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About this poem:

Being an avid horseman since birth, Teal wrote this poem after a ride on her horse when she was still a teenager.

I rode, under a cloud multiplying sky, which matured yet garnered no age. 
The temperature had yet to dissolve into summer.

Miles and miles of touch- less acres daring to be run through. 
Land under hooves, newly condensed with the tears of spring.

Heaven and hell could have mixed and spun, as our pace made time and space seem void. 
Pressed up against his withers, his breath boiled upwards, through my hips and chest and heart.

We've made imprints upon a field, which when blown, moves like the sea.

So there I wept in some place inside, for the feeling of this I so much missed, 
His coat grabbing at the fragile shade cast off under my legs as if it were tightly knit webbing between us.

All the matter in the living air took breaths as one, 
And I listened to him so as to climb up the sound of his inhalation.

We have birthed a resurrection, you and I… 
Of power in the sweat it took to achieve the second that we were no longer separate, but one. 
One creature forged of the two broken halves of each other.

Together, we concealed our secret intentions to escape by any means possible and by any means now. 
In that jointed stage of self-synthesis.

It was then that I told him “Fear not this second my horse like lover, 
Fear only the fact that like everything else that feels perfect, to this moment too, 
Will be fastened an iron bridle, which will restrict the longevity of it’s movement.

And this moment will slow, and dive into a thing called yesterday.... 
The waters in which triumph tends to drown, but how it sparkles as it sinks.

Because beauty is still possible in yesterday, its water isn't dead. 
And it is there that we will be preserved… 
Our identities melded, sinking this ship wreck of a plan to keep us locked up in a round pen.

No matter how many faces a round pen may assume, 
We tore the vein giving life to any and all of them today.

And now, 
I'm half man and half horse”.


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