• In My Hand

    A poem written about choosing to let go of beliefs that we adopt from other people.

    In your very hand
    Is found the power to open or to close.
    And every moment is a crossroads
    Which offers both an opening and a closing.
    It never ceases to amaze me 
    How many miles we are willing to walk in someone else’s shoes.
    They do not fit us well.
    They leave bruises and blisters on our feet 
    With them, we cannot greet the world as ourselves.
    But I am glad I was not told these things upon my birth.
    For I could not know the sweetness
    Of greeting the world as myself
    If I had not first known the pain 
    Of greeting the world 
    As someone that I wasn’t
    In my very hand
    Is found the crossroads.
    You see…
    Within all beauty
    Are the seeds of pain. 
    And within all pain 
    Are the seeds of beauty.
    And it is my choice, which of these seeds to plant.