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About this poem:

A poem Teal wrote in China while studying Qigong, in which she describes how everything that is, is made from nothingness… with our minds, nothingness being the beginning state which is accessed through meditation or dreamless sleep, which people fear due to their skewed morals. But which shouldn’t be feared at all because nothingness is simply the potential state of “everythingness”.

Go to bed tonight with the idea of sleeping with forever.

In hopes of making it conceive of you.

The illusion of nothing is only the fear of being so small, 
The only ship you have to board is your own.

Could you fathom your feet walking life, but not blindly?

Where an illusive smile leaves its hand print not only on the lips?

Nothing is a land without senses,
Where you're unable to find the other side.

A silent but spoken double dare to tour danger, but the will,
Which makes danger only a horizon to gaze upon and to want to cross.

Place void in front of the eye, and learn to see it.

Dull the tongue and learn to taste it.

Remove the music and learn to hear it.

Nothing was an ocean once,
Taught not to evaporate, only to blanket the world.

A place where you can swim if you can learn to love to drown safely.

Simply needing to leap from the birth inherited vessel you sail upon.

Its below deck kitchen, serving fear cooked over fire in sugar and spice.

Convincing yourself that is the only way to add flavor to life.

Then letting a virgin, 
Carved and mounted to the bow of your ship, 
Be your guide.

I bet you grew up thinking you should be more like her.

But that was before you swam in forever,
And stopped convincing yourself that nothing was only an endless sky,
And you were the only one piloting there.


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