• Quotes

    The definition of unsafety in a relationship is when someone cannot take your best interests as part of their own best interests.

    I want to live in a world where what is real or genuine about someone is not seen as just cause for rejecting them.  I want to live in a world where we can lay down our need to be right long enough to discuss our often completely opposing perspectives; so as to arrive at a greater perspective than either.  I want to live in a world where it is safe to be authentic. 

    Negative emotion is always the red flag alerting you to the fact that there is something there to learn.  It is always alerting you that you have come to the crossroads of personal expansion.  But if you avoid the negative feeling, you also avoid the lesson and the expansion.

    If we don’t dare to dream, we will never have a different life.  We will never know what is truly possible.

    The modern age has promised that you can be a woman and have it all.  What the modern age has failed to mention in the disclaimer is that you can have it all because you will be doing it all!

    The defining moments of your life, rarely announce themselves loudly.  It’s more like you look back over time and see them as the day it all began.

    We need to be willing to question absolutely everything we think we know about ourselves in order to really know ourselves.

    The pressure in people is building.  The capacity to cover over pain with addictions is waning.  Suppression is no longer serving as a band-aid for the human race.  On one side this makes the world much more ripe for change.  On the other, it makes the world more volatile and unpredictable.

    Living a spiritual life does not mean taking a back seat to God or a back seat to the universe.  It means allowing yourself to work WITH the universe instead of against it; to work WITH yourself instead of against yourself.

    If anything other than what you think you want to have happen occurs, it is because of one of two things: 1)   You yourself, are resisting what you desire with something you are thinking, believing or doing. 2)   You are in denial of what you truly desire, while you have been simultaneously subconsciously informing the universe of what you truly desire; and so the universe is responding to the deeper, stronger truth of what you really desire.