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Will Healing Ever End?

When people start off on the path of healing something, they often do so with a feeling of excitement and empowerment.  We feel like we have the power to actually create the feel good life that we want.  Any time we find a new tool to heal with or approach to healing or new process and we experience some healing with it, we feel like we have finally found THE answer and that in no time, we will be completely healed.  We will be living a healthy life of total bliss and harmony.  And then something terrible happens.  We hit something else that needs to be healed.

I don’t need to explain this dynamic much deeper because chances are, if you are even watching this video, you know exactly what it feels like to hit the terrible disappointment and overwhelm and hopelessness that comes with the experience of healing something only to find something else is unhealed and to heal that only to find out that something else needs to be healed.  And to heal that only to find out that something else needs to be healed.  

To level with you, it starts to feel like you are just one never ending fucked up onion.  This not only kills your self-concept, it kills your hope that you will ever achieve the perfect life you have been envisioning for yourself…  Maybe it doesn’t matter if other people seem to be getting better, you are just so damaged that there is no way to fully heal.  And let’s be honest, you don’t want your life to be condemned to the process of painstakingly trying to put something that shattered back together again.  After all, you will most likely die trying.  Maybe the law of attraction people have it right and the more you focus on healing, the more there is that needs to be healed.  So maybe you should just stop trying to heal and distract yourself with positive focus.  Maybe the truth is, there is no end to healing.  

If you are feeling this way in your awakening journey or in your healing process, the first thing that needs to happen is you need to hear the following:  Welcome to the club.  You are so not alone in this feeling.  And hitting this point in your healing process is absolutely universal.  But then, you need to know the following:

  1. Anything that has a beginning has to automatically have an end.  This is the universal law of polarity.  So, if there was a beginning to your wounding, (which there was) there is also an end to it and we call this the state of being healed.  Even universally speaking, universal fragmentation (which is universal wounding) began with the thought “I”.  This means that even universal fragmentation will come to an end.  The opposite of fragmentation is that which is beyond ‘oneness’.  If you want to understand this concept, watch my video titled: Oneness Is Not The Ultimate Truth Of The Universe.  This means for any of you who recognize that as a fractal of the universe, you are not just healing your own fragmentation, but the world’s and the universe’s fragmentation, yes there is even an end to that.
  2. The resistance that you have to healing will be greatly reduced by understanding what healing is exactly.  Healing is the process of positively changing a pattern.  It is to experience the opposite.  For example, to heal loneliness is to experience togetherness.  To heal a broken bone is to mend it. It is to go from fragmented to whole. It is to go from unwanted to wanted.  Healing is therefore about desire.  Therefore personal expansion is about healing.  This means the entire process of universal expansion is about healing and you came here to life for personal and universal expansion so healing is essentially what you came here to life for.
    No one is born on earth without opting into unhealed ancestral patterns.  No one experiences life on earth without experiencing what is unwanted.  Trauma is currently a fact of life.  Every person is here to heal many things.  Most people simply do not realize this.  Most people are busy pretending they have nothing to heal because of the cultural stigma and sense of failure associated with something being wrong with you.  We make the fact that we have healing to do, mean that something is wrong with us.  This is odd because it means we have judged that where we are is wrong.  The healing of things creates universal expansion.  This means if you are in the process of healing, nothing is wrong with you.  It means you are alive.  If you want to know more about healing, I suggest you watch my video titled: What Is Healing?
  3. We tend to look at healing like we look at a dirty kitchen.  We feel like it is something we have to get done and that we can’t really start living or feeling good until it is entirely done.  This is daunting if we have opted into a life where we are particularly wounded and therefore particularly fragmented.  When we look at healing like this, we get the same feeling that we experience when a colossal knot gets tied in fishing line.  We feel like there is no point, it’s too hard, we should just cut the line.  But I want you to realize that literally any time you heal anything, you will feel just that much better and your life will get just that much better.  The process of healing is more like cleaning a window covered in dust and cobwebs.  You don’t have to clean the whole thing so that light can finally get in.  Each inch you clean lets that much more light into the room.  This means the better it gets, the better it gets.  You can and will feel good.
  4. Even though there is absolutely an end to the process of healing, the process of healing will get better if you stop focusing on needing there to be an end.  The closer you can get to not caring if there is ever an end, the less the process of healing will cause you to suffer.  You don’t want to spend your whole life feeling shitty cause you aren’t where you want to be and judging where you are as wrong.  Ask yourself a question: How could I fall in love with the process of healing?  How could I fall in love with the process of finding out how to change something unwanted into its wanted opposite?  In my next point, I am going to tell you the reason to approach healing in this way especially if you have committed to the path of awakening.
  5. When people have a personal enlightenment experience, like Buddha did, we could say that they have fully individually healed.  They have fully integrated on an individual level.  But the individual awakening puts you back at square one in a way because part of personal enlightenment is to realize that you and the universe are one and the same.  You are essentially a fractal of the universe at large.  The universe is therefore within you, not just external to you.  And this means that even if you have awoken, if there is even one person on earth that has not, you cannot be fully awake.  This is the point at which most awakened beings become teachers and healers in an in alignment way.  This is the point at which healing is no longer simply an individual process, it is a process that involves the entire world and more than that. The universe at large.  There can be no division between individual and collective healing.  If there is a war happening in the world, there is a war within you.  We can address this world both externally and internally because they are one and the same.
    But when we realize where we are as a universe and where the world is and where human beings are, it is easy to see how many things there are to heal. We will most likely spend a lifetime or hundreds of lifetimes and the human race alone will not be fully healed.  We don’t even know consciously what a fully ‘healed’ human looks like.  Instead of giving up because it is too much of a daunting task to face, we can see that we simply need to focus on whatever is in front of us at the moment.  Healing will happen one step at a time and the better it gets, the better it gets.
  6. While we are focusing on healing, essentially closing the gap between where we are and where we want to be, what we have and what we want, we can greatly improve the process by not trying to avoid the process and to the opposite, not trying to rush the process to get it all done.  We can focus on what is already healed within us.  Any gratitude practice or positive focus practice will help us in this respect.  We can also do things just for the simple enjoyment of it.  You are here to really live the experience of healing.  This means if you manage to go from loneliness to togetherness, revel in it.  Do things that are fun.  Do things that make you smile and laugh and feel inspired.  Soak it up.  Don’t just look for the next thing to heal.  You can live while you are healing.
  7. Never approach healing as if you are trying to fix yourself.  When people experience the feeling that doing shadow work only leads to more shadows or that trying to heal yourself only leads to more things to heal most often occurs in people who focus on healing as if something needs to be fixed.  When we focus at ourselves or at other people as if something needs to be fixed, we are focusing at ourselves or them with an attitude of ‘something is wrong with you’.  This makes it so law of attraction lines us up only with more and more things being wrong with us.  When this is the case, often what we need to do to heal is to focus at ourselves so as to see what is right about us.  It means that the healing is in learning to be unconditionally with ourselves with approval as we are instead of trying to change ourselves.
  8. There is no way out but through it.  We are hard wired to avoid pain.  We are always looking for the relief.  If we put our hand on the hot stove, we take it off.  We all want to get out of pain.  So often the ways that we use to get out of pain only compounds the problem.  Even though we feel temporarily better, like with Novocain, it does nothing to create actual healing and as is the case with so many of our coping mechanisms, in fact only wounds us further.  In some cases, as is the case when part of the healing process involves grief, the only way out is to go completely through it.  This means we have to make negative emotion and pain something we are willing to feel in order to feel better.  To understand more about this, watch my video titled: The Emotional Wakeup Call.   The healing of the collective human consciousness is dependent upon us creating a society where we can make room for pain.  You currently live in a world that has made only positive things, like positive emotions and success and being healed, acceptable.  This is a world that sees anything less than this as a failure.  This prevents people from healing.  It prevents people from admitting to where they are and taking the sometimes counterintuitive steps they need to take in order to heal.  It is ok to not be ok.  It isn’t what you want for yourself or for anyone else.  But pain is not the enemy.  Neither is negative emotion.  All it is, is information that you aren’t where you want to be or that something needs your loving attention so that it can be healed and integrated.  We need to learn to go toward the pain with our consciousness to truly heal and truly awaken.  The only way out…  is in.
  9. Nothing is permanent.  There will be times, especially if what you are healing is states of powerlessness, where it will feel like the unwanted state will never, ever end and that you can do nothing to end it.  But it is in fact impossible in a world that operates according to the universal laws that are in place here for anything that has a beginning to not have an end.  It is also impossible in a universe with these universal laws to desire something that cannot happen. It is only possible to not know exactly how to make them happen at the current moment.  But finding out how to create what we desire is the juice of life.  It is so much of what you came here to experience.

I know that sometimes it feels like the healing process will never end.  But it can and it will.  But you can get to the place where because the better it gets, the better it gets, you will not really care if it ends.  In fact the process of healing is what you will feel like you get the greatest joy out of.


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