• Many Years ago, Jules Verne wrote a collection of improbable stories about crafts which flew in the atmosphere, space ships, lunar explorations and submarines. These ideas, were improbable. Jules was seen as a creative but eccentric fool, unwilling to reside in reality. And his stories were isolated to the realm of science fiction. But here we are in the year 2012... with airplanes, submarines, the space shuttle and we have walked on the moon. Now... who is the fool and who is the visionary? We must learn to break free of the limitations of our own mind, for it is molding the very fabric of our reality. The future is created by the the "improbable" ideas of today. Visionary thinkers always run into resistance from those who would feel safer if everyone would conform to a consensus about what is real and what is possible. But... This should not stop those unique people who don't live in the prison of this kind of fear, from pushing the envelope.

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