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Why Something With a High Vibration May Make You Feel Bad

We tend to make the basic assumption that if we are around something positive or that holds a higher vibe, that we will begin to feel better. But this is not necessarily the case and today, I’m going to explain why. 

First, let me explain what I mean when I use the word vibration or “vibe”. Everything in the universe is made of energy that vibrates, and energy that vibrates imparts information. The amplitude and frequency of energy is what determines how (in what form) that energy will express itself. We call this a "vibration". It is a term you will hear often in spiritual circles. You may hear someone say that something has a “high vibration”. This means that it has some positive quality and effect that is beneficial to a person in some way. For example, we may say that rose quartz has a high vibration because it is nurturing and mood lifting, it enhances warmth and connection with others and helps people feel compassion towards one another. Or we might say that a person has a high vibration because they are so awakened or intuitive or fun or confident or open. 

We live in a universe that is governed by the law of mirroring, also often called the law of attraction. In a universe governed by the law of mirroring, things that share the same time and space must be a vibrational match in some way. Because of this, we see things like entrainment occurring. How this applies to vibration is that when two energies are in the presence of one another, they will come into resonance with each other. Usually, the less dominant frequency will change to match the more dominant frequency. And to generalize, the higher frequency is usually the more dominant frequency. Therefore, if we are in a less than loving mood and we are around rose quartz, it will cause us to come into a more loving state. 

Because of this, it is tempting to think that if we are around something that has a high vibration, it is a given that we will feel better. This is the case often. But as you might have noticed, this is also often not the case. Sometimes, being in the presence of something with a high vibration may make us feel worse. And here are the top reasons for this: 

  1. You may feel worse around something with a high vibration because of resistance. Resistance is any oppositional force. When entrainment starts to occur with something high vibe, any part of us that may be against that positive state will kick into strong resistance. It may be confusing why any part of us would be in resistance to something positive and beneficial. But it happens all the time. Here is an example. Imagine that in your childhood, your personal power was seen as a bad thing. Any time you demonstrated personal power, it led to negative social consequences. If you spend time around someone who has a lot of personal empowerment (a higher vibration than you hold) this is likely to cause the part of you that has the negative association with (and therefore resistance to) personal power into resistance. As a result, you will feel negatively towards that person. And your body will register them as a threat. To understand more about resistance, you can watch my video titled: Urgent! Deal With Your Resistance Before You Do Anything Else! 
  2. For things with a lower frequency to entrain with things that hold a higher frequency, they need to release anything that is keeping their vibration low. Anything that is not a match to that higher vibration. For this reason, high frequency things and people are famous for causing a kind of “detox”, “purging” or a “coming up to be cleared” process to occur within lower frequency things. For example, shamanic medicines that hold a very high vibration often cause vomiting and extreme emotional releases and a purging of the subconscious mind. Or for example, let’s say that we are experiencing a safe, loving relationship. Being around that high vibrational experience may cause us to re-sensitize to and no longer normalize the fear we feel socially and it may cause all the accumulated grief about all the abusive relationships we experienced to surface. Thus, causing us to feel worse. 
  3. Being around something that holds a high vibration may make you acutely aware of what you lack or of where you aren’t. When this happens, it is common to feel bad about yourself and about where you are. Many of you have experienced this when you are feeling really terrible and you spend time with someone who is having a fabulous time in life. Suddenly, the contrast between where you are vibrationally and where they are vibrationally makes you feel even worse. It’s as if their happiness makes you feel even more miserable and sorry for yourself and feel even more like a failure. Or for example, if we visit a group of people that are higher vibration in that they are open and honest and intimate and committed to each other, it may cause us to feel worse about our own social circle. Suddenly, because we have the comparison, we start feeling even more alone and surrounded by distant, dishonest people who only have relationships of convenience. If we subconsciously slip into negatively comparing ourselves with whatever holds a higher vibration, we will feel worse about ourselves and our life.  
  4. When we are exposed to something high vibe, it naturally induces a process of healing. And healing is not always a feel-good process. When we heal something, we change a pattern that is unwanted into a pattern that is wanted, usually into some form of its opposite. For example, if we feel demeaned, to heal is to feel valued. Or if we are lonely, to heal is to achieve togetherness. But this process often entails us becoming aware of and experiencing painful things. 

There is a big difference between something that is simply pain relief and something that is healing. For example, imagine that someone is suffering because of their inauthenticity. And imagine that they share the same space with someone who is authentic and who also supports their authenticity. The process of healing so as to become authentic may involve things like becoming aware of how inauthentic they are, being willing despite fear to enter into conflicts instead of avoid them, changing or even ending relationships that were not created from a place of authenticity, seeing the pain they caused others by entering into those relationships on an inauthentic foot. Leaving the familiar and creating whole new life for themselves etc. None of that feels good, but you can see that it is good for this person to go through that process. You can see that definitely it is better than if this person simply found a way to feel good, even if it meant staying inauthentic.

It may sound counterintuitive, but even though the fact that something feels good to you can be an indication that something is good for you, that doesn’t mean that anything that feels bad is bad for you. Also, something that feels good to you may very well not be good for you. There is a definite limit to knowing that something is good for you because it 'resonates' with you.

For example, it doesn’t always feel good to exercise. But exercise is good for you. Cocaine makes you feel good. But it isn’t good for you. Physical affection is good for you, but it won’t feel good to you if you have trauma around intimacy. Having your ego stroked will feel good, even if getting your ego stroked in a situation will keep you blind to something dysfunctional that you are doing, and thus keep you stuck in a detrimental illusion. 

When we are around a high vibrational thing and it causes us to feel bad, it does not mean that high vibrational thing is bad for us. It is simply an indication that we have something negative or painful that needs our attention on the road to raising our own vibration or healing or finding improvement.

Raising your frequency may cause negative side effects and may cause you to feel worse before it makes you feel better. But even though it may not always feel like sunshine, gumdrops and roses, it is good for you!


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