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A Child's Voice

About this poem:

A poem in which Teal speaks about the path of awakening to love by virtue of taking the indirect advice given by the way a child lives. This poem explains that to love, one must move beyond fear and the walls we build to try to keep ourselves safe by embracing fear and the walls we build to keep ourselves safe.

The voice of a child says
It is better that our hearts grow light
It is better to embrace instead of exile suffering
From instead of to it’s murdering breath
Mothers weep until their tears run dry
Their sons on distant streets decay
Kissed by the meritless fever of war
Stripped of life
And all souls die along with them
Just as all souls live
As a newborn embraces the joy of its mother’s breast
Relieved of the heavy husk of childhood 
Let our voices rise to denounce
All that kept us prisoner 
Like the undisturbed stars 
My heart flickers without falter
I use it’s light to turn around to face my real enemies
But all there is 
Is stillness and space
Row upon row of ramparts I have built
For an enemy that doesn’t exist
All souls are set free
As I tear down my walls
Brick by brick
But not by hating them
I have taken the child’s advice
It is better that our hearts grow light
It is better to love than to fear
And the voice of a child says
There is no better way to love 
Than to love the fear itself


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