• Freedom

    A poem that reflects on the way that positive is inspired from negative and in this way, joy grows from suffering, and therefore that which we call negative has it's own beauty and purpose.

    Freedom… is in the reclaiming of self.

    The turning of life’s cyanide into honey.

    And liberty, the pinnacle of color 
    Sketched to a world full of petals, 
    All of which grow from soil.

    Perchance the squalid circumstances 
    Of our given lives,
    Were none but a call to ripen.

    For the life within a life is transcendental.

    Forever searching out the ways the world has bisected us…
    In order to unite us again,
    With a kind of soundness so brave,
    It drowns out the throe.

    So you can see that beauty 
    In its most absolute forms, 
    Is not virgin to rancor.

    It becomes from it.