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Found 2 results

  1. After Vet recovery Hello Everyone! Has anyone's pet had kidney/bladder/UTI problems? We picked up our male cat from the Vet's clinic this morning where he had been since last Tuesday with "Blocked Tom" diagnosis which almost cost him his life. Luckily his strong immune system was able to handle the crisis and he avoided catherezation. While hospitalized he had to be on IV , valium, antibiotics and other bladder medications. One of the meds was suppose to help with bladder contractions but instead caused some weird side affects. The dose was reduced to a quarter. X-ray, blood work showed good results and no evidence of crystals. Our Sunshine was finally able to go home along with 2-bottle supply of antibiotics and Royal Canin S/O prescription food. They believe this food prevents the blockage from happening in the future. So, I am facing with a dilemma here where the cat is still weak and having difficulty going to the litter box (few drops at a time) and he refuses to touch fresh RAW food ("Instinct" from the frozen section that I've worked so hard to transition him to!). No, I am not about to go catch mice. I opened a can of wet food from the clinic and it doesn't even look like meat! There is pork by-product among ingredients. How sick. I am surprised they didn't stick bison in it. Well... it's been over 15 hours and the kitty hasn't touched it. He did nibble on premium dry food pieces but it is obviously not the best thing. This junk food is very addictive, has high % of fat which probably contributes to the blockage. Sunshine is about 16 pounds. Not overweight for a large frame cat... but can loose couple pounds. I am all about getting off drugs and "let the food be thy medicine". At the same time, I need to make changes accordingly with feline's constitution. Obviously, the lifestyle/diet he was on is what led to blockage and I understand that. Does anyone have an advice or similar experience with your animals on how to transition in this situation? Thank you in advance.
  2. 2:18 FREEDOM VS COMMITMENT. My current priority is the freedom of personal choice and it has caused immense distance between me and one of my very special loved ones. I HATE hurting her, but it feels like I need to have choice and be able to do what I want. Should I continue? 4:11 HOW DO I KNOW IF MY HEALING WORKS? When doing shadow and LoA work, I get confused about whether or not a certain remedy I think of will actually heal a pattern, I feel it might not work, be too vague or unrelated to resolving the issue, how do we know we've found a good way of healing something or resolving a split? 7:00 ANGER. A part of me gets angry when I do shadow work, why? 9:42 FEELING INVISIBLE. I was the invisible child in my family and I don't know how experience the opposite feeling to heal this trauma. How can I feel seen? 17:37 TOO MUCH SELF LOVE? I have been using the Completion Process and am learning to love myself and approve of myself. And I am so grateful for this because I feel so much better. But I am wondering if this can ever go too far? Can I love myself too much? 19:57 ADOPTION. I have heard adoptees mentioned: "They don't know who they are." The latest studies have concluded adoptees are doomed to neurosis for the rest of their lives. What would you say to adoptees in your Tribe? Are we able to become aligned? 27:47 HYPER SENSITIVITY. What is the reason behind choosing to be born highly sensitive? Are we supposed to teach people something and if so, what is it? Words of encouragement? 33:00 PLASTIC SURGERY. What is your opinion on plastic surgery? Can a woman/man be in alignment and at the same time get plastic surgery to look better? How does it affect us (our consciousness/body etc..) 35:28 NO SELF CONCEPT. My lifelong issue has been a complete lack of self concept. I get triggered even when I get remotely near this idea of me as a separate being. I badly latch onto people and only get satisfaction by others showing me importantce, I cannot enjoy/love anything outside of me. Can you help me with this? 39:00 POLARITIES. Can you talk about how to hold two opposing polarities at the same time. When I experience cognitive dissonance, I notice I tend to see someone as ALL good or ALL bad and struggle to hold the fact that both truths are valid. Any tips on how to hold both realities at the same time? 40:56 FEAR OF LOSS. Two weeks ago the person that I feel most (strangely) connected to in this life got the message that he has a life threatening illness. Since the doctor's "can't do anything" me and my alternative health friends are researching day and night to find cures. How do I handle the extreme fear and shock that is tearing me apart? I'm so afraid of loosing him. We have a very special story. 46:00 FORGIVENESS. How can I forgive my abusers for what they did? Is forgiveness a necessary part of healing? I feel so much resistance to forgive, but I feel like holding on to resentment is ruining my life. 49:38 I DON'T CARE ABOUT PEOPLE. I want others to care about me and be interested in me and have relationshipsbut it is impossible to have a good relationship, which I am starving for, if I dont geniuenly care about others so is it possible to start geniuenly caring about others and be interested in them? 52:18 SUPPRESSION. How do you express emotional energy that results from everyday triggers/circumstances if at the moment you do not feel it as intensely but see direct manifestation of its suppression later? 55:08 LACK OF MOTIVATION. What would you say to someone who cant get out of bed in the morning unless someone is holding them accountable. A person who watches motivational and self help videos a lot, who has many dreams. But has trouble taking action, and major resistance to getting a job. 57:10 BLADDER INFECTIONS. Why are sooo many women struggling with bladder infections etc.? Typical when having a new partner. It’s so hard to heal it completely. When I did bit of research I found the internet is FULL of desperate women suffering from chronic UTIs! Any tips/clues?