• You have walked through a doorway, looking for the way out, but it has led you deeper into what you have been trying to exit from. The space within you that has felt like emptiness, let's call it the "void". Is in fact the absence of love. If what you call god is what you call love, then the void is the space within you that is absent of god. The despair inherent in that dire absence and disconnection, is a living hell because it is a living death. You are being called to fill that void with the presence of yourself. All doorways seem to lead you to hell because you have asked for the end of suffering. To end suffering, you must be fully present with yourself, including the parts of you that feel "void" of you. Do not try to exit the space within you, the internal hell called void. Love the space within you that is void instead and the intolerable emptiness and despair will be replaced. The emptiness and despair will be loved into a state of wholeness and contentment. Allow love in.

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