• Alchemy

    This poem represents the spiritual philosophy behind the four stages of the Great Work of Alchemy... The four stages being Nigredo, Albedo, Citrinitas, and Rubedo.

    We are turned to ash.

    We are rich with the putrefaction of what we once were.

    And the shadow rains down upon us

    We suffer all but death

    In the perpetual fire of our own illusions

    We suffer all but death

    In the hell of our own fears


    The ash is washed away

    To reveal our original purity

    To every black, there must be a white.

    A heaven to every hell.

    And so

    Behind the mask of our temporary identities, there is an eternal soul.

    When we remove the mask…

    We find it

    We turn

    From what we thought we were

    Into what we really are

    We can see now

    That the moon’s light

    Is not sun light,

    It is just a reflection.

    We are just a reflection of what we really are.

    When we decide to turn from moonlight to sunlight

    We are transmuted

    We awaken

    And when we do…

    We become the embodiment of our very soul

    The sunlight is all that we are

    A perfect fusion of spirit and matter

    We are now the phoenix

    Looking down at the ashes that once consumed us

    With gratitude

    For we are now…