• When I Come

    Teal wrote this when she was 20 years old, just one year after escaping her childhood abuse. It is a poem about her desires and intentions for her own future and self actualization. The first verse is about the potential of her life getting better. The second verse is about meeting her potential future husband. The third verse is about having her potential first child. The last verse is about her potential death... Having been fully self actualized.

    When change comes, 
    I want to step through to possibility 
    And think of each skin I’ve shed 
    As a birth into curiosity 
    And somewhere, 
    Find the strength enough to love this world, 
    Amidst the awkward grip of it.

    When you come, 
    I want to reach you in immortality 
    And think of each tear I’ve spilt 
    As a birth into risibility 
    And somewhere, 
    Find the want enough to see this world, 
    Amidst the discoloration of it.

    When life comes, 
    I want to watch it with curiosity 
    And think of each day I’ve spent 
    As a birth into possibility 
    And somewhere, 
    Find the purity enough to help this world, 
    Amidst the cracking structure of it.

    When Death comes, 
    I want to back track to risibility 
    And think of each time I’ve smiled 
    As a birth into immortality 
    And somewhere, 
    Find the way enough to hold this world 
    Amidst the disunited-ness of it.

    That’s the day that I come.