• Bliss Box

    When we find ourselves in a negative space, the idea of trying to jump from that place of negativity to a place of positivity seems impossible. And as far as vibration is concerned, asking ourselves to do that is like asking ourselves to jump the Grand Canyon. For this reason, it is very valuable to create a bliss box. You want to create a bliss box when you are already in a good mood. The reason I say this is that the things which go in this bliss box need to resonate with a high vibration. When you are in a low vibrational state, you will find that you are UN able to come up with or be drawn to many of the things which make up a bliss box because you are not in the vibrational vicinity of them. The law of attraction which is the strongest law in the universe ensures that a person who is in a low vibrational state will be dawn towards and attract negative people, things and thoughts. While a person who is in a positive state, will be drawn towards positive people, things and thoughts. For this reason the bliss box will be much, much easier to created and will turn out much better when you’re already in a positive vibrational state. This process is sort of like letting your best self create a tool of healing for your worst self, or letting your highest vibrational self show love to and guide your lowest vibrational self towards the light.

    For this process you want to find a large, covered container. Choose a container that in and of itself evokes positive emotion within you. In this Bliss box, you want to begin to accumulate things that feel good to you. Collect anything that raises your vibration.

    Examples of things to keep in this bliss box include but are in no way limited to:

    1. Movies or self help DVDs that are inspiring or funny or that just make you feel good.
    2. A list or book of jokes
    3. A collection of your favorite inspirational sayings
    4. A collection of pictures that make you happy
    5. Cut outs from magazines that make you feel good
    6. Images you’ve printed off of the computer that feel good to look at
    7. A collection of music that is pre selected that when played, shifts your mood
    8. Small items such as crystals or rocks, figurines, or a stuffed animal.
    9. Books that uplift you
    10. Art that makes you feel good
    11. Pens and paper or a paint/drawing set which you can take out and begin expressing yourself with.
    12. Affirmations
    13. Vision boards or “future collages”.
    14. A gratitude journal (to force yourself to begin to shift into appreciation instead of lack)
    15. A positive aspects journal (to force yourself to pivot from a negative focus to a positive focus relative to any subject in your life)
    16. A list of positive self-assets (forces positive self focus)
    17. A list of as many things as you can think of that you know raise your vibration that you can’t fit in the box. For example, places or things to do like: The theatre, dancing, yoga, the beach, camping, horse back riding, cooking etc. You can pick one off of the list to go do.
    18. Letters of e mails or cards that people have written you that feel good to read.
    19. Awards or metals or diplomas that make you feel successful
    20. Aroma therapy tools
    21. Color therapy tools
    22. Images or other things that represent trips/vacations you intend to take
    23. A list of internet videos or sites which make you feel good to watch such as: stand up comedy, positive news networks, engagements, funny pets etc. Make yourself get up and go directly to one or several.
    24. A list of contacts of people who are supportive and who you know make you feel better. If you really need company, call people from this list to go do something with.
    25. A list of indulgences and simple pleasures which are in line with your highest good. An example of an unhealthy indulgence would be alcohol or binge eating. An example of a positive indulgence that you seldom partake in would be, a favorite snack or a bubble bath or a massage. Take the time to go indulge in whatever you choose off the list and focus on the experience and only the experience (no multi tasking).
    26. A list of simple changes you can make that you know help you to mentally “re-set”. Examples of this might include: Re arranging your furniture in your living space, cleaning your home or car or deliberately scheduling an off day. Any kinds of change we can make even if it is only to our living space help us to feel UN –stuck. And shifts our point of power back to our own control.
    27. A list of random acts of kindness. You can choose one off of the list to go do. You would not believe how fast doing something nice for someone else shifts you into a good mood about life and yourself.

    The point of the bliss box is that when we get into a negative state, it is very difficult to put forth the effort to work our way into a positive space. With a bliss box, all you need to do is to give yourself permission and put forth the effort to do one thing: Go find the bliss box. Rifling through the bliss box and distracting yourself from what you were focused on before, in and of itself stops the mental and emotional snowball into negativity. The hard work (initiating change) will have already been done. Each time you focus on something that evokes positive emotion from you, more thoughts and things which evoke positive emotion from you will be drawn to your attention. And you will soon find yourself feeling better. At which point, any action you take thereafter will come from a positive emotional state and not a negative emotional state. Because of this; the action you take will yield positive results.

    The sky is the limit when it comes to Bliss boxes. They are as original as the people who make them. So be very honest with yourself while making it. Make sure you only include things in this box that genuinely make you feel good. Not things that you like the idea of more so than the reality of. Train yourself to go find and go through your bliss box whenever you begin to feel yourself spiral into a negative space. You will be amazed at how quickly this tool helps you to shift from negative to positive.