• The Rock Release Process

    In order to go in the direction of that which we are wanting, we need to let go of things which are anchoring us to pain and resistance. When we are trying to achieve a life of happiness and health and freedom but feel as if we are stuck where we are, that is our indication that we have something to release. For this reason, the rock release process is a very beneficial healing tool. Everyone can benefit from this particular process. And it is not a process which takes much effort or brain power to complete.

    To implement this process, find a body of water (such as a stream, lake or ocean) with rocks or pebbles nearby. If your body of water does not have rocks nearby, collect a big pile somewhere else and take them with you. Stand in front of the water in an isolated location where you aren’t going to injure anyone or anything and mindfully pick up a rock. Think of something which is negatively contributing to your life. This could be anything such as an event, an emotion, a person or a thought. Then imagine imbuing the rock you’ve picked up with that negative thing. Intend it as if the rock is representing and absorbing the energy of that negative thing and when you feel as if the rock contains all of the energy of that negative thing that you can possible project into it, affirm mentally and with emotional conviction that you are ready to release that thing and be done with it. Then, throw the rock as far as you possibly can into the water. Involve yourself in the process, so that when it leaves your fingers and you watch it fly through the air away from you, you can really feel it leaving your life for good. Involve yourself in the process so that when you see it disappear into the water, you feel as if the water is taking responsibility for that energy and is transforming it and carrying it away from you and for you. We all know that water is the great purifier. We can let it be the magnificent source of energy that it is and trust it to wash away our problems and attachments. Continue doing this one by one, imbuing each rock with a different negative thing until you feel as if you have nothing more to release for the day. And then, you can return home with the feeling that you are flowing downstream with life instead of getting caught facing upstream against a battering current. The emotion you will feel that is your indication that this exercise is working for you, is the feeling of relief. By taking part in this process, you will have committed to consciously letting go of anything which does not benefit you and your life any longer. You will have pulled up your anchor which is preventing you from flowing to the life you want to live.

    The sky is the limit when it comes to this process, but some examples of things which could be imbued into your rock before you throw it are:

    1. Being rejected by ___________
    2. My anger
    3. My grief
    4. Missing ____________
    5. My belief that I’m not good enough
    6. My mother or father
    7. How afraid I am of ______________
    8. What ________ did to me
    9. How hard ___________ is
    10. __________ kind of person
    11. ___________ aspect of society
    12. My illness
    13. The feeling of being powerless and victimized
    14. __________ event
    15. __________ which is holding me back from what I want