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Why Spiritual Teachers, Gurus and Self Help Experts Can Be The Least Authentic and Most Dangerous People of All

Chances are if you are watching this, you have been on the path of spirituality and/or self help for long enough to have encountered several teachers, experts and leaders.  But chances are, you do not clearly see the most common dysfunction among them because they do not see this dysfunction in themselves.  This most common dysfunction is a direct contradiction to the very healing they profess to stand for.  And it is a dynamic that can turn dangerous.

I did a video a while back called Fragmentation, The World Wide Disease.  If you have not watched that video already, I highly suggest that you watch it now and then come back to this video because it will greatly enhance your understanding of this dynamic.

The process of life in which we encounter trauma, takes us out of a state of wholeness.  It fragments us into parts.  If we do not have a way to resolve and thus integrate that trauma we experience when we are young, we must dissociate from it.  Our consciousness splits in order to cope with it.

Consciousness itself functions like water. At the moment of trauma, when we dissociate, part of our consciousness branches off from our main consciousness.  Our consciousness splits, just like the river does.  It is an act of self-preservation.  It is easier to comprehend of this process of splitting that is fragmentation in terms of how it effects our being by imagining that when our consciousness splits as the result of trauma, our ego splits in two.  Our sense of self becomes fragmented.  So even though we have one body, within that body, we end up with multiple polarized selves.

There is a split between the vulnerable self and the self that coped with that vulnerability so as to self preserve.  This is super important because we identify with, embody and accept inside ourselves only one polarity and reject, deny, suppress and disown the opposite polarity.   We identify with the parts of ourselves that coped to self-preserve.  These aspects protected us.  They allowed us to stay as far away from our vulnerability as possible.  But in this state, we are unhealed and we in fact cause fragmentation in others when we are coming from this place.  Healing from this fragmentation is all about becoming whole again.  But as you will see, this is the opposite of what most experts in spirituality and self-help are doing.

To explain this dynamic that is occurring within so many teachers in this field, I will reveal the most common split that occurs within them as well as its origins. Most people in the spiritual and self-help field come from a childhood with extremely painful emotional dynamics.  Many of these dynamics, such as emotional neglect, they themselves do not recognize. Most of them ended up in a position where at a VERY young age, an age where their emotional and even physical needs were not being met reliably and they could not meet those needs for themselves, they experienced trauma. Imagine a baby lying in a crib needing contact comfort or being hungry and not getting that need met, being made to cry themselves to sleep.  The level of powerlessness can be so intense that what occurs is a fragmentation, a split within the being’s consciousness between the temporal self (the body) and the conscious perspective (often referred to as the mind).  The dissociation that occurs at this level mimics a near death experience where the conscious perspective returns to a perspective that transcends the physical dimension.  It is for lack of a better way of describing it ‘higher dimensional perspective’.  This was what allowed them to self preserve… To get away from the terrible powerlessness of the infant perspective and the starvation because its needs were not being met.  The person then identifies with this part of themselves and rejects, denies and disowns their temporal self.  By doing so, he or she becomes inauthentic, not the whole truth of themselves.

He or she mistakes the transcendental perspective self for all of who he or she is.  He or she calls it their “real self”.  They have no idea that all that is happening is they are coping through identification with this part and rejecting their temporal self.  Imagine how dangerous it could be to confuse one fragment within yourself as all of who you are, as your real self, as your soul or as your higher self.  To understand more about this dynamic, watch my video titled: The sad truth about most gurus.

There is an old saying, “No disguise could be better for the Devil than Christ”  Any part within us is in fact part of the ego.  So there could be no disguise better for the ego than an identity that doesn’t see itself as ego.  There could be no better disguise for the ego than a transcendental self.

This particular identification with only the transcendental part of oneself is the most dangerous identification to have for many reasons.

  1. In a multi dimensional universe, different dimensions have different and often contradictory laws.  For example, from the physical dimension, death is a reality.  From a higher dimensional reality, death is an illusion.  In the physical reality, pain can destroy someone’s life.  From a higher dimension, pain is also an illusion.  From a higher dimensional reality, where no resistance exists, if you focus on pain, you fuel pain, which only creates more of it.  From another dimension, where resistance exists, if you ignore, suppress and deny pain, it only gets bigger.  From a higher dimension, you chose into this life to experience exactly what you experienced.  From a lower dimensional reality, you created your reality because of your focus and from an even lower dimensional reality, you did not chose to be abused at 3 and then lose your husband and then die of cancer.

    What we tend to do if we are fragmented and selectively identified our self is that we tend to do the same thing to the universe that we do within ourselves.  Within ourselves, certain parts of us reject, invalidate and deny the reality of other parts.  So what we do externally is we use higher dimensional truths to invalidate and deny lower dimensional truths.  We cannot hold space for the idea that BOTH are in fact true and must be equally seen as real.  You have all heard these types of statements… The physical dimension is not real, it is just a hologram.  Pain is just illusion.  You came down to this dimension to concern yourself with only your own personal expansion and therefore joy so you are supposed to be focused on yourself and let everyone else sort themselves out.  They committed suicide because that was the best path to their own freedom and so it is all perfect.

    Many times the spiritual aspect of oneself, the one that a guru or spiritual teacher is identified with, is able to resonate at a frequency so high that they have access to 11th dimensional awareness.  It is a perspective that is objectively true, so as long as a teacher takes that part of themselves to be ALL of who they are because they see it as the ultimate truth, it will be impossible to argue with them in any way about their perspective.  Because from a higher perspective, they are 100% right.  But they are right only from that perspective.   They refuse to accept any parts of themselves that resonate at a lower frequency, like their body, as true.  They believe their temporal aspect is the illusion and is false.  By believing this, they propagate and embody fragmentation.  They in fact campaign for fragmentation and selective identification.  This ultimately leads to death because a person cannot stay alive if the gap between the physical aspect and non physical aspect of themselves becomes too wide.
  2. This kind of teacher, which is the vast majority of them, campaigns for fragmentation indirectly.  They teach it to those that follow them.  They will teach their following to fragment and selectively identify in the exact same way that they have done to cope.  They make the polarization within a person much, much worse to extremely detrimental ends.  If a person is in pain, they may tell them, “it is illusion”.  They may teach you to deprive your physical body and deny instincts and needs in order to reach the truth of who you are.  They may teach you to tap emotions away when they arise to be integrated.  They may tell you that any pain that arises is just the ego and by dis-identifying with it (and not engaging with it further), you become awakened because the ego is trying to prevent awakening.  If one of your loved ones dies, they will tell you that death doesn’t really exist and grief is just the refusal to see this.  They may have sex with disciples and say, “it’s to heal them sexually”.  They may go so far as to create something like Jonestown because they refuse to see that there is any value in this physical earth.  Bottom line, this teacher hurts people and this teacher teaches their following to propagate further fragmentation in themselves, the EXACT opposite of integration and therefore healing.  What they are teaching is ego, simply an ego dressed in a spiritual disguise.
  3. This kind of teacher does not see what they are doing as harmful.  To the opposite, they see integration as harmful.  They see accepting your temporal aspect as real as falling prey to illusion.  They see embracing your vulnerability as weakness that prevents you from creating the life you want to create.  They see acknowledging death and loss as ignorance.  They see validating pain as fueling illusion. They see acknowledging the part of one’s self that feels like a victim as propagating victim mentality.  They see the purpose of physical life to be transcending it. And the list goes on and on.  This kind of teacher is completely inauthentic but is convinced they are the most authentic.  This teacher is in more denial than most of the people who are totally lost in the matrix.  Therefore they, themselves are in fact preventing themselves from actualizing, awakening, enlightenment, wholeness and oneness.  And they are in turn preventing it in their following that holds themselves to the same standards, beliefs and practice.  

If you are following this kind of teacher, you will feel increasingly like parts of you are shameful and are therefore to be moved away from or transcended.  This teacher will seem to transcend human reality and not admit to any human aspects like emotions, attachments, desires, needs or reactions within themselves.  You will constantly feel like you are failing to meet the standards they put forth and seem to represent. This teacher cannot be in a space of AND consciousness.  For example, instead of being able to see “yes, no death exists at the level of consciousness itself but also this person has died in the physical and so there is a great loss”.  They will only be able to see “no, there is no death, it is only an illusion and feeling loss means you’re in that illusion”.  For more information about this, watch my video titled: And Consciousness, The Modern Day Replacement For The Middle Way.

In the future, as more people become aware of this terrifying dynamic within themselves, two distinct camps will begin to form within the spiritual and self help field.  1. Those who believe in integration as the path to awakening and whom walk that path (integration of vulnerability and strength, powerlessness and empowerment, dark and light).  2. And those who still and often unknowingly side with selective identification as the path to awakening (denying vulnerability so as to be strong, denying powerlessness to feel empowered, embracing only light).

To be a teacher of integration is to expose the parts of yourself that are human and to not make those traits “less than or unacceptable”.  To be a teacher of integration puts people into a state of cognitive dissonance where they are forced to either discredit you based on your humanity or to be able to accept the totality of a teacher being both human and beyond human simultaneously.  If they accept this reality, they are then able to accept it within themselves.  No part of them is made the enemy.  All parts are treated as equal partners playing different roles in their awakening.

As fractals of Source consciousness, we fragment ourselves in the same way that Source itself did.  But now, Source is turning the corner and is coming back into oneness.  Within us, as fractals of source, this takes the shape of a resolution of all polarities within us.  It looks like standing between all opposites and bringing them together instead of siding with one or another.  This is extremely brave work that will involve developing a capacity to feel shame and fear instead of run from feeling it.  We have shame and fear about anything we have suppressed or denied or rejected within ourselves.  Re-owning those parts means facing that shame and fear.  But true inner peace and as a result, external peace is waiting for us on the other side of this process of integration.

And so I ask you to consider, what if your spiritual aspect, the one that is transcendental and that has so much awareness, was not in fact the real you, but was just one part within you… A part that at the moment you are completely identified with to the degree that you dismiss and undervalue and minimize the others?


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