• Surrender Walk

    All too often in our busy, modern lives, our brains run away with us. We buy into the physical reality hologram to such a degree that we “tune out” the much bigger, but more subtle forces that are at play in our lives. We try to control external conditions in order to find happiness and we live according to our linear, logical minds. This kind of living prevents intuition. It is a lifestyle of control and judgment instead of allowing and perception. For this reason, the process of the “Surrender Walk” is very valuable if you are trying to move from intellect to intuition. It is a great process to use if you are trying to develop intuition or let go of the need to compulsively control and logically understand everything in your life. It is a process that cultivates an internal state of allowing and alignment. Allowing and alignment are two keys which are indivisible from one another, that unlock the door to living a happy life.

    To apply this process you are going to go on a walk. You are not going to plan any aspect of this walk. You are going to open the door and internally ask yourself which direction you feel drawn towards. When you feel the pull in one direction or another, just start putting one foot in front of the other. You are literally going to give your spirit the reigns to go wherever it pleases. If you feel compelled to turn circles, you are going to do that (the spirit does not necessarily like to walk in a straight line). Any time you find yourself at a crossroads, you are again going to ask “where now?” internally and continue following the inspiration by letting your logical mind take a back seat and simply observe where you go. You are not going to set any time limits. You will return home when you feel the inspiration to return home. But yet again, you are going to take whatever path your spirit decides to take. On this walk, you are going to simply observe what you come across. Just like a person who is taking a complete back seat to the experience, you are going to take a back seat to the universe and let it surprise you. Let it tell you where you are meant to go. You might just be surprised by what you are lead to and what surprises will be on the path during this walk. While you are on this walk, you are going to take a mental note of everything you pass that pleases you. You can begin to list them in your head such as: I love the color of that car, I love the way the air feels against my face, I love the fact that I’m doing something completely new for me, I love the way the light reflects off of that water etc. If you come across something that displeases you, you are going to withdraw your attention from it and place your attention on something that does please you to look at. This positive focus will make it so that the universe can line you up (on this walk) with more things that are a match to that positive frequency and therefore more things that please you. This universe is self governed by the law of attraction. If you were to hold your attention on negative thoughts or things during the walk, the universe would be limited so as to only be able to line you up (on your walk) with things that are a match to that negative frequency and therefore, more things that displease you.

    If you find that your logical mind tries to interfere, simply stop, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Follow the breath with your attention in and out, in and out. And then open your eyes and begin again.

    The more often you are able to do this process, the easier and more rewarding it becomes. The universe responds immediately to the fact that you are letting it in and will provide all kinds of surprises for you. On top of that, you will find that you are getting much better at listening to your intuition and acting on the feeling of inspiration. When you get proficient at recognizing and surrendering to your intuitive impulses during the surrender walks, you will find that it is much easier to recognize and surrender to your intuition in day to day life. It will begin to feel as if you have an internal compass which is directing you impeccably throughout your life.