• This world is full of so much Joy. It is around you all day every day. You simply have to re-train yourself to see it. For those of you who have come to know the chronology of my life, and the emotional distance I have traveled from where I was to where I am now, you will know that I speak of the journey from suffering to joy from personal experience. I have been there. I have walked that road myself. Now I speak to you of what I know. What I know is that suffering creates suffering and the ONLY way to change that in the world is to become JOY and begin infecting other people with it. If you become joy, you will not make other people unhappy and the cycle of suffering... ends. Why do I care? Because I am you. Your suffering is the world's suffering. You can not suffer and not have it affect EVERYTHING in existence. (Read more of Teal's article, Your Life, Your Joy.)

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