• I was confronted today by someone who sent me a lengthy e mail about the fact that they can't stand the way I present myself. The way I fidget and don't make eye contact etc. etc. etc. And I figured that this would be a good time to use an example from my own life to help you all towards your own happiness. Previously, wanting to be loved by everyone, I have made changes (such as the ones above) to my presentation in order to make people happier with what they saw, only to receive the exact opposite critique from other people. "We hate the new way you're doing things, you aren't yourself anymore and you aren't genuine and unrehearsed anymore". What is the lesson here... YOU CAN NOT MAKE THEM HAPPY!!! ANYONE!!! NOR IS IT YOUR JOB!!! Happiness in your life can only be achieved in one way... Be who you ARE. Be the unrehearsed person you want to be and you'll line up with what you want in your life. No one is holding the key to your success but you! No one's opinion will prevent you from getting to where you want to go. If THEY have a problem with YOU... It is THEIR problem! You do not need to feed into it and validate their disconnected consciousness and its focus on lack!

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