not the best thing. This junk food is very addictive, has high % of fat which probably contributes to the blockage. Sunshine is about 16 pounds. Not overweight for a large frame cat... but can loose couple pounds. I am all about getting off drugs and "let the food be thy medicine". At the same time, I need to make changes accordingly with feline's constitution. Obviously, the lifestyle/diet he was on is what led to blockage and I understand that. Does anyone have an advice or similar experience with your animals on how to transition in this situation? Thank you in advance.
  2. In the summer of 2017, I decided to move in and stay with a friend for about 6 months. In the later part of summer, she had gotten two kittens that I had a huge hand in helping raise. She mostly works. I don't have a job; since I'm on disability, I stayed at her home (a trailer) and watched, fed, and played with her cats. I scooped the liter, vacuumed the carpet, cleaned the floors, did the dishes, and cleaned the bathroom. This "friend" of mine and I had a falling out recently and now I'm not allowed to even visit the cats again. To say that they mean a lot to me is an understatement. What I'm thinking will help me the most is to have some sort of comfort during this process. There isn't anything I can do about not being able to see these cats. This person has humiliated me and hurt me very deeply, many times. People are not a source of love or comfort in my life ─ animals are. Last night, I felt suicidal over this sense of loss. As I said, people aren't a source of love or comfort in my life, but animals are, and because I'm going through intense feelings of grief, the only thing I can think of doing is reaching out. If this needs to be said, I am definitely a cat-person. My mother has a dog that I'm absolutely not interested in. There are neighborhood cats that I have and do feed from time to time. It's not the same as having a cat cuddle with you and purr while sitting in your lap. There really is nothing that has ever made me feel that loved. I'm in a lot of pain. - On a positive note, I've attempted to make this transition easier for myself, on my own. There is a website where you can upload personal photos and put them on just about any item you can think of; my plans on are to put photos of these cats on sweatshirts and buy them for myself for Christmas. ♥ I have photos of the cats. Soon, I may make a "Goodbye" video of me in the cats in the cat room, right before I move out of the trailer. In the end, I'm not sure if all of this is going to make it hurt worse, or if its going to help me feel better because I won't have the nagging worry that I will forget about the parts of them that I love the most ─ that has upset me terribly. Thank you for reading.
  3. How do I know if I am unconditionally loving? Hi all, In a recent post I titled “Alternatives To The Law Of Attraction”, I wrote… ‘I try, as many do, to practice unconditional love. And I feel like I can do it with a fair amount of consistency in that I feel some connection with everyone and everything, and I truly love and appreciate myself as being a wonderful person, as I do "others”’. In that post, I state, “I would like to discuss alternatives to the law of attraction.” But I would also like to know, how an individual can know if they are unconditionally loving. I mean, I know that I have compassion for everyone, including those who don’t seem to feel the same towards me. I know that I strive to understand things from others point of view, and consider “other” to be an illusion. And I know that I genuinely like being me, in that there is no one else I’d rather be. But how does one know if they are unconditionally loving? For most of us that try to practice unconditional love, our ego is at least somewhat attached to success even in this non-ego based practice. But if we think we have succeeded before we truly have, then we run the risk of not pursuing it further, before we have actually attained what we were after. In this case, being unconditionally loving, an awakened state of mind. I have heard in Teal’s videos that our emotions are our compass. And I do feel happiness. I feel it even now as I face issues that I could view as very sad, or could be a source of anger or fear. Indeed, it seems the world is in a perpetual state of chaos in which no one is safe. We could all be wiped from the earth in nuclear war at any moment, or some personal threat, but somehow I feel perfectly safe having accepted the idea I am not my body, and death is an illusion, as is the idea of “others”. At least, much of the time I can do this. (I certainly have not gotten perfect at it.) Does this mean that I have reached the state of being unconditionally loving to myself and others? My ego likes to think so. But that aspect of me that seeks spiritual growth does not, for it wants to keep seeking. Hearing the thought, “You have arrived!” is not satisfactory to me, especially as I don’t feel like I’ve done anything that extraordinary, nor do I feel continual bliss. Life indeed still seems challenging, especially when sometimes despite your best efforts to be kind to everyone, someone still thinks negatively towards me, or something I did. Oh well, time to practice more unconditional love. But am I truly practicing unconditional love? I am aware of growth in myself, and I am thankful to Teal for being the catalyst for a lot of it. I resonate a lot with her teachings, and through the forum, do my best help others understand them. This I feel, as much as anything, is an act of unconditional love for I do not know who is reading what I wrote, only that I sincerely wish to be of help to them. So, again, how does one know if they are being unconditionally loving towards themselves and others? How would one know the difference between this, and simply being a compassionate person who genuinely likes themselves and sees themselves in others? Is there a difference? In Teal swans video on “Unconditional Love”, linked to below, she states that “If you are the one who controls how you feel by controlling what you focus on about another person, then your emotional state is no longer dependent on what that person does or does not do. Your love, which is positive focus towards them is not conditioned upon something that they are doing. This is the most important step when it comes to learning how to unconditionally love.” I’m aware that I’m not perfect at this, but I think I manage to do it most of the time. So is that it? Or what is the indication that there is a lot more to do? I see a lot of suffering in the world and think that must mean there is a lot of suffering in me too. That I have just not uncovered that part of me yet. Perhaps none of us are truly and completely unconditionally loving until everyone is, and that is certainly not the case yet. But how does one access those parts of themselves that are yet to be awakened then? Is it though finding more ways to be helpful to “others”? I used to be very attached to the idea of being a “good” person and doing “good” things. Now, not so much. I see good and bad, right and wrong, as just judgements that we use, all too often to create a sense of separation between us. My ego thinks that if I was truly unconditionally loving, I would spend my days working at a soup kitchen helping the poor. And indeed, that is the expression of unconditional love for some wonderful people. For me, my highest joy, is just being home with my cats, loving them like there was nothing more important for me to do in the world than that. Our four cats certainly seem to like that idea. :-) Unconditional Love (How to Love Unconditionally) - Teal Swan I wish everyone the best! - Aaron