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The Re-Birth

About this poem:

A poem teal wrote after a suicide attempt due to her childhood programming. In this poem she explains that a person can die many times in one life and be re-born again. In fact this process, however painful, is the very grounds of spiritual growth.

Welcome the measureless
that I always was.

You fathom me not,
Nor my eternity which is permanent within me.

Great and small, all parts of this world are comprised of the soul.

I should not have remained here so many a time…
Given over my temporary, thankless body to death.
Yet I remain.

These things do not happen by accident, coincidence or happenstance.
I diverged instead from myself and was born again,
less guarded than ever.

Naked again.
I expand until I am seamless.

Spiritual growth is a thing that never ends.
It is either accepted or resisted
as it advances upon you… an inevitability of physical life.

Offering unparalleled calm
but only after a storm which rips you limb from limb
The only way out is through.

Let you know your freedom first by oppression it says.
Let you know bliss by suffering.
Let you know infinity by the confines of your own perishable, temporary, human nature.

And know me, by first knowing yourself.

It is only by being broken down 
that you can be re- built again.


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