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The Vase Of Me

About this poem:
A poem written in the wake of a series of very serious betrayals

I’ve been trying

to put the vase of me

back together again.

To glue

and weld

and solder

the shards of me

back together again.

So I can look in the mirror

and recognize me.

But that will never happen.

Life has felled me

with a ruining stroke.

It does that sometimes.

Or should I say,

people do that sometimes.

They leave you in pieces.

They leave you to pick up the pieces of you.

Sometimes you can put those pieces

back together again.

But sometimes,

you can’t.

Sometimes, not even the greatest puzzle master could.

And so,

you have the choice…

To give up on you

or to give up on the form of you.

It’s time to stop trying to save the vase of me.

I have been felled by a ruining stroke.

And so,

these shards of me

have no other choice

than to become something new.


By Teal Swan             


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