• Today, I have a message for you. And that message is, you are not alone. There has never been a second that you were alone. There will never be a second that you are alone. When you came down to this physical life, you came so that source (which is in fact the greater part of you) could come to know itself through your eyes. You agreed to the perspective of separation so that source could come to know and understand the nature of it's own "oneness" through your eyes. Perspective is only one angle of truth. And the real truth is that truth is far more comprehensive than that one angle. Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it isn't there. Remember this when you are observing the stark absence of friendship in your life. Remember this when you are feeling lonely or misunderstood... Behind the veil of your limited perspective, we are there. Your isolation, is merely an illusion. And by far the greater part of this universe and world not only understands you and not only loves you, but also, IS you.

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