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Flame and Ash

About this poem:

A poem written after an intense inner-chid work experience; in which Teal enabled herself to move from the vibration of powerlessness and grief into a higher vibration by mentally setting fire to her childhood town.

With it’s disheveled hands,
Pulls me back in time.
I stand before the life that was
In the marred silence of the black of night.
I see the buildings
The buildings that witnessed all
But said nothing
And did nothing
They, the containers of my grief
They, the keepers of the silence
Of the abominations that occurred there
Made monstrous by association,
They stand 
Like sniveling memorials.
They, the bystanders
To the breaking of my body
The desecration of my mind
The hewing of my soul
They, the tombs of my youth
Will hold me hostage no longer.
Having returned an intemperate heroine
Set fire to them all
With heavy torches.
The fire,
Like rampant water
Floods and bellows it’s way throughout the town
It consumes
Each and every building
The horror and the grief
That is imprinted 
Within these buildings
Sustains the burning.
Burning that lasts for hours
Burning that lasts for days
Burning that devours all the memories
One by one
I watch the memories
I watch them rip and tear apart 
Like images on burning filmstrip
All is mortal
In the path of the flame
The fire washes my childhood away
Until it is dead and gone
In the garden of my mind.
A vision splendid
The violent copper 
Of the flame
Into raven colored ash…
The final amen.


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