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How to Use The Completion Process - Q&A With Teal Swan - Sept 4th, 2016 (Replay)

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About How to Use The Completion Process - Q&A With Teal Swan - Sept 4th, 2016 (Replay)

This is a ticket for the replay of the September 4th 2016 Online Completion Process Q&A Livestream.
A Q&A with Teal Swan on how to use The Completion Process.


The livestream is a Q&A, featuring questions like:

  • How can I go through the Completion Process if I don't even remember the event that happened? I just have the feeling but I can't understand it.
  • Does the process work with specific physical and mental conditions?
  • How can I trust myself? How can the process help someone who is deeply stuck in uncertainty?
  • I'm really scared of doing the Completion Process. Is it common to be so scared that I want to cry?
  • I feel like the Completion Process is never going to end. What do I do?
  • Once the root trauma is integrated, do the subsequent re-traumatiations also get integrated at the same time? Or do they need to be addressed separately?
  • Does one need to know or understand all the steps of the Completion Process before beginning? Can I just get them into the feeling and memory without knowing what we're going to do next?
  • I want to apply the Completion Process to heal my readers block. I can't focus on reading even the books that I like. Can you help?
  • During the process I went to a memory where I felt something like numbness or nothingness. It was disassociation. I started to fall asleep during this, my thoughts drifted away again and again, I guess I did not want to experience what was underneath. What do I do with this?
  • I struggle with choosing a memory when several pop up. What to do?
  • Is it a good idea to include the people that hurt you in real life into your safe heaven?
  • In the process the adult self does not want to take care of the child self, it is fed up with always having the responsibility and needing to take care of others. What to do?
  • When I was facing my inner kid I couldn't even look at her. I was feeling so guilty that I left her that I take forever to even look at her and I just zone out. What would help?
  • How do you know if something is trauma vs being the way you actually are? For example, I'm asexual aromatic, which means I don't have sexual or romantic attractions. How do I know if that's right for me, or if I'm suppressing a part of me which is resulting in the absence of attraction?
  • Sometimes when I get triggered I don't want to solve it, but if I don't solve it, it hurts. Should I force myself to solve it?
  • I feel like I've gone through the biggest breakthrough of healing and everything will be easier from here and out, but even though I feel so much relief that I could truly be done with that part of my life I'm still somewhat mournful about not feeling that pain deeply again.
  • And more!

This is a 2 hour video.


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I think this is the best webinar about The Completion Process that there is. Lots of questions that were often asked by people were answered here. I'll watch it again.

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   4 of 4 members found this review helpful 4 / 4 members

Very, very excellent information, and I'm glad that Teal did not spend any time teaching the completion process itself, because this talk was specifically for those of us who have already read the book. The Q&A portion was especially fascinating. It is inspiring to see Teal set the example of how to be authentic on the spur of the moment.

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Amazing session with Teal answering questions about The Completion Process.  Definitely recommend to anyone whom has additional questions!

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I LOVE TEAL. I am a big fan, but I have to be honest, I felt that the video was  kind of disorganized, no format. The "focusing" of the camera at the beginning is annoying.  I did think she should have talked about the completion process at the beginning.  great content though <3 Thanks.


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