• Only Love

    A poem Teal wrote about integration, which is realized through love, being the only way to end the war between good and evil.

    War we cried

    As if it were not of mankind’s own making.

    The soul of man,

    The synagogue of that most violent of battles;

    Between good and evil.

    Centuries of bloodshed in between those rivals.

    Shall I pray that as the blood falls to Earth

    It will end that war?

    No messiah yet has managed it.

    It rages on

    The very sound of it

    Is blasphemy

    Blasphemy against the sanctuary of the human heart.

    Neither side recognizing a trace of itself in the other.

    Neither side lifting a white flag against the silence of the sky.

    Only love can bring the silence of union

    To this riot of parting between God’s children.

    Only love

    Only love

    And Love, the only antidote

    Excludes nothing,

    Including evil.

    Beyond the fail mortality

    Of polarity,

    It calls these two brothers back together as one.

    Christ- the choice

    Lucifer- the lack of choice…

    To love

    They called him the bearer of the light,

    For without him

    There could be no Christ.

    Without determinism

    We could not know the freedom of will;

    Nor taste its sweetness

    In the volition of our autonomy.

    Each side calls for each other’s death.

    But there will be no elegy.

    There will be no elegy because one cannot die without the other.

    One cannot live without the other.

    Only love can quiet

    Both the fervor of the devil’s tongue

    And the fervor of the angel’s wing.

    Only love

    Only love

    And love, the only antidote

    Excludes nothing,

    Including evil.

    Only love will end this war.