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You Will Receive:

  • Lesson 1: Benefits of Shadow Work
  • Lesson 2: Positive Focus vs. Shadow Work
  • Lesson 3: Secret to Overcoming Your Problems
  • Lesson 4: Finding Your Subconscious Core Life Commitment
  • Lesson 5: Play It Forward Guided Meditation
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A one-of-a-kind, LIVE + FREE Online Summit

Resolve the Unresolved to:


Bring awareness to the root of your suffering  — from dysfunctional patterns, trauma, and unhealthy relationships — and take the first step towards lasting healing.


You “split” yourself into parts as a child to survive — it’s time to integrate the fragmented aspects that have been lost for so long.


Use The Completion Process to heal from within, and transform your external reality in the process.

Introducing Teal's (updated) 12-Step Completion Process:

Learn how to heal core wounds and trauma to transform your relationships, career, and personal growth.

What you’re about to learn is the culmination of Teal’s life’s work.


What You’ll Learn:

Join Teal and her team LIVE on June 28, 29, and 30 for her largest free online event yet. Watch all three classes, and interact in the comments daily for an opportunity to win up to $25K worth of prizes.

DAY 1: PROMISE OF HEALING Live Friday, June 28th

Our society rarely addresses the root of suffering making it nearly impossible to find a lasting approach for transformation.

So, how do we move beyond surface-level healing?

You’ll learn:

The root cause of your suffering — from unhealthy relationships, and dysfunctional patterns, to repetitive emotional triggers and coping mechanisms.

The truth about fragmentation — why you “split” yourself into parts as a child to survive.

Teal's story about healing herself after enduring 13 traumatic years of ritual abuse (and how you can heal with The Completion Process too.)

What it really takes to heal and achieve lasting transformation.

Why emotional triggers are indicators of unresolved wounding and trauma. (Hint hint: these are symptoms of something much deeper.)

DAY 2: LEARN THE PROCESS Live Saturday, June 29th

Learn Teal’s updated 12-step Completion Process for healing…

And gain clarity, direction, and a newfound sense of empowerment as you embark on this journey towards authenticity, freedom, and lasting fulfillment.

You’ll learn:

Why moving beyond fragmentation restores a sense of peace and wholeness.

How to navigate unresolved trauma and harness its power for deep healing and personal growth.

The *updated* 12-Step Completion Process – and what to do at each step to heal and integrate past wounds.

Why trauma doesn’t vanish when you adapt to it.

The truth about triggers — plus how to accept and integrate triggers using Teal’s updated 12-step Completion Process.

DAY 3: RESOLVE THE UNRESOLVED Live Sunday, June 30th

It is possible to transform pain and suffering into peace and wholeness so life can feel complete again. Begin by experiencing Teal’s guided meditation — Hummingbird Future Meditation — to envision life without unresolved trauma.

You’ll learn:

How to stop trying to “feel better”, and instead, become better at feeling.

Experience Teal’s LIVE, guided Hummingbird Meditation to become aware of anything unresolved within you and visualize life after healing.

How to use Teal’s updated Completion Process to resolve any emotional and mental distress.


Join Teal LIVE for an opportunity to win over $25,000 in life-changing prizes

Attend all 3 classes, interact in the comments with the hashtag #resolve, and complete Teal’s exercises each day for an opportunity to win:

Prize #1

1 winner will receive:

Curveball Retreat Ticket

(Value $7500)

Access to Teal's most exclusive, and intensive event in Costa Rica. A 4-day, all-inclusive retreat guided by Teal including food, accommodation, waterfall hikes, plus the retreat itself, a deep dive in which you'll learn the truth about yourself, your life and what you may have been hiding from yourself. Very limited spots available.

Prize #2

5 winners will receive:

1 Platinum Ticket to Teal’s Synchronization Workshop +
A Lifetime Premium Membership

(Value $3552)

A front-row ticket to Teal’s in-person synchronization workshop (choose between Dubai, Miami, Vancouver, Toronto, Sydney, or Melbourne), access to 200+ hours of Teal’s conscious entertainment, plus an invitation to an exclusive “Tea with Teal” gathering after the workshop.

Prize #3

10 winners will receive:

A Lifetime Premium Membership

(Value $1997)

Lifetime access to 200+ hours of Teal’s largest arsenal of conscious entertainment.

Prize #4

25 winners will receive:

Teal's Meditation Vault

(Value $225)

Access to Teal's complete collection of 46 Guided Meditations.


Meet your internationally renowned spiritual guide, speaker, and author —  Teal Swan

With a mission to reduce human suffering and create positive world change, Teal Swan is a New Thought Leader who specializes in human development and trauma healing.

In her quest to alleviate human suffering, Teal Swan created The Completion Process, a revolutionary 12-step method born from her mission to foster healing and her own harrowing experiences of abuse and trauma. This powerful process delves into the depths of the subconscious mind, allowing individuals to confront and resolve unresolved issues, paving the way for lasting transformation in all areas of life.

Since the discovery of her transformative 12-step process, Teal has:

→ Written six international bestsellers, including the renowned book "The Completion Process."

→ Reached an audience of over 320 million through her widely viewed "AskTeal" video series on YouTube.

→ Trained hundreds of certified Completion Process practitioners (CPCPs) around the world.

→ Helped thousands of clients reclaim lost aspects of themselves and return to a joyous life.

This once-a-year opportunity is Teal’s gift to you for supporting her throughout all these years. Teal and her team want to personally thank you for joining our 3-day Transformation Summit — The Road to Resolve.

Your attendance marks the first step towards true healing, contributing not only to your own well-being but also to the collective journey toward a world of wholeness.

We can't wait to welcome you inside!

All our love,

Teal Swan & Team

Ready to Rewrite your Story?

Resolve for Completion LIVE: Sunday June 30th
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Who’s The Road to Resolve for?

This 3-day Summit’s for you if:
  • You’re tired of constant emotional triggers hindering your relationships, career, and personal growth.
  • You’re ready to heal trauma of any kind (physical or non-physical) like abuse, abandonment, neglect, narcissism, or grief.
  • Numb your pain with coping mechanisms such as self-harm, toxic positivity, drugs, compulsive eating, or procrastination.
  • You can’t seem to escape the cycle of unhealthy, unfulfilling relationships.
  • You struggle with chronic worry, low self-esteem, or fear of the future.
  • And you’re ready to address the root of your suffering - once and for all.
  • Is this Transformational Summit for Free?

    Yes! Largest, Online Free event Teal has ever hosted. 3 days straight. Live. Online. For Free.

  • Is this Summit Online or Offline?

    Online only. You can watch live or replays if you can’t attend.

  • Is the Summit Live?

    Yes, the classes are live and will happen on Zoom at the following times:

    Day 1: June 28th, 11AM (Mountain Time)
    Day 2: June 29th, 11AM (Mountain Time)
    Day 3: June 30th, 11AM (Mountain Time)

    There will be replays available for those who can’t attend live.

  • What If I Can’t Attend Live? Will the Classes be Recorded?

    Don’t worry if you can’t attend live. All classes will be recorded and will be available for you to watch for a limited time.

    That said, make sure to register (for free) to get access - the replays won’t be available to the general public.

  • What’s the time commitment?

    There are 3 Live Calls, and each call is 1.5 hours long. Implementing your daily action steps should only take 5 to 20 minutes only.

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