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Why You Need The Truth Even If It Hurts

To be completely honest with you, I find it heartbreaking that I even have to explain the value of truth. But to be honest with you, if people do not start to see the value of truth and choose to see it quickly, there are going to be huge consequences for people in their individual lives and huge consequences for humanity. And consequences aside, people will not be able to actualize their desires in reality. It is critical that people and beyond that, society at large, rehabilitate their damaged relationship with the truth. If you boil down my purpose on this earth, it condenses down to the reality that I am here to show people the truth and to rehabilitate people’s relationship to the truth. So, I’m going to tell you why you need the truth, even if it hurts. 

  1. Truth is the only opportunity you have to create real things in reality. Reality is a hot topic that is debated extensively in spiritual, religious, psychological and philosophical circles. These debates are beneficial when they are not used as tools to fuel the avoidance of what is. You all know that person who is in a terrible relationship. But they refuse to see the reality of their partner or themselves. And so, the idea that they are in a good relationship is in their own head. It is not a reality that anyone else shares. It is rather like watching a grown adult playing house… a pretend game. If this person wants a good relationship in reality, instead of in their own game of pretend, they are going to have to see the truth about their current partner. They are going to have to see the truth about who is and who isn’t a good partner in reality. To give you another example, a person may really, really want to be a famous musician in reality. But let’s imagine that the truth is, when they are playing their music, they are in their own narcissistic world and it feels like they are pushing the audience away instead of drawing them in. And this is a result of the fact that they used music as their escape from their dysfunctional family growing up. They are going to have to swallow the truth that the way they are doing things doesn’t appeal to an audience that wants to relate… If they want to have any power to change that and create what they want… which is sold out stadiums. To understand more about reality, you would benefit by watching my video titled: Reality. To bring things into actual creation, you need to look at the truth and be in reality.
  2. Reality, which is about the objective truth, is your only axis of power. It is only by seeing the reality that the gas gauge on your car is empty that you can take the step to fill the tank up again. It is only by seeing the reality of how someone else feels that we can say and do the right thing to create repair in the relationship. Imagine that you are in a boat in a river headed towards a waterfall. It is obvious that your only access to power is to accept the reality that you are headed towards a waterfall and to act accordingly by getting your boat out of the water. If you refuse to see this reality, you’re going over! The only power you do have from outside reality is pretend, which is to use your mind to feel how you want to feel regardless of what is actually happening. But think about just how much power you have to make a change, but will not exercise, if instead of seeing that you are going over the waterfall and responding accordingly by getting out of the water, you decide to feel good, even when you die by telling yourself a story like: “Everything that is happening is meant to happen.” Or “the water is sounding louder ahead because the canyon walls are getting narrower up ahead”. Or “maybe today is the day that the universe is going to show me that I can actually fly.”  The people who are the most successful, understand the power of anything is possible. But do you know what else they understand? The power of looking straight at reality and truth, no matter how painful it is, so that you can actually do something about what is. You will not get actual results, without the truth. No matter how much that truth sucks to hear. Anything is possible, but nothing is possible if you don’t see reality.
  3. Truth and expansion go hand in hand. Truth creates growth. Lies and illusion prevent it. The reality of what is, serves as the contrast that gives rise to what is wanted. So often you see people not seeing, not accepting and not telling the truth and because of this, everyone is kept away from growth. We are not confronting something that must be confronted for the sake of our progress and/or theirs. For example, we may not want to see or admit to the reality that our family is really dysfunctional or is really fragmented and unsupportive. So we say things like, “My family is the best” or “our family is really close.” Not realizing that because we are doing this, no member of the family is put in the position to have to examine the way they relate to one another. The truth is, their dysfunctional ways may be hurting them and everyone around them. But because we are keeping ourselves and/or them in that illusion, there is no opportunity to change or grow or improve. We are keeping ourselves and keeping them ignorant. And by doing so, preventing our expansion and their expansion. Truth makes you progress. Lies and illusions hold you back.
  4. Not seeing the truth, can make you very much like a cancer cell within this consensus reality, within the collective and within the universe at large. And this, especially in a law of attraction-based universe, has huge, huge implications. What I am about to say is probably one of the most important things I will ever tell you. You absolutely can (by only looking at certain things, by controlling your thoughts so that you only look at and think things and assign meaning and tell yourself a narrative that feels good) create your own narcissistic bubble reality within this joint consensus reality. You can dedicate your life to controlling everything with your mind, words and actions so as to get a positive feeling result for yourself, regardless of whether you are doing so in reality or not. This reality feels very empowering to people who feel totally powerless to reality. It’s why so many people feel immense relief when they listen to teachers who teach ‘you create your own reality’. When you do this, “others” will only be part of your reality if they conform to and feed into your narcissistic bubble reality. You are completely alone, but just like a child with imaginary friends, you will not perceive that you are alone. You will not recognize a person as the savior that they are when they pop that narcissistic bubble reality. Instead, you will see them as the enemy.    You could make a reality built for one so strong that literally anything that happens to contradict it, you could reframe. I mean anything. Meaning that the universe itself can’t pop that bubble reality. You can escape the experiencing of any consequence of anything you think, say or do. Though you still live in a universe based on the law of cause and effect, you could make it so that you do not really feel the effect of anything. You are no longer receiving the mirroring, messages or truths from others and from the collective or from the universe at large. You are un-influenceable. You are ignoring, reframing and re-interpreting them so that they are what you want them to be. And by doing so, you have officially separated from and made yourself like a cancer cell within the universe at large. The amount of damage you can do to your own life (damage you won’t perceive of course, because you’ll tell yourself and others a different narrative) and the amount of damage you can do to others in a consensus reality by being this way, is indescribable. If you choose this path, you have chosen separation, not relationship and not oneness, for the sake of your own sense of control, stability and commitment to avoiding pain. But you, especially if you are resistant to truth, need to see that you do have this choice. Do you want to live in an illusion? Every one of us has this choice. It is one of the great shadow sides of each person being a fragment of source itself. The powers you inherently possess due to being a fragment of source (powers like creation and free will), just like a knife, can be used for something beneficial to all or detrimental to all. And if you have made that choice, what are you a match to?  When you say:I can create my own reality”. The universe says: “Yes, you absolutely can. But you need question the value of creating YOUR OWN reality.”
  5. Truth is the only thing that is actually stable, even if it changes. People who are resistant to truth, revere stability. They feel like negative truths are a de-stabilizing, destructive force. But consider that if a truth is able to destroy or destabilize something, that thing was not strong, real or stable in the first place. That stability you thought you had, was a total illusion. Your world was built on quicksand. Maybe you were even in denial. To understand more about denial, you may benefit by watching my video titled: How to Call Bullshit on Denial. Truth can and should be considered the only way to ensure that something is stable. Use it to test the actual strength, reality and stability of all the elements of your life.
  6. If you are not looking at truth and in reality, you are further from the solution to any of your problems, no matter how you feel. In fact, things could get much, much worse. Think of a road accident. Imagine you have a broken leg, but you know that seeing and accepting that you have a broken leg will suck because it means feeling terrified and a painful process of re-setting the bone and going through months of physical rehab etc. So, you simply swallow pain killers and wear long pants, it is easy to see how you are further away from the solution to your problem. You are also going to make things much, much worse through the avoidance of that truth. All truth we are avoiding works this way, no matter what truth it is.There is a big difference between something actually being good for you or actual healing and something that feels good. You already understand this relative to things like junk food, addictions, pain killers and coping mechanisms etc. To understand more about this, watch my video titled: Novocain Spirituality. Truth brings you closer to the solutions to your problems and it prevents things from escalating and getting worse.
  7. You can only avoid crisis, prevent serious pain and maintain stability if you recognize truths and act according to them when they first appear and are very small. If you don’t do this, you are in for HUGE drama, huge samsara waves, huge complexity, huge instability and lots of pain. Think of it this way, look at what choices you would make and consequences you would face if you admitted that you are incompatible with that person you like in the very beginning, when you were first dating. As opposed to 5 years into the marriage, after years of fighting and now that you have a child together. If you don’t face a truth and act accordingly the minute it appears, it will escalate. And you will suffer from it.
  8. The truth is your only shot at living the life you want to live. And making life choices that are actually right for you. If the truth is, you are gay. Accepting that truth and living according to that truth is your road to a good partnership. Imagine your life if you didn’t see or accept that truth and made all the wrong choices for yourself because of it. Imagine the damage that could do to yourself and to others. On top of this, not living from truth and not telling the truth is really bad for your health. To understand more about this, watch my video titled: How To Be Authentic. The willingness to live in alignment with your truth and the truth, opens up the possibility for a life that is infinitely better than the one you can even imagine at this point.
  9. The truth is your only shot at having a good relationship, of them doing what is right for you and of you doing what is right for others. If you are not truthful and in reality about yourself and if you are not in reality about or seeing the truth of other people, you have no chance at being happy in any of your relationships. You won’t get your needs met. Neither will they. You won’t find compatible people or compatible relationship configurations. They wont be able to do what is right by you. And you wont be able to do right by them. To understand this in depth, watch three of my videos. The first titled: Attunement (The Key to A Good Relationship). The second titled: Stop Trying to Love Them and Start Trying to Understand Them. And the third titled: Overlay, a Harsh Reality in Relationships.You are living in a consensus reality. That means, this reality is a co-creation. And you intended for that to be what you were participating in coming into this time-space reality. You have influence on everything else in this reality with you. Everything you do effects everything else here. And that is the truth of the universe at large, because everything in existence is a part of it. You must acknowledge the perspectives of other beings in this consensus reality. That means, you must accommodate their truth and they must accommodate yours. Because, you will be affected by each other, whether you decide to see and accommodate their truth and work directly with it or not. To have a relationship, you must accommodate each other’s reality. Seeing, accommodating and working directly with their truth is your best chance at creating alignment in this consensus reality, as opposed to zero sum games, such as war.
  10. The truth gives you long lasting and stable results. And it definitely delivers long term results. When you make a decision or take an action based off of something that isn’t true, it is absolutely guaranteed to fall apart, like building a sand castle where it will be washed away by the tide. Making a decision or taking an action based off of truth, is a bit like anchoring your life deep into the bed rock. And even if a truth changes, it is simply like anchoring in one place and then anchoring in the next. For example, if I tell myself that I want to go to college to be a doctor. But really, that is a lie. What I really want is my dad’s approval and he will only approve of me if I go to school to become a doctor, I am setting myself up for my life to crumble. No stability or lasting results. I will become a doctor only to come apart at the seams. I will take a job in a hospital and hate my life and start to manifest physical ailments and have no relationship success. And I will end up dying or quitting. If you make a decision or take an action based off of anything but truth, results can only ever last for so long. And the truth will always reveal itself… eventually.
  11. We have no shot at creating a thriving human society without seeing the truth. And we can’t create a thriving human society without making this a society that is conducive to people being truthful. Society is simply the macrocosm. It reflects the truths that stand for an individual. This means every single point I have laid before you in this episode, applies to society at large.

A person has to want to see the truth. You can’t make someone want to see the truth. And the truth is not a pain killer. It is an agent for actual positive change and actual healing. This means that truth could bring the experience of relief, or it could bring the experience of pain. But either way, it holds within it the power. The power to actually create what you and all of us actually want; within actual reality.


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