• Quotes

    Spiritual bypassing is like breaking your leg, but being unwilling to admit to it, putting a band-aid over the compound fracture and trying to continue forward anyway.

    Change will happen the day you realize that your comfort zone is outside your comfort zone.

    I want you to imagine that each person is in a room with a canvas in the middle of that room.  Most people begin to paint unconsciously because it seems like the only thing to do.  Some of them begin to paint whatever gets them commission, but they do so with dread because it isn’t what they really want to paint.  Others, who call themselves spiritual, go through the motions of painting but dream endlessly about there being more to life than painting and obsess about what is outside of that room.  It is the rare person who begins to consciously paint on that canvas and paint what they truly desire to paint.  It is rare because most people have forgotten why they entered that room in the first place.  Most people have forgotten they are painters and the canvas is called life.

    Living your life according to what you have to do is making your life a chore instead of a choice.

    Start to see the things people say and do to you as less about you and more of a perfect reflection of the tragic relationship that they have with themselves.

    The most important thing to consider in a romantic relationship is how you feel with that person when no one is watching.

    With genuine freedom there is great responsibility and great commitment.

    You try to fix and change yourself because you reject parts of yourself.  You feel that if you are no longer those things, you will have changed into something that is lovable.  This is a contradiction in and of itself.  You cannot reject yourself into something that you can love.

    Most of us ACT a certain way in order to be loved.  What we don’t realize is that by definition, this makes being loved impossible.  It means people around us love the character we are playing, but not necessarily us.

    The change you desire to take place will automatically begin occurring the minute that you become aware of the purpose behind your undesired thought, undesired behavior or undesired state of being.