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The Light Is Constant

About this poem:

To be honest, in this line of work it often feels like I am on cloud nine, excited to step up on center stage to share something new with the world that will improve people’s lives, only to be booed off stage.  Logically I can see that there are many people in the world cheering me on.  But the people who boo also tend to yell louder, throw chairs, sabotage the stage set and do anything they can to discourage me from being brave enough to show my face.  It is finally getting through to me that while I create this reality called my life, it is simultaneously true that I cannot control my reality.  I cannot control what people do and I cannot control all the conditions of life so that pain never reaches me.  I cannot live my life to avoid discomfort.  And so, I took my own advice and I let myself surrender to the angst today.  As a result, I felt inspired to write a poem about the experience…

Angst sings and howls through the aqueducts of flesh.

It cannot escape with the breath.

It is not softened by thought.

It is not melted away by the passing of time.

Uncertainty celebrates when it claims dominion and leaves what it finds in sensual ruin.

I lie on the floor in a shaft of sunlight.

I close my eyes to let it greet my face.

The dark world behind my eyelids is turned coquelicot.

Warmth is loud as it rejoices in the merciful stillness of light.

The angst is hushed.

It is paroled by the breath.

It is softened by the warmth.

It is melted away by the charity of light.

The angst of uncertainty falls silent and forfeits its fight.

For the light is constant…

The light is constant.


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