• Our thoughts become things whether they are positive or negative. Sometimes it is easy to see how we have created things with our thoughts, other times it is not so easy. For those of us who visualize, it can be confusing to run into unexpected events and people and things that we don't remember thinking about... But we must remember that the universe is the orchestrator. It is an orchestrator that brings us the manifestation of what we think about. When we run into something unexpected it means one thing... That unexpected event or person or thing, is an essential ingredient on the course to something we have thought about. It is a stepping stone. The "what" of our lives is our job. The destination is our job. The "how" is the job of the universe. The journey is the job of the universe. It does this job perfectly. We may not see how essential these "unexpected" things (which are part of the journey) are to the destination until we reach the destination. But EVERYTHING is on course with what we have been thinking about. If we are leveraging this universe by thinking about what we want, we can trust this universe to give it to us via the most direct route possible from wherever we are. But that direct route may SEEM completely indirect to us in the moment.

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