• Some will call your vision for yourself a delusion of grandeur. But you had all better believe that when the first man said "I'm going to go to the moon", many called it... A delusion of grandeur. They call it a delusion of grandeur because to keep you small, is to validate their beliefs (which come from a space of not feeling as if they are good enough). If you fail, they will not feel so bad about where they now stand. If you succeed, where they now stand becomes unbearable. So they have a lot to risk by you finding success. But if you love them, you would never validate them in their space of what is NOT possible. You would show them instead what IS possible. Plant the seed of "anything is possible" in their minds. "Delusions of Grandeur" (which are not delusions at all, but instead grand visions), are responsible for man's greatest advancements. Never stop having them. And call them instead..."The things I really came here to be and do and have".

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