• Glossary


    Of or pertaining to Akashic record, the Akashic record is the totality of information about all that ever was and is, which is encoded in the non physical plane of existence, also referred to as the mind of god. It is a collection of unlimited information which can be accessed from the state of Source like consciousness, such as when one is in meditation, while astral planning or under hypnosis. Accessing the Akashic record allows for omniscience.


    An art form which recognizes that matter is not static and therefore not restricted to one form. This recognition allows the alchemist to cause what could be seen as mysterious, sudden transmutation in what is traditionally thought of as immutable.


    Angels are also a type of guide. Often they are the least manifested and therefore the most vibrationally resonant with Source it’s self. Though they do not often project themselves with the image of wings, the traditional image of a person with wings is an image they have chosen that traditionally has helped people identify with what they are and their purpose. They use the imagery of wings because wings have long been a symbol for humans of the “messenger”. It was even more so the symbol of a spiritual messenger when Judea Christianity came about and so , it was a symbolic image that resonated very strongly with the people who were alive at that time. Because of the overwhelming Christian influence that still exists today, this is still a symbolic image that speaks to people of their purpose. And so, they can and do still show up in this way, if it is the format that will best be received by whomever they are relating with.


    A rise of consciousness in an individual or totality. In an ascension, the energetic vibration of an individual or totality will rise in amplitude and frequency.

    Astral Plane

    A non physical plane of existence parallel to the physical reality. Though Source does not experience existence from the standpoint of a “place” or a “level”, for the sake of physical understanding, astral plane is the place of Source. To “astral plane” is the act of consciously or subconsciously shifting consciousness from the perception of physical to the perception of non physical which is unlimited by distance and time. Therefore a person who has the ability to astral plane can visit any point in space or time instantly and even gain information from the fore mentioned experience.


    The Thought Form both transmitting and receiving information to and from the body. To some, it is perceived through the senses. An aura often exhibits shapes, colors, textures, hues, sounds, patterns and emanates light. It is thought to have an electromagnetic nature. Differences in aura colors are perceived because the distribution of light particles versus the wavelength in any given electromagnetic field varies greatly (due to differing energetic vibration). Any or all of these characteristics of an aura can tell a practitioner of energy valuable information about the physical person or thing the aura is associated with. They can tell a nearly complete story of who you are. An aura will respond to a thought and change its characteristics to match that thought.


    A process of gaining awareness and control of physiological processes with the use of special electronic equipment in conjunction with mental exercises such as visualization and meditation in order to be able to manipulate them at will. Some processes which biofeedback seeks to enable a person to control are the perception of pain, heart rate, brain waves, muscle tone and skin conductance.


    The "force centers” of energy within and of the physical body. They could be considered the focal points for the reception and transmission of energies to and from the physical body.


    The process in which a person (the channeler) gives either conscious or subconscious permission for another thought form to meld with his/her perceptual and cognitive capacities with the intent of transmitting information.


    The apparent power to perceive things which are not present to the normal physical senses but which manifests itself most dominantly through the ability to perceive auditory stimuli which is beyond the normal range of hearing, regardless of distance or time. It is the supernormal hearing of sounds or verbalizations. Clairaudience includes the ability to receive audible perceptions of ghosts, spirits or that which exists in the astral realm.


    The apparent power to perceive things which are not present to the normal physical senses but which manifests itself most dominantly through the ability to acquire extrasensory knowledge by means of feeling. A clairsentient person is able to perceive energy fields through physical sensations.


    The apparent power to perceive things which are not present to the normal, physical senses but which manifests it’s self most dominantly through the “mind’s eye”. Clairvoyants often receive extrasensory information in the form of visualizations. It is sometimes called “inner sight’. Foretelling the future is a form of clairvoyance.


    United, objective awareness, the state of “God” or “Source”. It is a state with a transcendent quality. Though there are many levels of consciousness, the manner in which it is used here means the aware state of God, which is empty of self, empty of judgment and empty of identity.


    The minimum number of coordinates needed to specify each point of a space or object. For example, a line has a dimension of one because only one coordinate is needed to specify a point on that line. It also refers to the basic structure of space and its position in time. We live in a universe of multiple dimensions.


    The art of foreseeing or foretelling future events. A prophecy is a type of divination. Divination is a type of clairvoyance.


    The apparent power to perceive things which are not present to the normal physical senses but which manifests itself most dominantly through the ability to psychically read and assume the emotions/realities of others. It is a “feeling” type of extrasensory ability except instead of information being received in the form of physical sensation, it is received through the emotional channel.

    Energetic Vibration

    The amplitude and frequency of energy, which is what determines how (in what form) that energy will express itself. Everything in the universe vibrates, and everything that vibrates imparts or impacts information. This “vibration” is what determines in what form energy will manifest. Only information that has expressed itself at or slower than the speed of light is received by our physical senses in our three dimensional reality. Information present within energy in its potential state expresses itself based on thought/intention.


    An innate, universal force flowing within and between all things, making up all that is. It both manifests and de manifest, exhibiting a dynamic quality which is of useable power. It exists in many forms such as kinetic energy, mechanic energy or potential energy. It is in a state of potential (containing at once all possible information and all possible outcomes until it is activated into one state or another).


    The opening up to ultimate clarity of perception, understanding, awareness and knowledge, a state of complete allowance to the energetic vibration of Source. Enlightenment is in fact not an achievement; it is a moment to moment practice, though traditionally (to cultures which believe in karma), enlightenment has been seen as an achievement which ends the soul’s cycle of death and birth.


    Things pertaining to the non physical reality, thus pertaining to inward focus which makes them take on a certain kind of “mystical” quality. The dictionary often defines esoteric also as information which is meant for and understood by a chosen few, by those specially initiated, or of rare or unusual interest. It is incredibly inaccurate to say that esoteric information is meant for the few. Esoteric information simply does not tend to be the focus of the majority of people throughout human history so traditionally it is only consciously understood by a minority of individuals. Esoteric information is something which is inherent within all things, but must be awakened to.


    An infinite existence outside the parameters of time and space.


    That which is traditionally thought to be beyond or outside the normal range of the physical senses (sight, smell, taste, feel, sound, emotion). Extrasensory perception is the ability to perceive that which is outside the range of the ordinary senses.

    Higher Self

    The portion of Source within and of the physical body, which remains non physical and therefore maintains the energetic vibration of Source regardless of what energetic vibration is held in the physical. When one accesses and assumes the point of view of the higher self, they can live in a state of enlightenment.

    Inner Peace

    A state of being mentally and spiritually tranquil, harmonious and free.


    Immediate cognition of knowledge and belief that is obtained without the use of reason, logic or ration. That does not need justification to remain true. Intuition is also often called a “hunch” or “instinct”.


    The concept that an action or deed can be the causal origin of a cycle of cause and effect which is now fated. It is often referred to in eastern culture as Sumsara. By most who believe in Karma, it is thought that humans have free will to choose good or evil and suffer the consequences, which are then in forced by the greater energy of “The Immense Ultimate”, or “God”. By Believers, the karmic effects of all deeds are viewed as actively shaping past, present, and future experiences. It applies on all levels from day to day all the way to multiple lifetimes.

    Law Of Attraction

    A universal principal of a fundamental interaction within the universe. The principal of “that which is like unto itself is drawn”. The law of attraction is the “director force” of all energetic vibrations within the universe. It is directing energetic vibrations that resonate together and energetic vibrations that are not a resonating match away from each other on the level of spirit, on the level of thought and on the level of physical alike. The Law of Attraction argues that thoughts (both conscious and unconscious) can affect things outside the head, not just through motivation, but by other means as well. Observance of the law of attraction is the origin of the thought behind karma.


    An altered state of consciousness in which a person allows themselves to go beyond the physical and mental state to resonate with the energetic vibration of Source and therefore enlightenment. It is a state of being absent of cognitive thought.


    A person possessing extrasensory abilities who someone who is able to serves as an intermediary (translator) between that which is physical and that which is non physical in nature. Mediums are best known for facilitation communication between the living and non living.


    Energy focused into channels which give rise to the exactness of the physical structure we experience as the body. From a physical standpoint, they are often seen as being within the body. But they are in fact the patterning of energy creating the network of our complex physical bodily patterns.


    A metaphysical theory that heralds all of non physical and physical reality, including all dimensions ultimately as a unified whole.

    Non Physical

    The aspect of reality which is incorporeal, essential and supernatural. It does not display particle like properties, is not restricted to expression in the third dimension and often exists in a state of potential.


    The quality of all separate parts being united as one, a state which is experienced only once a person is able to free themselves from mental interpretations such as identity. It is the underline truth of this universe we live in.

    Out-Of-Body Experience

    The shifting of perception or point of view from that of physical reality, (where one is restricted to a body) to a non physical reality where one is not restricted to the physical existence which is experienced through a body. This transition usually gives one the perception of leaving one’s body and one’s bodily sensations behind. Hospital operating rooms are famous for this kind of experience. Often after returning from an out of body Experience, a person who had lost consciousness can recollect information which by current scientific understanding they should have no way of knowing.


    The aspect of reality which pertains to substance or material made up of energy displaying particle like properties within the third dimension. That which involves the body as distinguished from the mind or spirit and is perceivable by the traditional senses.


    Of or pertaining to extrasensory information or abilities. A person, who is said to be “psychic”, is someone who is skilled in the art and ability of extra sensory perception.


    The extrasensory ability to attain impressions from a physical object, such as an object’s history.


    A concept that energy (some may even say a soul) manifests and de manifests, embodying new forms. This thought gives rise to a belief that energy is the only constant and that lives come and go. It is a key ingredient to the concept of past lives.


    A person who exhibits extrasensory abilities, which manifest most often in the form of clairvoyance who, like a visionary, has unusual powers of foresight and unlimited access to universal truths. In some cultures, a seer is known as a prophet.


    The energetic, immaterial aspect of a living thing which is constant as it takes on different embodiments. Though a soul seems in and of itself a “thing”, it is instead an essence. It is conscious energy.


    An alternative word for “God”. A word used to represent the omnipresent, omni-benevolence within the universe. A word which signifies ultimate oneness, the united energy that makes up all that is.

    Spirit Guide

    A true projection of Source into a thought form for a specific purpose. People become an energetic vibrational match to guides who are masters in the lessons, abilities, and problems that they are engaged in. They aid our growth. These entities gain and “learn” from the experience of this being as well. Their evolution is best served from a format that is not expressed in physical which is why they chose to project into thought form, but not physical form. Guides may choose to portray a “personality” and “life story” that the person they are guiding relates to. Often guides offer a projection in the form of an image of themselves from a past life.

    Spiritual Catalyst

    A Spiritual Catalyst is a person who precipitates an event or a change in other people on the level of spirit.

    Thought Form

    A thought which has enough inherent energy that it becomes a configuration, shape or visual appearance and may manifest in a non static way, as well as utilize other energetic vibrations to help itself to manifest. There are traditionally three types of thought forms: #1. Energy which takes the image of the thinker, #2. Energy which takes the image of a material object, and #3. Energy which takes a form entirely its own, expressing its qualities in the matter which it draws round it.


    A profound positive change in energetic vibration causing the physical reality to then inevitably change as well. A transformation is usually the product of increased awareness in which one consciously and deliberately brings about the alteration within themselves. Transformation can happen on the level of the individual or on a much larger scale, globally for example.


    A commonly used name for a thought from.

    Yin and Yang

    A concept originating in Chinese philosophy and metaphysics which states that there are two opposing, yet complimentary aspects found in all matter of the universe, such as the presence of something and the absence of that very same thing, or light and dark.