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In The End

About this poem:

A poem about the uncertainty of life and death.

In the end
When I look back on life
I think I will laugh myself to death.
Too rich to be broke
Too poor to be wealthy
Of anything at all.
I watched a man today
Drive his brand new pick up truck
That will never take him anywhere
Except to forty and then to forty-five
And I thought to myself…
Life feels dangerous to us all.
Most of us try to avoid that dangerous feeling 
By being as certain as we can
But that there makes us cowards.
And cowards are already dead.
They have committed suicide
And now
They leave empty footprints upon the surface of earth.
So as much as it scares me, 
I’d rather be here now
With all the uncertainty that life is.
And really live
All the certainty that we collect is ornamental anyway.
All is lost upon death.
All fame
All glory
All memory
All power
And all fear;
Will disappear like shadows into light.
And I will smile to see it go.
All but potential
Is a kind of corruption.
That distracts you from the truth of who you are.
An unknown freedom
Impossible to know,
Impossible to predict.
And those who know it… Live
Those who don’t… Only pretend to live.
They grow acres of fruit and only manage to eat the rind.
In the end
When you look back on life
I think you will laugh yourself to death.
Too rich to be broke
Too poor to be wealthy 
Of anything at all.


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