• Hell Fire

    A poem in which Teal exposes 'Hell' for what it really is.

    We are combustive.
    Our emotion is 
    This resistance to our own emotion 
    Causes friction
    And friction causes heat.
    Hell is depicted as a world of fire
    A place where we burn alive and suffering is all we know for eternity
    But this is the world that so many of us already live in
    We didn’t even have to die first to get there
    Or did we?
    The heat of the fire of hell is caused by the friction of our resistance
    Our resistance to our own emotions
    Of Anger
    Fear and 
    This hell is not a place somewhere outside of us.
    Instead, it is inside each and every one of us.
    All of the chaos and ‘evil’ in our world occurs within us.
    The living hell
    Is the state of running
    From the inner fire
    Of our unwanted emotions
    Looking for escape routes, of which there are plenty
    Only to discover that every escape route 
    Is in fact a dead end.
    The only way to escape the inner fire
    Is to walk straight through it.
    The only way out…
    Is in.