• Over a week ago, the vibration of the time space reality we live in increased again. This had a very startling effect not many of us foresaw. As the frequency raised, it caused a balancing in the collective conscious of mankind relative to gender. For thousands upon thousands of years, this world has been dominated by masculine energy. The divine feminine has been suppressed. But as the consciousness of mankind balances, this can no longer be the case. Divine feminine energy is called to rise again so the two energies can be parallel to one another. Inevitably, this is what will cause the disappearance of defined gender in our race. But we must stay a match to the frequency that exists, if we wish to exist; as is dictated by the law of attraction. And so, as the frequency of divine feminine energy is being restored, the people of earth (most especially women) are now faced with having to confront and shed all thoughts, beliefs and pain relative to femininity. Most of us, were re-set to the tune of a new moon cycle when this occurred. Our menstrual cycles will be unpredictable until this change is embraced by us fully. It is time that we let it all shed. It is time to re-define what femininity means and to embrace and let ourselves become that new definition. But many of us will have to confront the levels of resistance, old wounds and despair relative to being a women in order to do this. Let's be here for each other as we do this. We are ready. Our mothers and grandmothers and great grandmothers are ready. We do this not only for ourselves but also for them, for what they desperately wanted but did not experience in their lifetime.

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