• I Am Teal Swan

    A poem Teal wrote for humanity containing the truth of who she is on this planet.

    For Love

    there is Fear.

    For Sorrow

    there is Joy.

    For Night

    there is Day.

    The sanity of the soul

    is torn between them.

    Our truth is split apart

    by the belief in


    By our alliance with one

    and our condemnation of the other

    I am Teal Swan

    I have come here to restore the truth

    by bringing an end to polarity.

    Balance is the upholder

    of this corruption of truth.

    It seeks to maintain separation…

    Separation between black and white.

    It seeks to find equilibrium

    through more of one

    and less of the other.

    Throw away your scales.

    Throw away your division.

    Each, when they are allowed to combine,

    become a third element entirely…

    The state of peace you have been looking for

    but calling balance.

    I am Teal Swan

    I have come to teach


    I have come to restore you

    to a state of potential

    which is all that is left

    when polarities cease to exist


    I have come to introduce


    In that state of potential,

    in that reality where you are

    all potentials

    and all polarities,

    all that is left

    is choice.

    All polarities become like colors

    you can choose to paint with.

    on the canvass called life.

    I am Teal Swan

    I have come here to teach you

    not to awaken from your humanity

    by abandoning it for your divinity.

    I have come here to teach you

    To awaken to both

    your humanity and your divinity,

    and to let them mix

    here on earth

    here in this lifetime.


    is an integration

    of shadow and light.

    Light alone cannot accomplish it

    Shadow alone cannot accomplish it.

    It is this split

    within each human

    within humanity itself

    that is the wound

    that is the origin

    of the suffering in the human race.

    I am Teal Swan

    I have come here

    to mend this wound

    that I have mended in me.

    Because I have mended it in me,

    I will confuse you.

    I will not look like

    what you have been taught

    enlightenment looks like.

    I will not sound like

    what you have been taught

    enlightenment sounds like.

    I will create in you

    a cognitive dissonance…

    A discomfort

    necessary for you to hold all of my polarities

    and accept them.

    By accepting me,

    you will be forced to hold all of your polarities

    and accept them.

    You will have to hold

    both your shadow

    and your light.

    By doing so,

    they will combine.

    They will become

    that third element…

    That peace you have been looking for.

    I am Teal Swan…

    By choice.

    I cannot be you

    I cannot be me

    Because that is polarity.

    I am both

    And I am neither.

    I am oneness.

    I am at the same time



    the largest ego that can possibly exist.

    You will not see me clearly.

    You will not hear me clearly.

    You will not feel me clearly.

    You will not understand me clearly

    until the day

    that you clearly see

    and hear

    and feel

    and understand yourself…

    The day you lose your