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Hovering so directly exposed, we can feel the earths rotation.
He is damp and desiring as if newly being weaned from my
breast. His skin in a pervasive slide over mine, learning the
notes to this melody of flesh. Hunting the reeking nectar
lying beneath the surface of our ability to control.
Latex becomes the festering of love’s honey, it fills the
entirety of this ocean of blankets, preventing this action’s entire purpose.
His Body arching into me, desiring to conceive a feeling rather than a thing.
I want to take you deep into any part of me you wanted to coat or fill.
You defy my ability to keep things stagnant and dark,
You are my own precious piece of this world
Writhing to the beat of one pulse
Can you do anything but be powerless?
The moment sweeps over us like a passing tide, and you lay on me.
Are we even 2 people anymore?
I don’t think so.


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