• A businessman works hard for two years. Through pressure and stress and effort, he manages to come out with something that sells well and makes lots of money. This is success in conventional terms. But in reality, he has spent two years polluting his body and depriving the people around him and he has affected others he will ever even meet because he is assuming that ends justify the means. The ignorance here is that success is a future event. SUCCESS IS NOT A FUTURE EVENT. The ends and the means are one in the same. If the means do not contribute to joy and togetherness and love, the ends will not contribute to joy and togetherness and love. The outcome is inseparable from the actions and thoughts and feelings that led to it. Are you making decisions and taking actions that are polluted by effort, pressure, stress and obligation whilst telling yourself that these things will lead to a positive outcome? Because in truth, they cannot. Prioritize enjoyment in the now. It is the only place that true success exists and future success is guaranteed.

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