• It is a theme when I am talking to seasoned investors that I am told this: "You will never really make a success of yourself investing if you care more about doing good for the world than you do about smart investments. Smart investments rarely do good for the world." And they would call what I am about to say naive. But I would have to say that most investors lack a basic understanding of true capitalism. It may benefit an individual to harm other people for profit in the short term. But in the long term, doing harm to other people guarantees you will soon have no one else to profit from. Ultimately true capitalism rests upon the principal that "doing good" for others is in your own best interest. There is no better long term investment than doing good for the world. And until the people who hold the financial power in this world can grasp that basic concept, they are not investing for the long term and this world will provide them only a short term return on their investments before there is nothing left to capitalize upon.

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