• 365 Days of Self Love

    The collective human disorder is the belief that we are not enough. The belief that “I am not enough” is the root of most (if not all) forms of illness, poverty and unhappiness on the planet today. It is this belief of pure lack of self love that filters out to create lack in all other aspects of a person’s life. Most people do not truly love themselves. So if you are one of these people who believe you are not enough and therefore do not love yourself yet… you are not alone.

    For you, to say “I love myself” would feel more like lying to yourself than telling the truth. For you, to say “I love myself” would contradict your own sense of intelligence therefore, it would make you more aware of where you aren’t than make you feel good about where you are. For this reason, the process of “365 days of self love” is for you.

    This process is a stepping stone which serves to help you close the gap between wherever you are and self love. Right now in the current life you are living, you most likely struggle with being sure of your decisions because the basis by which you make your decisions is not that of self love. Instead, you make your decisions based on things like principal, wanting approval or symptom relief. But in order to live the life you were meant to live, you have got to get back in touch with your own personal truth and your own personal joy. Those two things need to become the principal motivations for any decision you make. Self love needs to be the foundation which you lay first and build the details of your life upon second.

    To apply this process, you need to get a calendar and mark the day you plan to begin. Then you need to mark the day you plan to end (365 days later). Then you need to make a personal commitment. For exactly a year, every single day you are going to live your life by this mantra: “What would someone who loved themselves do?” You are going to ask yourself this question any time you have to make a decision no matter how small or large. You are going to ask yourself this question whenever you have a spare minute where you have the opportunity to decide what to do with your time. Basically, all day, every day for an entire year, you will live your life according to this one simply question. When you ask this question, the answer will come to you immediately. It will come as an immediate flash of intuition. I want to talk to you for a minute about intuition. Intuition is defined as immediate insight or understanding without conscious reasoning. Many of us have learned to tune out or ignore our own intuition. Most of us have received negative messages from our parents, teachers, or peers, which caused us to doubt our own intuition. By this point in your life, your intuition has most likely been obscured by the fears and beliefs that you have erected in front of it. But the good news is, though we may shut out the messages we receive from our true self, the true self continues to give them, so it is impossible to completely lose intuition. Intuition comes with a feeling of correctness and affirmation. Intuition will come as a sudden knowing, a gut feeling, thought, image, emotion, or bodily sensation. It will be a quiet, clear and often quick impression. Even if the message of intuition is about something negative, it will come across as being delivered in a “neutral” tone. This is because genuine intuitive guidance comes from the highest of perspectives, a place of love and freedom where fear does not exist. If strong negative emotion is involved in an intuition, you should always be suspicious that you are either dealing solely with fear, or that you have clouded an intuition with fear. To truly listen for intuition means to listen with all of your senses. Intuitive messages come in many ways and they come differently to different people. You may hear the answer, or see the answer. You may just “know” the answer. You may get a physical sensation such as a chill or hot flash or feel the answer emotionally. As you practice listening and honoring your intuition you will get better at recognizing the ways by which you receive intuitive information, no matter what form it may appear in. When you ask yourself “What would someone who loved themselves do?” you are going to receive the correct answer for you personally in the form of intuition. The answer will come to you immediately. It will pop into your head. And then you are ready for the next part of the process, the part where you take action.

    The action part of this process is the part which takes some courage. This is the part of the process where you are going to act on the answer you receive. You are going to heed your intuition and go in the direction of whatever your intuition has told you is in line with self love. For example, let’s say you are at home and you have a million things you could be doing but you can’t decide what the priority is. You’re going to ask yourself “What would someone who loved themselves do?” And if the answer is go take a bath, you’re going to go take a bath. Or if the answer is clean the house you’re going to clean the house. You will know if the action you were told to take is correct and in line with intuition instead of rationalizations based on how you feel. Even if you are afraid to act on the intuition… the idea of the action and subsequently taking the action will emotionally feel like relief. Relief feels good. So taking the action will feel good if you have listened to your intuition (instead of rationalizations) and made a decision based on self love instead of any other criteria. For 365 days, you are going to ask this question whenever you have to make a decision as mundane as “should I eat an apple or an orange?” and as pivotal as “should I keep my job or quit my job”. When you begin to apply this process, you will quickly find that we make decisions constantly throughout the day. The idea behind this process is of course that by the end of the 365 days, it will be habit for you to live your life in alignment with self love. What’s more, you will be incapable of living your life any other way. It will feel as unnatural to you as it really is, to live in line with anything less than self love. You will have created a new way of being. And you will be literally blown away at what has changed in your life both internally and externally.

    I often refer to this process as the great shortcut. The reason is because in the field of self help, there are a million and a half modalities and techniques which exist to help us to live better lives. There are so many techniques one can use to improve one’s life that it becomes overwhelming. And in truth, they could all be abandoned for this one process. It is my belief that if people lived their entire life only by this one process, they would be led directly towards everything they are wanting, whether it is enlightenment, wealth, happiness, inner peace or freedom. That which we seek, no matter what it is, will always with no exceptions to be found via the route of self love. If we learn to love ourselves genuinely, we will embrace the whole universe. This particular process is much more profound than it seems. The process of asking “what would someone who loved themselves do?” allowing your intuition to deliver the answer then acting on the answer will expose every roadblock you have in your way which is preventing you from living the exact life that you want to live. Because of this, it will cause you to face your demons. But it will allow you to face them in a way that ensures that you will not resist them, instead you will flow around them. If you’re really committed to this practice, you will flow around your demons and problems…downstream to everything you have ever wanted for yourself and for your life. You will meet with your joy. You will meet with your purpose. You will meet with freedom. You will meet with who and what you really are. And eventually, you will know what it is to truly love yourself. And nothing, I repeat, nothing is of more paramount importance than that.